Where to Buy Men’s Wallets

Sometimes it’s difficult to know where to purchase something especially if you’re new to online shopping. It’s easy to choose the easy option – for example, Amazon.com – but that isn’t always the best place, especially if you’re looking for a more specialized wallet one with specific features for example. 

This article is going to go through some of the best places where I think are best to purchase your next wallet and name some of the top stores where you can find your next perfect wallet.



It’s hard not to mention Amazon on any list when it comes to talking about where to buy things online. Amazon has a massive monopoly on online shopping and with the prevalence of next-day delivery (Amazon Prime), it’s difficult to want to shop anywhere else. 

But be careful. Many wallets listed on the site are not genuine and of poorer quality. If a wallet seems too cheap it’s probably not very good so stick to only shopping on dedicated wallet stores within Amazon. I often talk about how a lot of the wallets on Amazon are simply mass-produced wallets bought from wholesale sites, like Alibaba, and resold at a premium. I would very much recommend staying away from these wallets and stick to locally manufactured independent wallet brands. 

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Purchase Directly from the Brands

Thousands of wallet brands (check out our brand page) exist and they all have online stores where you can purchase their wallets. The issue lies in knowing they exist in the first place and finding a wallet you actually like. 

Other things to keep in mind include postage and packaging costs, and their options for returns. These will differ for each website and they don’t have a centralized returns policy like a big company as Amazon does. 

For a comprehensive list of some of our favorite wallet brands (all which have stored) check out our wallet brand page here. I’m confident you’ll find something you like.



If you don’t know Etsy is the No.1 website for dedicated stores selling handmade and vintage goods. Because of this, you’ll find a fantastic range of unique and handmade wallets of your choosing. The best thing is these wallets tend to be of higher quality as more care, time and devotion go into creating each and every wallet. Below are some of our favorite Etsy stores that sell some fantastic wallets.

Dedicated Wallet Websites

A small number of websites exist where you can buy a large selection of wallets within one site. The great thing about these websites is they usually have some fantastic offers on and you can usually get a better price than if you shopped directly on their websites. 

We ourselves have our own online store that sells only the top-rated wallets we review. This is purposely done so we know, without a shadow of a doubt, that the wallets we recommend to our customers are the very best. Check out our store by clicking the link here. 

Retail Stores

I thought I’d mention the dying world of retail. Although I can’t specify any specific retail shops you can usually find a range of men’s wallets in typical men’s clothing stores and big retail outlets like Walmart. Although I can’t vouch for the quality of these wallets at all so be careful. 


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