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[Buyers Guide 2021]

Also known as Slide Wallets or Ejector Wallets, Pop Up Wallets are a fairly new innovation in the world of men’s wallets. They use a base metal device that enables you to easily store and access your credit/debit cards at a push of a button. Cards not only slide out with ease but are perfectly and evenly distributed so you can easily see each individual card and choose the one you want accordingly. This is the only type of wallet on the market that provides such an innovative and simple way to access your cards.

Back in early 2020 we ran a poll on our social media and found pop-up wallets to be one of the most popular and satisfying ways to access cards voted by our community. Due to the popularity of pop up wallets, we’ve seen a huge influx of these wallets enter the market. Today, we’re going to be reviewing some of the most popular pop-up wallets on the market, give our own opinion on each, and hopefully provide some insights on the best available today. If you want to view the full range of Ejector Wallets check out our ‘reviews’ page here.


Advantages & Disadvantages 

Slide Wallets, like most wallets, have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages. When deciding on whether you want a slide wallet people consider the following points below and see if they fit with what you want from your wallet. Remember, not every wallet is created equal, and understanding, if this type of wallet is right for you, is a major part of purchasing a new wallet. For more help, check out our full article explaining ’what to look for in a wallet’.

Slide Wallet Advantages…

  • Slide Mechanism – One of the most satisfying ways to store and access your credit/debit cards. With a few exceptions, most ejector wallets can store up to 4 – 6 cards (depending on if the cards are embossed or not) and plenty of cash. 
  • Packed with Features – While capitalizing on the amazing ejector functionality, many slide wallets come with a whole other host of amazing functionality including money-clips, pull tabs, and even smart features like GPS Tracking. 
  • Design Variations – Range of brilliant and attractive designs to choose from. Many Pop Up Wallet brands offer the largest array of personalization options available. 

Slide Wallet Disadvantages…

  • Size – Slide wallets are larger than many typical wallets. This is because the slide mechanism is quite bulky and can’t be slimline making it larger in both height and width. The weight of the wallet is also typically higher than most thanks to the metal. 
  • Price Tag – Because of the intricate designs of the ejector wallets, they tend to be higher in price than many wallets on the market. Every wallet on this list starts at a price tag of around $40.00 and ranges to a high of $100.00+.
  • Durability – This won’t be the same for all ejector wallets, but typically I found they have a smaller lifespan than other simpler wallets. This is probably down to the durability of the ejector mechanism that over time can break. 

The Secrid Mini Wallet

The Original Slide Wallet

You could consider the Secrid Mini Wallet the original slide wallet. In fact, the Secrid brand was first established way back in 1997 as a design agency only to jump on the wallet craze in the early 2010s. This was with their original slide wallet that quickly becomes a sensation. Today we’ll be focusing on their flagship wallet, The Secrid Mini, the standard and most popular wallet in their range. 

Design – made from high-quality leather that wraps the entire popup mechanism snugly and provides additional card storage and an easy way to store banknotes. In terms of functionality, the Secrid Slim can hold up to 4 – 6 cards in its slide mechanism with another 3 – 4 card in the other 3 included leather card slots. Secrid is renowned for its huge variety of design variations available. This means if you want unique color or pattern then Secrid offers over 100 different variants to choose from. Some of these designs are highly unique, not just in color, but sheer innovation. My personal favorite is the Prism Stone model which just has such a distinctive and futuristic look to it. If you’re the type of person who

The Secrid Mini Wallet comes in at a price tag between $89.95 and $134.95 (depending on the different model you want). This is a fairly reasonable price tag and considering the quality and sleek design more than value in my opinion. We actually have a range of articles on Secrid including our full breakdown of their entire wallet range. But for more information check out their official website using the link below.


Ekster Parliament Wallet

A Vintage Style Slide Wallet

Ekster first rose to popularity from a highly successful Kickstarter campaign in 2016. They managed to raise over $100,000 in a great example of crowdfunding success and have gone on to become one of the largest wallet brands in the world. Most of this success comes down to their impressive range of slide wallets that both have a premium look and fantastic functionality. For me, what sets the Ekster Parliament above the rest of the Slide wallets on this list is its actual design. The premium leather, amazing stitching, and range of vintage colors make this one of the most premium of all the slide wallets. The leather itself is a full-grain (which is the highest quality of all the leather types) and 

One aspect of what makes Ekster different is the option of including a smart tracking card with every wallet. This credit card-shaped device provides many ‘smart’ features including the likes of GPS Tracking, Solar charging, and even a selfie timer. This optional card will set up back an additional $59.00 so but is designed to fit seamlessly into the Ekster Parliament for none intrusive smart functionality. 

The Ekster Parliament comes in at a price tag of $89.00 (currently reduced to $71.00). This is a pretty standard price for a popup wallet and thinks it’s a great price considering the high-class appearance and build-quality the wallet offers. This slide wallet is best suited for people who want a classy, premium look with the optional benefits on their incredible tracker card. To discover more of what the Ekster Parliament wallet, and the other wallets in their range, can offer you check out our full review, or visit their official website using the link below.


Andar Pilot Wallet

The Slimmest of the Slide Wallets

The Biggest difference between the Andar Pilot and other slide wallets on this list is the inclusion of a unique scroll wheel for activating the pop-up features of the wallet. All other wallets on this list use a button, that once pressed, slides your credit/debit cards out. The Andar Pilot instead uses a scroll wheel, like on a computer mouse, when scrolled pushes the cards out. It’s a personal preference to which you prefer but the scroll wheel is less intrusive and provides a slower way to access your cards.  

The Andar is one of the slimmest wallets on this list. It doesn’t have any bulky exterior and is thin enough to be not felt in the pocket (unlike others). I’m also a personal fan of the array of color options available. They give the Andar Wallet a really premium look and quality being made from full-grain leather along with the color range of brown, black, camel, and olive. Finally, you have the option to include a money clip on the back. For an additional $5.00 the clip fits on the backside of the wallet and provides a minimalist way to also carry banknotes with you folded. It’s an effective way to keep the wallet slim while retaining great functionality.

At a starting price of $65.00 (an additional $5.00 for the money clip) the Andar is a fantastic price tag and probably my top pick for ‘best value’. I think the Andar Pilot is best for people who want a more slim or minimalist popup wallet while still retaining most of the features other slide wallets provide. For more information on the Andar Pilot check out our full in-depth article on the wallet here or visit their official website using the link below. 


Fidelo Slide Wallet

The Budget Pop Up Wallet

The Fidelo Slide wallet is included on this list to provide a budget option for people who don’t want to spend an excessive amount of money on a wallet. Coming in at only $36.90 the Fidelo Wallet is also a minimalist take on the popup wallet coming in at only 4.3 x 2.6 x 0.32 inches. This means if you’re looking for not just affordability but also a smaller size then the Fidelo is a great choice for reducing bulk and keep their daily carry to a minimum. 

The popup mechanism itself is wrapped in a think layer of top grain crazy horse leather. The leather itself isn’t the most premium in quality but that is to be expected for a wallet of a lower price tag. All in all, the Fidelo Slide can store around 5 – 7 cards in the slide mechanism with additional card storage available through leather card slots on the outside (an additional 2 – 4 cards). Finally, the wallet also comes with a thick elastic band that fits around the entire body of the wallet. This is to solve the banknote/bill storage in which cash can be folded and secure underneath the band. 

At the price previously mentioned I have no doubt the Fidelo will be a popular choice of this list. It does lack quality in many domains and might be a little low on storage options for many people. That being said, it really is a great choice for people who don’t really care about leather type and just want a good old functional wallet to carry with them on a daily basis. The wallet is also only available on Amazon so you can also benefit from Amazon’s amazing warranty, return policies, and next-day delivery (if you’re unsatisfied with your purchase). For more information on the Fidelo Slide visit their Amazon page using the link below. 


Innway Accent Wallet

With In-Built Smart functionality

The Innway Accent is the latest or newest wallet on this list only coming onto the market back in Match 2020. Its original Kickstarter campaign was a great success raising approximately $20,000. The Innway is our most featured-packed wallet with having a great capacity for credit/debit cards and a full-width cash slot that integrates well with the overall design of the wallet. 

Along with its standard slide wallet features, the Innway Accent Wallet is our only fully integrated smart wallet. This means all its technological features are directly built-in (unlike the Ekster Tracking card) for a no-nonsense wallet. These smart features include the likes of GPS tracking for easy location of your device if lost, map locations, and RFID Security. The built quality of the Accent wallet is also noteworthy. Its body and the overall quality feel incredibly high being made out of a combination of aluminum and full-grain leather available in a distinct range of colors including red, black, brown, and blue. 

As you’d expect from a smart wallet they do come in at a higher price tag? But how much higher. The Innway Accent isn’t as pricey as you might expect at just $110.00. I think this is an absolute steal of a price and reflects the progressive and innovative nature of this new brand. I actually have a full review of the Accent Wallet you can view here, or visit their official website using the link below. 


Tru Virtu Wallets

Discover Ultimate Variations

Tru Vitru is a german-born brand with the ethos of Safety and protection with innovative and functional design. I personally feel they’ve achieved exactly this as Tru Virtu offers some of the most creative variations of the popup wallet with many different models to suit the individual wants and needs of everyone. Because of this, we won’t be focusing on any individual model in this breakdown but instead, look at the range as a whole. 

One notable example of this is this, and my personal favorite is their coin pocket variation. Along with being made from great materials and a full aluminum body, the wallet supports the storage of coins and other small items with the inclusion of a leather pouch on the side. This is the only Ejector Wallet on this list to have such a feature which is great for those who want a dedicated area for coins. Another advantage of Tru Virtu is their great style choices being available in a range of different colors and textured patterns. This can range from standard color options like brown and black and range through to more elaboration and niche variants.

Starting at a price of around $70.00 and ranging up to $100.00. Tru Virtu is a nice and respectable price range great for people on a range of different budgets. I think you should take some time to browse through some of their models as they really do provide some unique features not seen on this list including an ultra-thin variation and a model or the previously mentioned coin pocket model. For more information on the Tru Vitru range of wallets check out their official website using the provided link below.


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