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Since the very beginning, we’ve been transparent with our visitors regarding the way we go about reviewing wallets. This article is going to go into a bit more detail about our reviewing process and look at the way we come to our final verdict with any given wallet and why we recommend a wallet or not.  When we receive or purchase a new wallet, to review, we put each one through a rigorous testing process. 

Every wallet we review we use for at least one month as our daily driver. This means that we use the wallet in our daily lives, shop with it, carry it, and use it. This provides us enough time to compile our data regarding how the wallet works and gives us time to compile our list of positives and negatives – the basis for all our reviews. If we feel inclined, this time frame can be increased if we feel we haven’t come to a firm conclusion about the wallet yet. 


Our Review process…

We review each and every one of our wallets based on 4 distinctive dimensions. These include the wallet’s brand, its look, design, and craftsmanship, its functionality & features, and its price/value for money. In each review, we go into more detail regarding each of these explaining our thought process as we use the wallet. Below is a more detailed look at each of the 4 reviewing categories. 


The Brand & Business

We do thorough research into the brand of each and every wallet we review. Many times in the past, especially when it comes to wallets funded through Kickstarter, many can be outed as scams or less than authentic. We also like to look at real reviews from other purchasers to see if there’s anything we’ve missed and sometimes like to include reviews from others in our articles. 

We also consider things such as the sustainability of a company and its ethics as a business. This could be down to where the wallet is manufactured, its choice of ethically sourced materials, or whether the brand is a member of B-Corp. The company’s Warranty, Returns Policy, and shipping times are also considered as these are all important to a good customer experience. 


Design & Craftmanship

While some people look for pure functionality in a wallet others look to its design when deciding on their new wallet. This could include anything from what material the wallet is made from (Metal, Leather or Wood, etc…) to the distinct design & style of the wallet (Tri-fold, Bi-fold, Minimalist, etc…). Design is important for some people but less so for others. Make sure to really consider what you want in your wallet before purchasing one. For more information on this check out our article on ‘choosing the right wallet’.

Craftsmanship is also an important component of our reviews. We value handcrafted items, made with love and attention to detail. Wallets that are clearly made or mass-produced in China are notorious for being poor quality and this shows even after just one month of use. For example, some of the best wallets we’ve ever used are from expert artisans who have honed their craft over many years – no large business will ever beat this quality. 

Functionality & Utility

The functionality and usability of a wallet are some of the most important aspects of a wallet. After all, we purchase a wallet to serve a specific purpose whether it’s to store cash, cards, coins, or any number of other items like keys, pens, or passports. When we review a wallet we look at all this including the wallets and style as wallets can come in many different styles including, as mentioned above.

Functionality and design come hand in hand. Even if a wallet has great functionality, if it’s hard to use, or clumsily made, then it’ll oftentimes be frustrating to use. Security and durability play a big part. Another aspect is the wallet size. Large wallets have better capacity but can be big and bulky to carry especially in a front or back pocket. Likewise, smaller wallets are more efficient and more comfortable but useless for people who carry lots of cash and cards. It’s all about compromise.  

Price & Value for Money

The price of the wallet is somewhat the most important aspect for people when deciding which wallet to buy. After all, if a wallet is outside of your budget then it’s automatically outside of your consideration regardless of how good it is. In the same vein, we use price as an indicator of whether or not we feel it’s value for money in comparison to other wallets on the market.

Some wallet brands like to price their wallets based on their perceived brand and can be considered overpriced in our eyes. Hidden gems can also be found where the quality is far better than wallets that could cost 5x more.  We tag all of our articles based on whether the wallets are Cheap (between $1 – $30), Affordable (between $31 – $60), or Expensive ($61+), allowing you to quality search through wallets in your price range. 


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