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Available options: Banner advertisements, sponsored posts. Reach new customers actively looking for a new wallet.

If you’re looking for the best way to generate more sales for your wallet then provides a unique platform to reach a tailored and targeted audience directly in search of the latest and best wallets on the market. The reason we can make this claim is simple. The organic traffic we receive from search engines – such as Google – is generated organically and from queries related to wallets. Our posts, articles, and reviews are specifically designed to target search queries that attract people who are actively searching for a new wallet. This puts our website in a unique position where website visitors are in a buying intent ready to commit to a perfect wallet and purchase.

This is possible through platforms such as Google Ads but provides no guarantee of success as all your competitors are also using these services and results become diluted and smaller returns. Using an independent advertising platform, such as ourselves, provides an arena where you can be sure that the traffic generates to your site is from a partner that solely focuses on you and your niche/auidence – men’s wallets. 

As a small website and company, we also offer much more competitive prices than our counterparts. We also have years of experience in SEO, and online marketing which means we’ll work directly with you to help build the best possible ads and walk you through any questions and queries you may have. You’ll be assigned one of our digital experts who’ll continually monitor your ads and track performance. Please see below for a breakdown of some of the services we offer:

Unfortunately, we are currently sold out of banner ad space for the rest of 2021. Our other advertising services are still available though. 

Website Stats & Metrics

Founded in late 2019 and with an emphasis on impartial, high-quality content we offer a unique way for wallet brands to target those people in the search for a new wallet. All content on our website is related to the wallet niche and every visitor we attach organically is in the process of searching, discovering for the wallet and are the most likely to be in a purchasing frame of mind. Below are just a few of our website stats (average):

Monthly unique visitors: 65,000 (85% from USA).

Facebook Page Likes/Fans:  7,035

Email Marketing list: 10,000

Our Services & Offerings

Sponsored Posts/Reviews: Much like the many reviews we have on our website we want to provide brands to reach out and write meaningful articles regarding the wallet world and everything related to wallets including, but not limited to, leathercraft.

We won’t publish anything that does against our customer guidelines. We are a website built on trust and integrity. This means that any sponsored posts that go against our own verdict (an article about how great your wallet is when it may not be) are prohibited. If you have any suggestions for articles – or would to write for us – then please do get in touch.

If your a wallet brand we’re yet to review or discover your wallet then please do get in touch and we can discuss the process of reviewing your wallet. Along with a fee admin and content fee, all we ask is you send us a review sample, free of charge, to enable us to try, test, and form an opinion on your wallet. We review wallets based on criteria such as functionality, design, and usability in daily life.

If you want an article written, not a direct review of a wallet, then guest posts start at $395.00 (not including additional add-ons) and include those who want a review of their wallet. Again, get in touch if you want more information on our guest post offering.

Display Advertising: Also known as banner advertising this is the systematic placement of images across our website (includes other posts, pages, and brand pages). These banner ads, once clicked, redirect customers to your website where they’re now in prime position to browse and purchase your wallet. It’s that simple.

We operate on a ‘pay per day’ mentality. We work around your budget to provide you with the tools necessary to provide better traction and traffic to your website. We only tie you down to a fixed-term if you don’t want to and will always provide you with the best possible information to help you succeed. For more information on pricing get in touch with us with the contact form above or contact us directly by email at: hello @

Giveaways: Do you have a wallet / related product that you want advertising on our website? Giveaways are effective at generating traffic to your website and also provide an excellent way to capture email addresses for further engagements with your brand. Giveaways will be posted on our dedicated Giveaway’s page, accompanied with its own article, and promoted through social media and email. For more information on Giveaways, pricing and terms & conditions get in contact with a member of our team. 

Marketing Assistance: With over a decade of Digital Marketing expertise our team is fully equipped to take your eCommerce store to the next level. With experience in Search Engine Optimisation, Paid advertising (Facebook & Google) along with skills in graphic design & Website development we can help expand your marketing strategy and take your business’s success to the next level.

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