The Secrid Slim Wallet Review

The Good
  • Amazing use of the cascading card mechanism and easy access to cash and cards.
  • A massive range of colors and unique patterns to choose from. The largest collection I’ve ever seen.
  • Great quality and durability with seamless stitching and quality leather.
The Bad
  • The Card Cascading mechanism has a low card capacity. This is worsened if you have embossed cards. 
  • Some of the models can be quite expensive (upwards of $120+ with very little to show for its increased price tag. I’d stick with the cheaper $90 model.

Every wallet brand I come across tends to have a signature wallet in their collection. A single wallet that defines then and standards out from the rest. In my opinion, the Secrid Slim Wallet is exactly this and is a perfect example of ingenuity and clever design. Today we’re going to be going into detail regarding the Slim Wallet by Secrid and provide our honest opinion on how these wallet rates.

Secrid is a Holland-based company established in the late 1990s. In 2009 they released their first signature wallet, the Secrid Bodycard, a fantastic and innovative take on the classic wallet. From here Secrid has become known as one of the biggest manufacturers of wallets in the world with stores all across the world stocking Secrid’s range of wallets.


Look & Design

The Secrid Slim Wallet is designed primarily with leather with an internal mechanism made from metal used to store your cards (more on this later). My wallet came in black, but the Secrid Slim range of wallets is famous for providing one of the largest variety of color variations on the market today.

Last time I counted the wallet come in 58 different designs and colors for you to choose from including some unique vibrant colors like yellow or green, along with uniquely textured wallets like the Prism Black or Basket Brown variations. Personally, I think this is one of the best aspects of the wallet. Having a wallet that expresses your unique individuality is something a lot of wallet brands overlook and being able to have one personalized to my style is something I love about the Secrid Slim Wallet. 

A long thing to consider regarding the Secrid slim is its Minimalist, or almost minimalist, size. Coming in at 68 mm x 102 mm x 16 mm the Secrid is a fantastic size, one I’d describe as a hybrid as it’s larger than most minimalist wallets but still a great size for great functionality and slim storage not being too bulky and easily felt in the pocket. It also only weighs 72g which is fairly lightweight considering the wallet’s made from a combination of metal and corrected grain leather made in Holland and Italy from quality Cowhide.

The wallet has a space to hold my cash firmly as well as space to hold up to seven cards. The button-end closure makes the wallet secure because it cannot be opened unless it is in my hand. The slimline appearance of my Secrid wallet also makes it comfortable for me to sit on.


Functionality & Utility 

The functionality of the Secrid Slim wallet is also pretty amazing. The Secrid slim wallet can carry up to 12 cards within a combination of leather card slots and the unique metal cascading mechanism (the mechanism holds 6 cards while the leather holds an additional 6). The sturdy spring at the bottom of my wallet cascades my cards from the top with a simple push of a button. This individual pushes the cards from the top of the slot and fans them out in an easy-to-access manner. This type of Cascading Card mechanism is quite common with it famously being popularized by the likes of Ekster or Dax

In the leather section of the wallet, which acts in a fold-out bi-fold style design, there is ample room for banknote storage and bills having to be folded to fit correctly. Along with this, all Secrid wallets come with RFID Protection as standard without needing to pay additional money. This is achieved by the aluminum which helps block the radio frequencies from emitting and provides the RFID Security that prevents contactless fraud from occurring. For more information on RFID check out our article ‘is RFID necessary’?


Price Tag

The Slim Wallet by Secrid comes in at a very reasonable price tag of $89.95 ranging up to $134.95 depending on the model of choice, For example, the most expensive version of the wallet is the Stitch Linea Espresso that’s defined by its intricate design on the front and made from vegetable-tanned full-grain leather – better quality leather than some of the top leather on the market today. Overall, considering the quality and functionality of the wallet I’d happily pay the lower-end price for the Secrid Slim. 

Final Verdict 

The Secrid Slim is a perfect wallet to improve your everyday carry. The sleek design makes it fit into your pocket perfectly and the quality materials and innovative cascading mechanism make it attractive yet functional. For those wanting a slim wallet, Secrid slim wallet will serve you well. For more information on the Secrid Slim Wallet why not check out our compilation article where we go into detail about the different types of wallets offered by Secrid and review each in turn with comparison along the way. Alternatively, check out Secrid’s official website here or see their range of Amazon with the link below. 


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