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The Apple AirTag has quickly become one of the most popular ways to track all your belongings. Integrated directly with all your IOS devices the AirTag uses the Find My app a highly accurate system to quickly track down lost goods all within an easy-to-use app. First released in March 2021, The popularity of the Airtag speaks for itself. 

Apple themself have yet to create their own AirTag Wallet (who knows why) which has resulted in a host of brands and manufacturers creating and developing their own wallets to help solve this problem. This article goes into detail regarding some of the best AirTag Wallet brands on the market to date. Let’s get started.

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What is an AirTag Wallet?

AirTag’s are quite a unique shape. In all honestly, they’re not the most effective size for finding an easy way to store and carry them. The likes of other tracking devices including Ekster Tracking Card, Chipolo, or Tile Card are specially designed with wallets in mind. These tracking cards are all shaped approximately the same as a traditional credit or debit card means they can be stored in a typical card slot with ease.

You don’t have this privilege with the Apple AirTag. Coming in a circular button shape, the little device just wouldn’t be easily stored in any traditional wallet without creating unnecessary bulk. With this said, it’s only logical then people are searching for an easy and effective way to store their AirTags – hence the AirTag Wallet was born. 


Frenchie Co. AirTag Speed Wallet

Frenchie Co. is another small Independent wallet brand I’ve recommended over the years in my original review of their Speed Wallet back in 2020. Their attention to detail and unique array of Trifold Wallets, a previously unpopular style of wallet, has risen their popularity and they continue to innovate to this day. 

Some of that innovation was put into the design of their latest wallet, an AirTag version of their infamous Speed Wallet which integrates an AirTag into the body of the wallet. The Speed Wallet itself is probably my all-time favorite Trifold Wallet and boasts a huge array of features and design quirks for a fantastic everyday carry experience. 

What I love most about the Frenchie Speed Wallet is its sheer capacity for cash and cards. In total, the wallet can store up to 12 cards & 12 bills in a wallet-sized at 63 x 99 x 10 mm. Not too big, but not overly small either. Not only this but the Speed Wallet is of fantastic quality being made from a Top quality eco-friendly Italian leather and boasts RFID Security as standard. 

At a price tag of $99.00 The Frenchie AirTag Wallet isn’t cheap, but having used the Frenchie Co. range of wallets frequently over the years I think it’s an investment worth looking into. The wallet is just great, and perfect for those who still carry a lot of cash and cards with them on a daily basis. For more information on the AirTag Speed Wallet check out their official website using the link below. 


Snapback Slim Air Wallet

Perhaps the first AirTag Wallet ever produced, I first reviewed the Snapback Slim Air Wallet back in May 2021 after they reached out to me (just one month after the AirTag was released). Snapback ran a successful Kickstarter campaign raising over $35,000 in funding for their AirTag Wallet. With the campaign a success, Snapback now sell their AirTag wallet to the general public available through their official website.

The Snapback Slim Air Wallet itself is made with the minimalist in mind and has an ultra-slim compact design. In total, the wallet can store up to 6 credit/debit cards comfortably accessible through a larger slot located at the top of the wallet. As a self-proclaimed minimalist wallet, the wallet doesn’t have dedicated space for cash, but this can still be stored folded in the main slot at the top. The only other slot is an area on the front of the Snapback Wallet 

At a price tag of $55.00, I think the Snapback Slim Air Wallet is well priced and definitely worth the money. It’s absolutely suburb quality being handcrafted in the US and made from full-grain premium leather sourced from Italy. The quality and craftsmanship are superb and the wallet develops a beautiful rich leather patina as you use it more. For more information on Snapback’s amazing AirTag Wallet check out their official website using the link below. 


The Fantom AirTag Holder

The Fantom Wallet is probably one of the most unique wallets I’ve ever reviewed. I first reviewed the Fantom Wallet back in 2020 and it remains, to this day, one of the most innovative and distinct wallets on the market. To this day, the Fantom Wallet still holds up strong in a highly competitive market and they’ve continued to innovate with the release of the Fantom R Wallet. 

The Orignal Fantom Wallet itself is a minimalist-sized wallet, made from a combination of metal and carbon fiber. It uses a mechanism similar (but different) to popular Pop-Up Wallets where credit/debit cards are cascaded and fanned outwards for easy access. The Fantom Wallet is highly durable, functional, and has a unique look that you could spot a mile away. 

When the Apple AirTag was first released Fantom jumped on the opportunity to integrate the Fantom wallet with this handy accessory. To achieve this, they created a simple attachment where the AirTag can be mounted on the Fantom Wallet with a few screws. 

This AirTag Holder is sold separately to the Fantom wallet itself costing around $15.00. If you don’t already own the Fantom Wallet then the wallet itself comes in at a price tag anywhere from $59.00 – $119.00. Not cheap, but definitely worth it in our opinion. For more information on the AirTag Holder visit the Fantom official website using the link below.  


Taurus Camp AirTag Wallet

Taurus Camp is a small independent leathercraft brand set up by one man – Sajid based in Singapore. Over the years Sajid has established himself as a wizard in leatherworking and his skills are reflected in the variety of amazing leather goods he produces. Mainly selling on e-commerce platform Etsy, he also owns his own website where he sells his innovative BaseWallet to critical acclaim amassing a huge host of positive reviews. 

With the release of the AirTag Taurus Camp has gone on to create a fantastic example of a modern-day AirTag Wallet integrated into a unique stitchless design with a wallet crafted from a single piece of leather wrapped around itself. Think of it like an origami wallet with a mainly stickless design providing added durability. 

In total the Taurus Camp AirTag Wallet can store between 7-8 cards, a decent amount of cash, and [optionally] coins where you can choose to include a coin pouch. All these features combined make the wallet highly functional along with its impressive specs each wallet can also be highly customized to your liking with the option for a personalized engraving of your choice (up to 60 characters – recommended 14 – 15). 

The Taurus Camp Wallet is also highly affordable starting at a price tag of $139.00. If you’re looking for a wallet with charm, quality materials, and craftsmanship to match, you can do a lot worst than checking out Tauris camp using the link below. 


Geometric Goods Billfold Wallet

If you’re looking for a contender for the largest wallet on this list with the most storage capacity then I dare you to check out the Leather AirTag billfold wallet by Geometric Goods. This wallet is a big boy coming in at a size of 10 cm x 9.5 cm x 2.7 cm but does provide ultimate storage capacity for everything you’ll ever need. From cash, cards, coins, and of course your AirTag the Geometric Goods wallet serves a niche for those who carry more. 

In total, the Geometric Wallet can store up to 7+ credit/debit cards split among the wallets 4 card slots, includes a full-width cash slot for banknotes, and also includes a quick access pull tab for easy access. 

But the positives don’t end there, Geometric Goods also put a huge emphasis on not only their sustainability but also on the quality and craftsmanship of their goods. Made from a Full-Grain Vegetable-tanned leather for premium quality and added durability. 

Overall, I was very impressed with the Geometric Wallet. It won’t be to everyone’s taste, due to its larger size, but is definitely a contender for the most functional wallet on this list. This wallet is also the only one to efficiently hide the AirTag which is hidden and secured behind a flap of leather internally in the wallet. At a price tag of $144.00, it’s worth some consideration. For more information visit their official website with the link provided below. 


Spigen AirTag Card Holder

While being the only wallet on this list not made from Leather the Spigen AirTag Cardholder is a highly unique minimalist-sized wallet that allows you to carry your AirTag in a compact size. What makes this wallet different from the rest is the fact it’s made from a Polycarbonate body that’s made to look more like metal. Honestly, I was sort of hoping it was metal but the Polycarbonate does create a more lightweight wallet and 

The wallet really resembles the famous Ridge Wallet, one of the first wallets ever to take this kind of design. It can carry a handful of cards (between 4 – 8) using a plate system where credit/debit cards are stored between two sections. Cash is secured using a very durable elastic strap that fits around one side of the wallet and secures banknotes in place for easy access. 

Overall, the Spigen AirTag Cardholder was a surprisingly fantastic wallet. It’s definitely one of the smallest wallets on this list, and its space-age unique look really adds to its character and uniqueness. Coming in at a price tag of $49.99 it’s fairly priced and for the money gets you a wallet for life. For more information on the Spigen Wallet visit their official website using the link provided below.

Air Tag Wallet FAQ

You asked; we answered. Check out the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding anything and everything AirTag Wallets.

Are there any AirTag wallet brands I should avoid?

With AirTag Wallets still being relatively new to the market, it’s no surprise a large array of poor quality wallets have hit the market with many brands selling a false reality of high quality, functional wallets. 

I ask you to always be various brands that seem to go to be true. One prominent example is the brand Nimalist Store. While they’ve done a great job with their overall branding, they are a simple reseller of cheap, poor-quality AirTag Wallets. Many customers have been unable to claim a refund as Nimalist simply ignores any emails, and doesn’t disclose any additional information regarding a refund process. 

We’ve already written a detailed article regarding Nimalist Store and their scam, so please check that out here for more information on how to avoid being subject to these malpractices. 

What AirTag Wallet Alternatives Exist?

Over the past year, since the release of the Apple AirTag, a huge variety of different products have hit the market with the aim of efficiently carrying an AirTag. If you’re not convinced a wallet is right for you why not check out and consider any of the following:

  • Keychain: The most portable way to carry an airtag. Another beneficial thing about going with a keychain is the fact it can be attached to a wide variety of things whether it be your belt, bag, or on your keys. They are also the more affordable carrying method with airtag keychains ranging from as little as $10.00. Apple also has its own official AirTag Keychain but more affordable options are available. 
  • Bracelet: As the name suggests these are bracelets that you can wear on your wrist and have a slot to add your AirTag. These are more ‘in your face so to speak and won’t be for everybody. That being said, they tend to be more affordable than wallets and come in a wide variety of different styles to choose from. 
  • AirTag Neckless: The same as a Bracelet but these come with a chain that goes around your neck. Better for a more discrete carry experience and with a wide variety of styles to choose from. More affordable, but can be annoying having something as large as an AirTag dangling around your neck. 
How to put an AirTag in a Wallet?

The simple answer is – you can’t. Unless you purchase a wallet that is specially designed to carry an AirTag (like the ones listed in this article) you’re going to have a hard time safely securing the AirTag in place and will most likely cause stress, stain, and a large bulge in your wallet. 

There are a few exceptions though. The first, is zipper-style wallets, that host a large internal slot. These slots have more than enough room for storing an AirTag, you just have to be aware the AirTag might be loose inside the wallet. 

Another option is buying something similar to the already recommended Nomad Card, that secures an AirTag inside a plastic case making it resemble a credit/debit card. This would then allow you to store the AirTag inside a typical wallet’s card slot. It’s still not ideal, but it’s better than nothing and a much cheaper option for storing an AirTag.

How good are the AirTag Wallets on Amazon?

Amazon is another culprit for selling a wide variety of poor-quality AirTag Wallets. As discussed in my previous section regarding ‘brands to avoid’, many of the AirTag Wallets sold on Amazon are simply bought from cheap Chinese wholesale websites (think Alibaba) and resold to customers in the US. 

Because of this, I’d generally avoid most AirTag Wallets on the website. If you’re only looking for a really cheap wallet (and don’t care for quality) then you can probably find one for around $10.00 that does that job. But if you’re looking for a quality wallet, one to last a lifetime, I’d also recommend going with handmade, independent wallet brands. 

Do any of these wallets come with an AirTag included?

I’ve yet to come across any brand that claims to sell an AirTag along with a wallet as included. If any brand claims to also sell both a wallet and AirTag together then I’d be very conscious of it being a potential scam. 

Apple is very picky with who is and isn’t allowed to become official retailers so if it seems too good to be true it probably is. None of the wallets recommended in this article come with an AirTag and these need to be bought separately. 


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