The Ekster Tracker Card Review

Smart Wallets have become all the rage in recent years. But what if you already like your current wallet? What if you don’t want to purchase an entirely new wallet to gain such smart features? Well, that’s where the Ekster Tracker Card comes into play. This credit card-shaped device is here to provide you with all the features you’d expect from a smart wallet but can easily be integrated into any wallet thanks to its thin size (0.3 cm or about 2 embossed credit cards) and shape allowing it to easily fit in any card slot. 

Ekster themselves are a fantastic brand and in the past 5 years have steadily grown to be one of the most successful wallet brands in the world. Along with their innovative range of Pop Up Wallets, Ekster also dabbles in phone cases and laptop sleeves. Their unique modern yet vintage style is refreshing in a crowded market and that is echoed in everything they make – including their tracking card. So let’s look take a deep dive into the world of tracking cards and see if the Ekster Tracker Card is your best option for opening up your world to a technology-driven wallet.


Look & Design

The Ekster Tracker is a subjectively attractive little device. It’s a matte black finish and minimalist design makes it my favorite tracking device with respect to design. As previously mentioned the Ekster Tracker takes the shape of a credit/debit card coming in at 0.3 x 5 x 8.5 cm. This by far the most innovative design on the market. Its design is specially tailored to provide easy storage and access in most (not all) men’s wallets. Whether you have a classic leather bi-fold or a modern-day inspired metal wallet, the Ekster is perfectly designed to fit almost any wallet. This is a true sentiment to its great design. 

The only type of wallet that isn’t a great fit for the Ekster Tracker is, ironically, Pop Up Wallet themselves. The metal mechanism that holds cards is just not the right size and the tracking card is far too thick. Also, be careful with metal wallets as metal can scratch and scuff up the surface of the tracking card (depending on the wallet) along with interfering with the solar charging.


Functionality & Utility 

If you’re familiar with smart wallets then you probably already know the sort of features they host. The Ekster Tracker is no different. Its main feature is the classic GPS Tracking that allows you to know the whereabouts of your wallet at all times. This is meant to eliminate the potential loss or theft of your wallet and links with an app (available on IOS & Android) to view its location in a map system. 

One unique aspect of the Ekster Tracker is its unique charging capabilities. While other alternative tracking cards will need to either be charged, or have their batteries replaced, the Ekster uses solar panels on the front that with only 3 hours can charge the Tracker for  2 months of use. Because of this, my tracker card has never run out of battery and I don’t think it ever will. 

Other great features include a ringer, for help finding your lost phone or wallet, voice activation with compatibility with Google Assitant, Alexia or Sir, and a Selfie-Mode. Finally, Ekster itself uses Chipolo technology, which is the app you’d need to download, which is probably the best, if not the best, on the market today. This means’s setup and design of the app are flawless and in my time using the tracking card is experienced no bugs or app crashes. 


Final Verdict

Overall the Tracking card exactly what I’d expect from a smart wallet on the market today. The bonus its is innovative size/design along with its solar charging technology. When it comes to comparing the Ekster to other portable tracking systems, such as the Chipolo or Tile Card, it’s clear that the Ekster has the edge with better features and technology.

That being said, Ekster is the most expensive of most recommended tracking cards on the market today. Coming in at a price tag of $49.00 (although offers are frequent) the Ekster is at least 30% (approx)  more than alternatives on the market. That being said, it is the best and I personally think $49.00 is still a great price for anything that will enhance your carry experience in such a clever way. For more information on the Ekster Tracker Card check their official website using the link below. 


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