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The Best Men’s Wallets

Take a look at our top choices for the best wallets on the market today irrespective of material, size, or function. Discover the best men’s wallets.


The Best Leather Wallets

Nothing beats that classic leather look, feel & smell. Discover our top picks for the best men’s leather wallets in the world.


The Best Metal Wallets

The feel, design, and durability. Metal is a fantastic choice for those who want something a little more strong with a wide range of futuristic designs.


The Best Minimalist Wallets

Size isn’t everything, is it? Minimalist or Slim wallets provide a smaller sized wallet while using innovative design to maintain great functionality.


The Best Zipper Wallets

A zipper or coin wallet allows for dedicated storage of many smaller items including coins, keys, or even tools. Discover our top zip wallets today.


The Best Wood Wallets

The rustic look of wood is like no other. Get a unique wallet made from wood, or a combination of material, in our favorite wooden wallet picks.


The Best Travel Wallets

Traveling abroad soon? Discover the best and most efficient way to carry all your belongings, including your passport, with our favorite travel wallets.


The Best Wallet Brands

Discover our top wallet brands dedicated to producing a wide variety of amazing wallets. Discover a brand that best suits your needs today.


The Best Smart Wallets

Combined traditional design with the futuristic technology of the modern-day world with our top smart wallets on the market today.


The Best GPS Tracking Wallets

Never lose your wallet again with the best array of wallets fused with GPS Tracking & Bluetooth technology.


The Best Carbon Fiber Wallets

A place to discover wallets made from plastic or other similar material types that don’t conform to a classic natural material.


The Best Pop Up Wallets

Cascading, pop up, or ejector. Whatever you call them we’ve got the best of the best pop-up wallets on the market today.


The Best Innovative Wallets

Innovation is the key to creativity. We’ve compiled our favorite examples of wallet brands that go above and beyond with the most innovative designs.


The Best Tactical Wallets

Wallets designed for the outdoors with tools. Discover our top picks for tactical, or EDC, style wallets in our full breakdown.


The Best Tri-Fold Wallets

One up for bi-folds, discover the traditional trifold style wallets with ultimate versatility and functionality.


The Best Waterproof Wallets

If you like to get wet or need to protect your wallets from the outdoors, why not consider a waterproof wallet? Check out our top picks today.


The Best Long Wallets

Long wallets may be large but have some of the highest functionality of any wallet. Store anything from phones to keys with our top picks.


The Best ID Card Wallets

ID Card Wallets are great for those who need an easy way to show Identification or employee ID. Discover our favorites in our full review.


The Best Checkbook Wallets

Although dying a death, checkbooks are still commonly used in many parts of the world. See our favorite traditional checkbook wallets today.


The Best Velcro Wallets

Looking for a design classic? Relive the 90s with our top picks for our favorite Velcro wallets on the market with all its nostalgia-driven credentials.


The Best Bifold Wallets

Discover our top picks for the very best bifold wallets on the market today. Discover the huge variety of different choices for the most popular wallet type in the world. 


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