One of the top brands who popularised the pop-up wallets. Discover Secrid a brand that combines functionality with amazing design.


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Secrid Wallet Reviews

Secrid Mini Wallet

Want a smaller more compact-sized wallet, but still want the amazing versatility of the Secrid Wallet. Check out the Secrid Slim, it might be right for you.

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Secrid Slim Wallet

The original Secrid wallet with all its pop-up goodness. Check out our full review of this hybrid wallet with its amazing functionality and a huge array of designs.

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Secrid Wallet Comparison

We put all the different versions of the Secrid wallet range head to head in an ultimate showdown to see which model best suits you and your needs.

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Secrid Vs. Ekster - Which is Best?

As two of the top brands for pop-up wallets, with similar styles, and price tags we give our honest opinion on which brand is best. Ekster or Secrid.

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  • Look & Design 90% 90%
  • Functionality & Utility 87% 87%
  • Price & value for money 76% 76%
Coupon Codes
No current coupon codes available for Secird Wallet at this time. That being said, Secrid do offer a range of coupon codes and offers around holiday seasons.
Find a retailer
Secird Wallets are sold worldwide (mainly in Europe and the US). You shouldn't have any issue finding a retailer in your country, although make sure to check out their store's page on their official website. If you can't find a local retailer, I'm sure Secrid will ship directly to you when you purchase from their e-commerce store.
warranty policy
You can register your Secrid Wallet (using a unique serial code you'll receive when purchasing a wallet) that can be used to get 1 additional year of warranty and a certificate of authenticity. This is on top of an already decent warranty of 2 years that covers the usual manufacturing defect, etc...
Returns policy
Exchanging a wallet for a different color or wallet type is not possible. However, within 60 days of purchase, you can return your wallet and we will issue a refund. You can then order a different wallet in our webshop.
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Make sure you're making the right choice when considering Secrid Wallets. Discover all you need to know at with the best reviews, news and updates on all things wallets.









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