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Streamlining Your EDC: A Comprehensive Review of the World’s Most Popular Wallet – The Ridge Wallet

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Can hold anywhere between 1 – 12 cards (as advertised by Ridge). Comes with either a cash strap or a money clip. Also includes RFID Blocking Technology to protect you against card skimming and related crimes.


Made from a variety of materials you can choose from. The standard and cheapest Ridge is made from Stainless Steel. Other materials include Titanium and Carbon Fiber. These wallets are more expensive in price. There’s also a 24K Gold version for the big spenders. 


The Ridge measures 86 x 54 x 6 mm (empty) which comes in at exactly the height and width of a standard credit or debit card. Its thickness will depend on the amount of cards you store. The more you store the bigger it gets.


The Ridge includes a lifetime warranty with their wallets. If parts degrade over time (including the elastic, screws, etc…) then they will be replaced with no questions asked. Does not cover loss or theft. This warranty is specific to the US & may change depending on the country of purchase.


Ridge Wallet’s start at a price tag of $95.00 (for the stnadard alniunum version) and range as high as $250.00 (for Ridge’s 24K Gold version). Many other models exisit at vary price points in the range. 


Discounts are available throughout the year during major holidays & events (Christmas, Easter, Summer, and Black Friday). Ridge almost always has an offer of around 10% – 30% off. The best offers are around Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Coupon codes are required at checkout. Keep track of the latest offers here

Our Unboxing of the Burn’t Damascus Version of the Ridge.

  • Very small in size. Can barely be felt in the pocket. Perfect for those who want to carry less.
  • Very good craftsmanship and durability. The wallet has a great weight and feels premium in the hand. Materials are all high quality.
  • Lifetime warranty. Ridge provides a lifetime warranty. They’ll replace parts if and when they break or degrade.
  • The wallet gets quite difficult or fiddly to use with a higher number of cards. This also increases the size of the wallet.
  • Very expensive starting at $95.00. That being said, offers of up to 30% off are frequent.

full review

How Good is the Ridge Wallet?

I’d be lying if I said The Ridge Wallet didn’t intimidate me. Out of all the wallets I’ve ever reviewed the Ridge is by far one of the most popular wallet manufacturers and it continues to dominate the space – and I’m not surprised why. The Ridge was one of the first wallets to really step away from the traditional bulky bi-fold and step into previously unknown territory by not only creating a slimmer wallet but also one made from metal. The wallet is known as a minimalist or plate system wallet. The concept is very simple. Two metal plates are secured together with elastic. These plates are sized the same as a traditional credit/debit card and allow for cards to be slid in between and secured within. A groove (cutout in the metal) allows for easy access with a slide of your finger. On the reverse side, is a money clip, again, allowing for easy storage of cash. Let’s now take a closer look at what the Ridge Wallet could offer you.

Ridge: The Buying Process

One often overlooked aspect of buying any product (especially online) is the buying process. The Ridge Wallet, considering the large company it is, has this down to a tee and I’d imagine no one considering the wallet is worried about aspects of purchasing the wallet online. Buying the wallet was easy and secure. I managed to get mine during a Black Friday Deal where Ridge always has their very best deals at around 30% discount. That being said, Ridge also does many other offers throughout the year including Easter, Christmas, and Independence Day. The Shipping was incredibly quick. I’m based in the UK and received my wallet with next-day delivery. I can’t comment on orders for international customers. 

Throughout the whole process (which was very short mind you) I was at peace of mind with Ridge. They offer a fantastic warranty and returns are simple to process with up to 99 days to make a return if you’re not satisfied with your wallet. Overall, this aspect of the buying process was very smooth. Ridge is one of the top wallet manufacturers and brands in the world and you’ll never need to worry about customer support, returns, or fast delivery.

The Matte Olive Ridge – Textured Powder Coat: View here

Ridge’s History

The Ridge Wallet’s success dates back to 2013 when father and son team Daniel and Paul Kane launched the Ridge Wallet on Kickstarter with great success. Since then the brand has taken on a life of its own and its vision of creating quality functional products has gone beyond wallets into phone cases, backpacks, and even knives. 

When I first started using wallets, I used to have a normal wallet like every other person at that time. The usual leather bi-fold wallet, looking all bulky as I cram everything I feel I need into it, although it turns out I usually didn’t need most of these things. Eventually, I stumbled upon the Ridge Wallet and was blown away by what I saw. At this point, it was still on Kickstarter so I never actually got my hands on the Ridge Wallet until a few years back. It’s fair to say that the Ridge is one of the contributing factors to my obsession with minimalist wallets and is the reason why this website even exists. This year, Ridge celebrated its 10 anniversary and even released a limited edition model of the wallet taking the exact design of the original wallet that started it all. 

How Ridge Changed the Game

Before the Ridge, little existed in the means of small compact wallets. Before 2014 the only choices many men had for wallets were the classic and traditional leather bifolds that, most likely, your dad still carries with him today. This created a very stagnant marketplace with very little innovation within the field of men’s wallets. Ridge changed this when it first introduced its Kickstarter Campaign boasting an all-metal compact wallet that hadn’t been seen before on the market. Successfully raising $266,622 the first iteration of the Ridge was a massive success and from this point onwards proved people were ready for something different. 

The reasons why this style of wallet rose in popularity are most likely explained by ongoing changes in the way we pay and the evermoving popularity of cashless-based systems. Back before technology, a wallet would have to carry everything from your cash to your checkbook or even stamps. Today, paying on your phone, or using just a few credit/debit cards are the norm, so people don’t need the once-required larger space that many wallets provide. As we move even further into a cashless society it’s likely our wallets will shrink even further in size. Who knows, one day wallets might become a thing of the past.

The Original Ridge Wallet from their 2014 Kickstarter Campaign

Look & Design

One thing I really enjoy about the Ridge Wallet is its unusual design. As mentioned earlier the Ridge really changed the game in changing people’s perceptions about what a wallet could look like and the design of the Ridge really reflects this creativity and innovation. To me, the Ridge resembles something more like a car part or battery pack than an actual wallet, and that is one of the real selling points of the wallet. 

Now design is always going to be a decisive topic. After all, the design of anything can either be loved or hatred by any one person. In regards to the design of the Ridge, I personally love it, but I can definitely see why someone might hate it. At the end of the day, it’s going to be up to you to decide whether or not you like the design of the Ridge enough to warrant a purchase – especially considering its higher price tag. 

One varying aspect of the Ridge’s designs is its very many different models or designs available. The ridge can be purchased in many different colors, materials, and patterns all at differing price points. As of May 2023, I counted around 40 different designs from simple changes in color (like the recently released Flamingo Pink version), to more intricate patterns such as the ever-popular Tiki Model. In terms of material, I counted at least 4 with stainless steel being the most affordable and Ridge’s Carbon Fiber Models the most (Titanium is also available).

Ridge Wallet: Size Matters

One of the most impressive aspects of the Ridge is its small size. Coming in at just 86 x 54 x 6 mm, it measures the same dimensions as a standard credit or debit card. This makes it very easy to carry around with you. In a series of tests, I tried the Ridge in a variety of different pockets from baggy tracksuit bottoms to really tight skinny jeans. My overall opinion was that the Ridge is barely noticeable in the majority of pants and doesn’t provide any bulk that would cause discomfort or a noticeable budge that’s not only annoying but also isn’t the greater look.  

Comparing it to other wallets on the market The Ridge is one of the smaller-sized wallets on the market. Below are a few images comparing the Ridge to some other major wallet competitors chosen specifically for their range of sizes. As you can see from the images I took, the Ridge is much smaller than even the smallest bifolds on the market. The wallet photographed here is the famed Bellroy Note Sleeve one of the most popular Bi-fold Wallets on the market today. This wallet measures 102 by 90 x mm and is significantly more noticeable and bulker in the pocket. The other wallet photoed below is the Ogon Smart Case V2. I choose this wallet to compare due to its bulky size. As you can see, the Ogon dwarves the Ridge in size at 108 x 75 x 19 mm. This is nearly double the width of the Ridge and over 3 times as thick showcasing just how small the Ridge Wallet really is against the competition. 


The Ridge Can Grow in Size (no, literally)

Most wallets on the market work by providing card slots for storage means. Once these card slots are full, you’re good to go but it doesn’t cause the wallet to shift or change in size. The Ridge works in a very different way compared to traditional wallets on the market. I call Ridge’s method of storage ‘The card stacking method’. Basically, your credit/debit cards are stacked on top of each other and held in place with the Ridge’s two pieces of metal. This means that the more cards you stack on top of each other the larger (or girthier) the wallet will become. 

On the official Ridge Website, they recommend you can store up to 12 credit/debit cards so we wanted to put this to the test. We also wanted to see if you could theoretically exceed this amount, and if so, at what point does the wallet become either unmanageable or too large to fit in a pocket (or too uncomfortable)? 

To do this, I grabbed a stack of my blank credit/debit cards and simply started filling the Ridge wallet up. The photos below show the Ridge Wallet at various stages of storage with the first image showcasing the Ridge’s recommended 5 cards, and slowly increasing from here at increments of 10. As you can see the wallet can very quickly get out of hand when there are too many cards stored. At 5 cards the wallet’s diameter measured just 10 mm. But at 15 it jumped to a staggering 30 mm (3cm). Trying to put this in my pocket was a challenge and it goes without saying that it was much more uncomfortable. 

As per Ridge’s recommendation, I’d suggest you stick to their official guidelines when it comes to storing cards (which is 1 – 12) I found that exceeding Ridge’s recommended capacity was okay but no more than that. My personally favorite number of cards to carry is around 6 which is the perfect compromise between good capacity and smaller size. You also need to think of the integrity of the elastic that holds the cards in place. The more you store the bigger the strain on the elastic and the quicker it’ll degrade (or even snap). 

The Card Stacking Problem: Ridge’s Biggest Drawback

One of the biggest problems I found with the Ridge wallet was this aforementioned ‘card stacking’ process of storing cards. It’s a little complex to explain but I’ll do my best to break down what I mean. With any wallet, half of its functionality comes down to the wallet’s ability to quickly gain access to the cards (or cash) you want. With traditional Bifolds this is quite easy as each individual card has its own card slot (nice and easy, eh?). 

The problem with the Ridge, and other wallets that store cards in this way, is the more cards you store the harder it is to easily gain access to them. This counterintuitive process basically punishes you for storing larger amounts of cards and rewards you for carrying less. This is because cards in the middle of the stack quickly get lost. 

By lost I simply refer to the idea that cards in the middle are trapped by the surrounding cards and quickly identifying the one you need becomes harder as the elastic becomes more taught (tighter) and the ease of prising open the stack becomes not only harder but much more fiddly. 

It wasn’t an isolated occasion when I spend a good 30 seconds in a supermarket attempting to find the right card only to pull my entire stack of cards out of the wallet to fan through to the ones I need. The Ridge attempts to solve this problem with the cutout don’t solve this issue as, as I’m talking about, it doesn’t really work with higher amounts of cards. 

Now it goes without saying that the Ridge’s primary selling point is to streamline and ‘de-bulk’ your wallet experience. If you’re the type of person who still carries 100s of random cards with them then the Ridge really isn’t the right wallet for you. That being said, this issue can still occur with even a small number of credit/debit cards, say 10, and I wouldn’t classify that as a high number for most people. With the Ridge, it all comes down to what you prize more. The drawback to a smaller or compact-sized wallet is the ease and ability to store credit/debit cards. The larger the wallet the more capacity it will have. Reduce the size of a wallet to something as small as the Ridge and you have to invent an entirely new way to store your cards. In Ridge’s case, they settled with this card stacking method, and although it works it’s definitely not as functional, enjoyable, or easy to use as a traditional leather wallet. 

The Carbon Fiber Ridge holds 4 cards.

Ridge Wallet Vs. Knock-Offs

As the most popular wallet in the world, it’s not surprising that there are many knock-off brands that exactly capitalize on the success of the Ridge. Although good examples exist that make an attempt to improve upon the Ridge’s unique design (such as the Axwell or The Aviator Wallet) many fail to even compare to the quality of the Ridge simply being a cheap imitation of the esteemed wallet. These wallets are often tempting to purchase as they often undercut the Official Ridge by quite a significant margin (sometimes as much as 80%). So how does the Ridge compare to its many knock-offs and is it worth saving a bit of cash to invest in one?  

The first thing to note is where these knock-off Ridge Wallets originate from. Big wholesale and manufacturing companies have jumped on the success of the Ridge and created a nearly identical-looking wallet. The problem with these wallets is although they can roughly store the same amount of cards/cash and typically function the same, they are some of the worst quality wallets I’ve ever had the pleasure of testing. They are often made from plastic or some form of lightweight metal and over my decade of trying these wallets I’ve never found one that didn’t fall apart after a few weeks – at most – a month. The reason these wallets can be bought for such low prices is down to the simple fact that they’re made from low-quality materials and poor craftsmanship.  

So my suggestion? Avoid them like the plague. I’ve written extensively in the past regarding what I dub a ‘Copycat Wallet’. A simple Chinese-made wallet, usually from the likes of Alibaba or Aliexpress, is nothing more than a cheap intimidation of other more popular brands. They might seem great on the surface and cost less, but over time you’ll quickly realize you’ve wasted your money and would have been far happier if you just paid a little extra in the first place. Avoid Ridge Wallet Knock-Offs

Just a few examples of the wide variations of the Ridge Wallet

The Ridge Wallet: Final Thoughts

As with any hyped product, it can be difficult to separate fan or fiction, or whether or not something has been overhyped. Having used the Ridge for the better part of a few years (off and on) it’s fair to say that this wallet truly deserves the title of ‘Most popular wallet’ and was a real game changer when it was first released on Kickstarter back in 2014. 

The Ridge is a fantastic example of how small a wallet can be, and how design can make a real difference in the overall enjoyment of a product. Before the Ridge, no other real wallet existed aside from the typical leather bifolds and it was this ingenuity and innovation that propelled Ridge to the forefront of the wallet world. 

Aside from the Ridge’s smaller size, its other amazing factor is its build quality. You’re never going to feel like you’re holding a cheap object in your hands when it comes to the Ridge and I get the same feeling carrying it as I do when wearing an expensive wristwatch. The materials hold up well and although it’s prone to scratches, in my opinion, this only adds to the character of the wallet and is likely in any wallet made from such a material.  The only real d

Overall, I recommend the Ridge to people who carry around 6 credit/debit cards maximum. As I mentioned earlier the issues of card bulking and the wallet getting too large with larger numbers of cards (and the ease of access issues), makes the Ridge a little clumsy with higher numbers. Remember, this wallet was built with minimalism in mind and although you can carry more, the less the better in the case of the Ridge. At the bottom of the page, we also have a Frequently Asked Questions section that answers the communities most asked questions about the Ridge.

Our Verdict

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Usability
  • Value



The Ridge lives up to its perstgious name, but isn’t a wallet for everyone. Consider your current wallet and evaluate whether or smaller-sized compact wallet is right for you. The wallet excels in minimalist design, quality and great features that are expandable through a range of accessories. 

The range of tests

Ridge Wallet Put to the Test: Did it Pass?

The Scratch Test

The first test I attempted was a scratch test. With this, I took a variety of everyday items including keys, pens, and coins, and with varying pressure attempted to scrape them onto the surface of the wallet. I didn’t apply much pressure as I wanted to replicate normal everyday wear so I chose items that people may use on a daily basis or in which the wallet may come in contact. I then went one step further a tried to intentionally scratch the wallet with a knife. I was curious to see what was underneath the coating of the metal and to see if any damage was permanent once applied.

The video I filmed here showcases one such example with a knife. This was one of the more extreme tests as the Ridge perfectly passed both the Key and coins test. As you can see from the video the Ridge can very easily be scratched with a knife. The Ridge has a coating on the surface, above the metal, which over time can be worn down and in this case, completely scratched off. Although this test is a little extreme, it does showcase that the Ridge isn’t indestructible and prolonged wear will cause this coating to rub, scratch, or eventually fade off. I personally am a big fan of the ‘worn out look’ (simular to a leather Patina) but I know it won’t be for everyone. 

How will the Ridge fair in our dreaded Scartch test?

We dropped the wallet 30 times to see how much damage is done.

The Drop Test

The second and final test was a simple drop test. I wanted to see how much damage the wallet sustains when dropped from a normal distance from around pocket height and onto solid ground. I did the test 3 times taking photos each time to see and compare the results. As you can see the wallet faired quite well and when dropped on concrete didn’t show any signs of concern. After repeating the test a further two times the wallet did begin to showcase slight wear in the areas where the wallet hit the ground.

The damage is fairly unnoticeable as seen in the third image. I view this as a success myself. Cards and cash were both held tightly within the wallet and the minor damage (basically scuffs and scratches) was not bad enough for me to be concerned, after all, I am intentionally damaging the wallet. You can check out my video short here to see the drops in action. Overall, the Ridge suffered very little damage from drops, cards stayed inside the wallet and the Ridge’s construction wasn’t compromised in any way. 

Overview: The Ridge is highly durable and construction second to none. It survived the drop test without even a scratch and the majority of the other tests. It only failed the knife test but that’s a little extreme to begin with.

Usage Timeline

I’m pleased to say that after only 1 month of daily use, the Ridge Wallet showed little to no issues or wear or tear. The wallet had one tiny hairline scratch on the bottom corner of the metal and another hairline scratch on the money clip. Aside from that I was very happy with these results. 

No Notiable wear or tear

Elastic still firm, strong and durable

Still in 'like new' condition

After 6 months I was able to count around 15 hairline searches on the surface of the Ridge. These are all very small and are not larger scratches that breach the surface of the metal. The durability of the wallet was like-new and I had no issues with the construction of the wallet. The only issue I had was a slight build-up of dirt and grime and the elastic that forms part of the cash strap. That being said, it most likely could easily be cleaned off. 

Around 15 scratches on and around the metal.

No issues with construction or durbality.

Dirty elastic and build-up on the strap.

Ridge Wallet: Frequently Asked Questions
How to use Ridge wallet?

The Ridge Wallet uses what’s commonly known as a plate system. 2 metal plates approximately the size of a typical credit/debit card are attached to one another with elastic. Cards are slipped between the two plates with pressure holding them in place – it’s that simple. On the outside of the wallet is also a money clip with banknotes needing to be folded and pushed under to stay secured. In terms of how easy it is to use the Ridge, it’s very simple. 

Is the Ridge Wallet Worth It?

The Ridge Wallet is by far the most popular wallet of its kind. There are many alternatives to the Ridge on the market, and copycat style wallets that take the overall design at a cheaper price. But does that make these alternatives better? That’s a tricky question to answer.

There’s no doubt the Ridge wallet is a fantastic wallet and its overall quality of materials, construct and craftsmanship is the best. That being said, if you’re on a budget and the Ridge wallet exceeds your price range then maybe one of these other wallets would be a better option for you. You can check out our articles on our favorite Ridge wallet alternatives with the links provided. 

Do Ridge Wallets Scratch?

The Ridge Wallet is prone to scratching but this can be mitigated depending on the type of ridge wallet you purchase (whether you buy the aluminum, titanium, or carbon fiber version) and how much you care for the wallet. Generally, these scratches are quite small, hairline scratches, and are never large enough to take away from the attractiveness of the wallet. If you’re concerned about scratches then perhaps purchasing a metal wallet isn’t right for you.

Where is the ridge wallet made/manufactured?

There’s very little information disclosed by Ridge themselves regarding where their wallets are manufactured. Ridge themselves headquarters are located in Los Angeles, California. That being said, that doesn’t necessarily mean the products are manufactured in the US. An article by allamerican.org confirms that Ridge is actually made in Shenzhen, China. He spoke directly to someone on their Facebook page and they had this to say:

‘’All of our items are made and assembled in Shenzhen, China. However, all other company operations, order fulfillment, marketing, and design are all completed in the United States’’!

A Big thanks to All American for looking into this and providing added transparency.

Where to buy The Ridge Wallet?

As an international company, popular across the world, I’d be surprised if the Ridge didn’t ship to your location. Alternatively, you can purchase the Ridge Wallet from the many official stockists Ridge works with. These are usually aimed at selling the ridge wallet in your native country and provide an efficient way to get your hands on the ridge with faster shipping and without the potential fees associated with international shipping. Ridge wallet has a page that showcases all the different places you can purchase the Ridge. Check it out, and see if there’s a stockist in your country. 

Can you carry the ridge wallet in your back pocket?

The Ridge wallet was designed as a slim or minimalist wallet so it’s made to be effectively stored in your back pocket with ease. Nevertheless, as a metal wallet, it isn’t made from soft material, like leather, so it very much not the most comfortable in the back pocket especially when sitting down. But in terms of general day-to-day walking and activity, the Ridge is definitely best stored in your back pocket. 

Do you have a ridge wallet coupon code for me?

Ridge Wallet often has sales, especially during holidays like Christmas, Black Friday, and even Valentine’s day. If you’re in no rush to purchase the ridge you can get anywhere from 10% off to 30% if you keep an eye out for the frequent offers they provide. 

We actually have an article on the best Ridge Wallet Coupon Codes. Here you can keep updated as to when they’re released making sure you get the best price possible. Click here for more information. 

Can you recommend me any Ridge Wallet Alternatives?

As a classic design, Ridge Wallet has come under pressure for a lot of ridge wallet clones or Knock-Offs copying its design. These wallets may be cheaper, but do lack the quality that the Ridge brings to the table. That being said, if the Ridge Wallet is a little bit too pricey for you then an alternative might be right for you. Check our range of articles below for more information:


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