The Best Metal Wallets

[Buyers Guide 2021]

Metal Wallets are something of a strange oddity in the world of wallets. If you had told me 10 years ago people who be carrying plates of metal as their wallet I’d have laughed. Nevertheless, the range of metal wallets available today is huge and if you’re considering a metal wallet as your next daily carry then it helps to know what’s good and not. 

Metal Wallets themselves is probably one of the most versatile wallets on the market as they can in a huge range of distinct designs, sizes, and metal types. Whether or not you’re looking for style over substance, durability over style, or anywhere between, metal wallets can provide you with a perfect wallet for you, and the choices out there form some of my favorite wallets ever made (regardless of material). 

Pro’s & Con’s of Metal Wallets

Metal wallets are not without their pros and cons. Before you consider purchasing a metal wallet understand the reasons why you want once and the negative features one holds. The first thing to mention is mental wallets are typically minimalist in size. This is perfect for someone who doesn’t carry much cash and only has a few credit or debit cards with them at any time. 

The second positive – although opinionated – is the look. Metal wallets look the part and have a larger array of stylistic choices. Whether this is the look and feel of the metal (glossy or matt) through to if it combines other materials like leather or wood. I’d be lying if I said the main reason most purchase a metal wallet is that it looks ‘cool’ – because they do. 

Now onto a few of the negatives. Metal wallets suffer from the fact that it’s hard to integrate functional features onto a slab of metal. Card slots are a thing of the past with metal wallets and usually suffer from what I call ‘card stacking’, where all the cards are stored by stacking them on top of one another. This is great for minimalism but is often less than ideal when it comes to accessing the cards. When they’re all bunched up it can be difficult to traverse and find the cards you want. A total pain. 

Dango M1 Maverick Rail Wallet

Dango themselves have a huge variety of metal wallets on offer but it was the M1 Maverick Rail Wallet that caught my eye the most. With its brushed metal aerospace-grade aluminum material it really does look like something out of a science fiction movie. The wallet also has an innovative (and patent-pending) quick release rail mechanism which allows easy access to cards solving that issue I mentioned above. While it can hold up to 9 cards it also has a silicone band to secure additional items like notes and receipts. 

– Anodized aluminum wallet chassis

– Anodized aluminum backplate & rails

– Dimensions: 3.15″w x 4.05″h x .53″ thick

– Silicone wallet band

– Stainless Steel screws

– Weight: 5oz

Coming in at a price tag of $109.00 the M1 Maverick is by no means cheap. But it does excel in its functionality compared to most metal wallets along with an amazing design. For more information on the Maverick wallet visit the Dango website using the link below. 

The Ridge Wallet

Elegant and minimal. The Ridge Wallet is probably one of the most well-known metal wallets on the market today. The Ridge is simple in its design using two places to secure your cards together. The Ridge also comes with a money clip that easily allows you to store any banknotes on the back in a very secure yet easy to access manner. 

The main advantage of the Ridge wallet is its huge range of variants it comes in. It truly is one of the most customizable wallets coming in a huge range of colors and slight design variations. 

– Holds 1-12 cards without stretching out

– Blocks RFID (wireless theft)

– Replaceable elastic

– Backed by our lifetime warranty

– Free returns within 45 days

– 6061-T6 aluminum | anodized black

– Weight: 2 oz | 86 x 54 x 6 mm

The Ridge comes in at a price tag of $75.00 which is pretty decent, to be honest. Metal wallets tend to be more expensive than their leather counterparts (probably because of increased manufacturing costs) so $75.00 is a satisfactory price tag. If you’re interested in learning more about the Ridge wallet check them out on Amazon below or read our full review.

Trayvax Contour Wallet

Trayvax is another wallet brand with a great variety of metal wallets. But the Contour wallet, although one of the most expensive on the site, is by far my favorite. The contour is the first wallet on this list to combine materials being made from a metal frame overlayed with premium leather. 

The wallet is probably more aimed at the outdoorsy type as it includes many features that would be handy for a more hands-on individual. This includes an integrated bottle opener, attachment point, Torx wrench, and general durability to the elements.

– Elegant leather wallet design 

– Slim profile 

– Leather strap fits up to 13 cards and 10 bills 

– CNC-machined plate Durable melonite coating 

– Top-grain oil-tanned leather 

– High-Quality Metals: Titanium, Brass, or Stainless Steel

Coming in at a hefty $139.99 the Contour Wallet by Trayvax is our most expensive wallet on this list. It’s not for everyone, but with over 1843 five 5 ratings and a 65-year warranty, the Trayvax is a premium wallet for those who dare to spend. For more information on the Trayvax visit their website by clicking the link below (or read our full review here).

The Machine Era Ti5 Wallet

The Ti5 Slim Wallet by Machine Era can be summed up in one word. Slim. I guess it’s in the name but the main point of this wallet is to keep your daily carry as small as possible. The wallet is ultra-slim, ultra-light, and ultra-durable. 

Made from aerospace (Grade 5) 6al-4v Titanium and sealed with a black ‘Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) PVD coating, it’s as impact and scratch resistance so again it is perfect for people who carefree people who don’t mind being a little rough with their wallet. 

Finally, the wallet’s only other features are its bottle opener along with an elastic strap that fits tightly around the middle of the wallet for storing cash. Coming in at $65.00 the Machine Era Wallet is a great choice for someone looking for the slimmest possible metal wallet with some added functionality. For more information on the Ti5 visit the Machine Era website below.

The Liquid Essentialist Wallet

The Liquid Essentialist wallet is probably the most innovative wallet on this list. The idea is it provides ample key storage along with a variety of other unusual and obscure features. As you can hook your keys onto the wallet you can also purchase optional accessories that can hook onto the wallet in a similar fashion. This includes a bottle opener or screwdriver. The options are endless really and the future prospects of new accessories are high which would keep your wallet feeling fresh even after extensive use. 

– Length: 94mm

– Width: 59.5mm

– Height: 14mm

– Weight: 92grams (without keys)

– Material: Aluminum grade 6061 + Hard Anodized Coating 

The wallet currently doesn’t have a website but it did have a Kickstarter page back in 2018. I’m not currently sure about the status of this funding project and if they plan to release the wallet to everyone (eventually) but it’s definitely a wallet to check out using the link below.

The Wallum M1 Wallet

From a design perspective, the Wallum M1 wallet is my personal favorite. With its brushed metal design and little rubber hoops which add to the design but also add to the wallet functionality. The Wallum is also the only wallet that has a true metal money clip on the back. This is of course for storing physical notes and it does work well. 

– RFID Blocking Slim Wallet 

– Money Clip for Bank Note 

– Minimalist Product Design  

– Can Hold up to 12 Cards 

– Product Size: 88 x 57 x 12mm 

– Designed and Made in Austria 

The only downside to the wallet is the little rubber bands can snap. Luckily Wallum provides you with additional bands in the box but if this did happen when you’re out and about it could be a pain. 

The other amazing benefit of the Wallum M1 is its price tag. Coming in at around $50.00 its the cheapest wallet on our list today. I recommend this wallet to someone who perhaps doesn’t yet know if they would like to buy a metal wallet and don’t want to break the bank. It’s a great simplistic wallet with a great design. For more information on the Wallum M1 click the link below.

The Decadent Wallet

This patented design is one of the most unique-looking metal wallets I’ve come across. Made from a choice of metals and available in different sizes, a choice depending on how many cards you carry, the decadent wallet combines minimalism with a fantastic design to create a truly Innovative Wallet. 

The wallet functions very much like a cardholder with cards stacked upon each other. The wallet locks the cards in place and can be easily accessed by sliding your finger or thumb providing a really satisfying way to access your cards quickly on the move. The wallet doesn’t come with a dedicated way to store physical cash but you can purchase an optional money clip attachment that fits securely onto the wallet. 

Coming in at a price of between  $67.00 and $79.00, depending on your choice of metal and size, the decadent wallet isn’t the cheapest wallet you’ll come across. Nevertheless, the beautiful design, durability, and great capacity if you can afford this wallet I’d definitely recommend it as your next EDC. Read our full in-depth review here.

The Spine Wallet

Probably the slimmest wallet you’ll ever lay eyes on. The spine wallet is made from a single sheet of metal with a simple elasticated band around the center to keep cash and cards in place. 

One of the most unique aspects of the wallet is the inclusion of a bottle opener cut directly into the metal. This actually serves a few purposes not just limited to its primary function – the opening of bottles. It also helps reduce the wallet’s weight, which is important with a metal wallet, but you can also use the cutout to hook additional items on something not initially intended by a nice function nevertheless. 

Coming in at a price tag of $25.00 the Spine Wallet is also really affordable. This wallet is truly a hyper minimalist wallet and if you’re the type of person to carry very little, and want to do it in style, the spine wallet might be for you. As an official authorized retailer of the Spine Wallet, you can get yours using the link below or read our full review here.


The Aviator Wallet

Slim and unique in its functionality, The Aviator wallet is one of the most functional on this list while combining a range of materials in a sleek metal design. Along with a great capacity for cash and cards, the wallet also hosts a plastic ‘coin’ tray that can be slid out and holds a small number of coins. The Aviator is great for people looking for a range of features that don’t usually come with metal wallets of this more minimalist size. The Aviator wallet is also available in a range of colors (including black, silver and red) along with a range of sizes to choose from to accommodate your preferred number of credit/debit cards.

The Aviator starts at a pretty hefty $75.00 with the top models costing around $200.00. Quite a high price tag compared to others but the Aviator hosts a range of distinct features along with a fantastic brand providing a wallet that is built to last. I very much think that this would be the last wallet you’ll ever need to buy. For a more in-depth review of the Aviator check out our full review here, or check them out at their official website using the link below.


The Apache Pine Wallet

The Apache Pine Wallet is one of our budget options for a metal wallet. Made from a lightweight aluminum the Apache is minimalist in size and provides a nice compromise between functionality and style. The Apache works very simply and like many wallets on this list. Two plates of metal and connected between elastic and allow your credit/debit cards to slide between and secure themselves easily (card capacity of up to 12).

One of the other advantages of this wallet is the attractive range of colors and variations it comes in. The different models can have a printed pattern or design on the front including an American flag and a range of minimalist animal designs (see image). The wallet can also be purchased in some unique colors including red, blue, pink, and gold for those who want to stand out from the crowd. 

As previously mentioned the Apache Pine is very affordable. At the time of writing, you can get your hands on this wallet for as little as $12.97 (RRP: $84.97) with slight variations in price based on the specific design you want. There’s no doubt when comparing this price to the price of others its an absolute bargain. For more information on the Apache Pine Metal Wallet check out their website using the link below. 


The Scudo Switch Wallet

The Scudo Switch is probably the most odd-looking wallet on this list as it looks so much different from other metal wallets. What makes the Scudo Switch unique is its hard case style design that uses a hinge and spring mechanism to keep your cash and cards protected. Along with this, the wallet also provides a great array of customization options with the option to customize the front faceplate of the wallet, referred to as a lid, with intricate designs on the front (including skulls and dragons) that can be swapped out if you wish. 

In terms of the Scudo Switches functionality, it’s fairly standard. It has a decent capacity as standard of up to 10 cards which can be expanded with larger models at no additional price (up to 18 card capacity). Banknotes are stored in the same internal section but can be stored in an optionally purchased money clip for $6.00. The Scudo Wallet also comes in a great array of color options including red, blue, and black. 

Overall, the Scudo Switch is a great wallet and you can’t doubt its fantastic quality, appearance, and price tag coming in at only $66.00 (not including extras).  For more information on the Scudo Switch check out our full review and breakdown or check out their official website using the link below. 


The M-Clip Wallet

The M-Clip Money Clip is probably our most unusual wallet on this list. That being said it’s probably wrong of me to consider this an actual wallet as although it can store both cash and cards its actual overall design is that of a pure money clip. The M-Clip themselves are highly attractive in design with a huge variety to choose from using different metals and inlays with a variety of patterns. A good example of this is their alligator money clip. With a stainless steel body, the clip has a beautifully dyed alligator leather protruding from the clip providing a beautiful contrast. 

Thanks to its money clip centered design the M-Clip is one of the smallest more minimalist wallets on this list (coming in at 2.3 inches x .75 inches). This is especially quite an achievement as metal wallets themselves, and most wallets on this list, are slim in size anyway. It can carry a huge amount of bills up to 20, folded, and a small number of cards (3 – 5). 

We have to talk about the way the M-Clip works as it doesn’t function in the way a normal money clip would. It has a mechanism much like a classic crocodile clip. Once the clip has been placed around your cash or cards the arms of the M-Clip can then be extended forward to increase the compact nature of the wallet – quite clever really. 

The price of the M-Clip varies quite significantly depending on which model you choose. The standard M-Clip can be bought for as low as $79.95 and ranges as high as $4,500 (yes you heard that right). Overall the M-Clip is best for people who carry more cash (bills) than most especially compared to the number of credit cards they carry. For more information on the M-Clip check out our full review or visit their Amazon page below. 


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