Andar which means 'to carry' in Spainish, is a everyday carry brand with an extensive range of leather wallets. Made from the unique and signature Crazy Horse Leather the wallets combind tradtional asthetics with modern day functionality.


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Andar Wallet Reviews

Andar Pilot Wallet

Andar’s attempt at a pop-up wallet. This sleek and attractive wallet maintains a vintage look and design but excels with modern technology for cash and card access.

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Andar Apollo Wallet

Probably my favorite wallet from Andar. It takes the form of classic bifold wallets, with a vintage look, but also has many unique features such as quick access slots, pull tabs, and a fantastic layout.

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Andar Ranger Wallet

Another bifold-style wallet with a slim form factor and versatility in functionality. 

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Andar Freeman Wallet

Andar’s ultra-slim wallet. Made for minimalists it can be stored in any pocket easily and has easy access thanks to a clean clever layout.

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  • Look & Design 86% 86%
  • Functionality & Utility 78% 78%
  • Price & value for money 81% 81%
Coupon Codes
No current coupon codes available for Andar. Andar do like to provide coupon codes during holidays so keep an eye out during Holidays such as Easter, Farther's Day, Black Friday, and of course, Christmas.
Find a retailer
The best place to purchase Andar Wallets is from their official websites, but they do have a range of official retailers across the world (including here at You can also purchase Andar Wallets from if you want a quicker delivery.
warranty policy
Andar has a warranty that covers a *full one (1) year warranty from the day they were purchased when used under normal conditions. Each product is handcrafted and if defects are found or happen, please contact them directly. Our limited warranty covers faults in workmanship and materials upon arrival or within a year. This doesn't apply if the damage is caused by unreasonable use or neglect, normal wear, and tear, or if you change your mind.
Returns policy
Andar has a pretty stellar returns policy. If you're unhappy with your wallet then you can return it within 90 days of your delivery about your request. To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused, and in the original packaging as received upon delivery. In addition, we will need proof of purchase, which can be either the invoice that was sent with your order or even a printed copy of your order confirmation.
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