The Spine Titanium Wallet Review

The Spine Wallet takes that minimalist idea and puts it to the extreme. The Spine Titanium wallet is by far one of the smallest and slimmest wallets I’ve ever come across. At first sight, you’d wonder how something this thin could even be considered a wallet. While measuring only .0625″ thick it does boggle the mind how this wallet can not only carry your cash and cards but is also pleasant to use (spoiler, it is). 

I’ve never been a big fan of ultra minimalism like the Spine Wallet. Nevertheless, I always keep an open mind and when this wallet popped up on my Pinterest feed I couldn’t help but stare in complete contemplation as to whether something of this design was worth the money. In the end, my heart overruled my head and within a couple of days (really quick P&P), my new ultra-slim wallet had arrived. 

First Impressions

On arrival and unboxing the Spine Wallet looked and felt amazing. The hard cold feel of the grade 5 Titanium sent a chill down my spine and it gave a real industrial feel that I don’t get with many other wallets. From a design perspective, the guys at Spine have done a wonderful job and its lightweight feel and durable elastic band gave the wallet a premium feel.

Quick Summary

3.43″ (H) x 2.185″ (W) x .0625″ (Thick)

87.1mm (H) x 55.5mm (W) x 1.6mm (Thick)

ID theft resistant



Look & Design

The Spine Wallet is probably as simple as you can get in a wallet. The feel is one you’d expect from an expensive wallet yet Spine has managed to achieve this at a low price. Aside from the minimalist size of the Spine wallet, the other main selling point is its huge range of different colour variations the wallet is available in. From the classic colours of metal (black, silver, grey) to more unique variations such as purple and blue.

The metal itself is high quality being made from grade 5 titanium surrounded by a tough elasticated band. The guys at Spine specify the reasons they use titanium it’s as strong as steel yet weighs 40% less and is non-corrosive. This means that you have a wallet that is not only durable and lightweight but also one that could last a lifetime without ever needing to buy a new wallet.

Overall, I’m a big fan of the design of this wallet. Its super slim profile, choice of metal and range of colours make it stand out compared to most traditional wallets.

Functionality & Utility 

The wallet doesn’t have much to offer in terms of its functionality. As mentioned earlier the wallet is aimed at those looking to slim down and want a smaller more compact, minimalist wallet. Nevertheless, the wallet doesn’t shy away from the fact it does have a good capacity for card storage. I found the Spine can hold anywhere between 6 – 10 cards. As the cards are stored in a ‘stacking’ style the more cards you store the bulkier the wallet gets. Keep this in mind as I found the wallet stops becoming as effective the more cards you carry.

The Spine wallet also can store physical banknotes. Wrapping around the centre of the is a thick and flexible elastic band used for folding and tucking notes under. Having tested many elastic bands on other wallets I found the Spine had one of the better quality ones on the market. Many elastic bands like this tend to snap but I don’t think that’ll be an issue with the Spine. 

The only other feature of the wallet is the inclusion of a bottle opener cut directly into the metal of the wallet. This is a nice feature, and something very unique not found in many wallets. This feature won’t be relevant for everyone but even with its inclusion, it doesn’t take anything away from this unique wallet. 

Price Tag

Coming in at a price of between $24.99 – $34.99 (depending on the color) the Spine is a fantastic price and probably in most people’s price range. Given the quality of the wallet, I’d say this is a very fair price and with fast delivery and a great warranty, I can’t fault the Spine for what it is.

Final Verdict

Overall, we enjoyed our time using the Spine wallet. I recommend this wallet to anyone who is looking for an affordable minimalist wallet and is looking to ditch the bulk and streamline their Everyday carry (EDC).

We’re also happy to become an official retailer of the Spine Wallet. The Spine Wallet is impressive and is our choice of ultra-minimalist wallet. This is down to its amazing build quality, great design and, of course, its affordable price tag. For more information on the Spine wallet, and to get your hands on one, visit our store today. We also offer a free wallet multi-tool worth over $25.00 with every order.


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