The Best Men’s Trifold Wallets for 2020

Tri-Fold Wallets are one of my favorites. That’s a bold statement but tri-fold combine the best of both worlds having both functionality and added style. When I first started creating this list it was difficult for me as I had to really be picky and narrow it down to only my first favorite. In this review I’m going to talk about my top 6 tri fold wallets and the reasons for my choices. 

Over a period of 6 months I tried each of these wallets out reviewing them on dimensions such as functionality, design, practicality and finally price. I wanted to make sure my list was concrete and survive the test of time. 

What Is a Tri-Fold wallet?

Put simply a tri-fold wallet is much like the traditional bi-fold but instead folds out into 3 distinct sections. Because of this Tri-Fold wallets tend to be larger in size so keep that in mind if you’re looking for a more low key minimalist wallet. You won’t find this in a tri-fold. If you’re looking for a more minimalist wallet why not check out our top 5 men’s wallets which is a more broad article on a range of wallets we think are fantastic. 

The Best Materials

Since Tri-folds need to fold in 3 you’ll only really ever find them made from leather. Other materials like Wood or metal just wouldn’t cut it as it would be very difficult – although not impossible – to create a tri-fold with such materials. If you’re looking for a wallet made from something a little different then why not check out our full range of wallet reviews here.

Don’t trust the affiliate sites.

This is just a warning about the credibility of certain websites out there. Many websites which ‘claim’ to show you the top tri-fold wallets are affiliate websites with the goal intent to make money off recommending wallets. The problem with this is most of these websites don’t actually test the wallets out themselves recommending wallets without any credibility. We don’t do this. We don’t have any affiliate links on this page and we hope you trust us in providing effective, impartial information. 

1. The Exentri Wallet

The Exentri wallet is a prime example of a trifold wallet done well. This elegant wallet made from high-quality leather and stainless steel has everything you need in a functional and attractive wallet.

With the capability to hold between 6 – 10 cards, RFID blocking capability, and a range of functional quick access slots the Exentri does a great job of combining elegance with great functionality. The inclusion of the metal buckle is also something not seen in other trifold wallets on this list. The buckle acts as a way to keep the wallet securely closed when in transit but also adds a lovely accent accentuating its attractive design. 

Out of the other wallets on this list, the Exentri is fairly minimalist coming in at 90 x 70 x 10 mm and weighing around 60 grams without any cards or cash. The only downside is the wallet can be quick thick and can be felt in the pocket especially if you’re wearing tight clothing. But this isn’t an issue exclusive to the Exentri wallet and a reoccurring theme in most tri-folds on this list.

Coming in at around $60.00 the Exentri is one of the cheaper wallets on our list but by no means cheap. If you’re looking for a great original design and the option of a range of colors then the Exentri Wallet might be for you. For more information on this website please visit their website by clicking below.

2. Frenchie Wallet

Where Style meets speed.

I’m trying to be impartial with this list but the Frenchie wallet is definitely my favorite of the bunch. Aptly named the speed wallet the Frenchie has a unique way to quickly access your notes along with a magnetic closure strip that helps keep the wallet slimmer while keeping it secure. 

The added functionality of 2 dedicated pull tabs on the outside means that you can quickly access your most used cards and again reinforces its name in being fast and functional in how you access your cards and cash.

The Frenchie also comes in a variety of weird and wacky colors from deep red through to turquoise blue. I’m sure you’ll find something that suits your own style. This wallet currently sits at the top of this list for more expensive. Coming in at $99.00 this wallet won’t be for everyone. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for speed and style I firmly recommend the Frenchie Speed Wallet. For more information on the Frenchie Co. Wallet check out their official website using the link below.

3. The OWL Wallet

A Wallet Stright from Japan.

The owl wallet is a bit of an oddball in this list. Not only is the website completely in Japanese this tri-fold is the only wallet on the list not made from leather but instead a canvas material. This actually surpassed my expectations are the canvas material helps keep the wallet slimmer and more uniform in size.

The wallet also isn’t exactly attractive. Although a subjective opinion compared to say the Frenchie it just doesn’t cut the mustard for me. Nevertheless, the sheer range of colors the wallet is available along with it’s cross-hatched design I grew to love it more and more as I used it. 

The OWL wallet also does a fantastic job with its functionality. Unlike other wallets on this list, the OWL includes a money pouch to store your coins along with an option to store a key if you choose. It by no means lack imagination and I found myself using these features more and more as I went along. Coming in at ¥4,800 (around $44.00) the OWL is a great wallet with some unique individuality you won’t find with other wallets on this list. For more information check out their website below (and remember to use that translate button)!

4. The Dun Fold Wallet

Minimalist & Functionality at it’s best.

It always seems Dun wallets always make my list for my favorite wallets regardless if it’s a tri-fold or not. The Dun is innovative in design and made with the very best materials. The Dun thrives on its minimalist profile and elegant style and it looks the part for anyone looking for a unique style with a small profile look.

The Dun Wallet has 3 card slots in total for a storage capacity of 6 cards total. 1 of these slots lies on the outside of the wallet which is best used for your most-used credit or debit cards. The full-width middle slot is where you store all your notes. This is a fantastic design because it enables access to your cash from both sides and can accommodate a large amount of cash.

The only issue I have with this wallet is its lack of a clasp or mechanism to keep it shut. I found that once filled the wallet would automatically spring open revealing the inside contents of the wallet. Not a major issue but something to keep in mind. Finally, coming in at a price tag of $70 the Dun Fold wallet is by no means cheap. But with its premium look and majestic design, I think the Dun Fold could be the wallet for you. For more information on this visit their website by clicking the link below.

5. Buffalo Jackson Denver Wallet

A wallet with unlimited rustic charm.

What first drew me to the Buffalo Jackson wallet was it’s Rustic look and design along with its simplicity. I’ve always been a sucker for a premium deep tan leather and this fits my tastes perfectly. Made from 100% cow leather, the first thing that hits you is its fantastic smell. Its rugged, refined, and built to last.

Compared to other wallets on this list, the Buffalo Jackson wallet does suffer from a lack of functionality. It allows for 2 credit card slots on the left and 2 on the right for a total of 4. I’ve no issue with this is I only actually carry 3 with me on a daily basis but if you’re a heavy card carrier this wallet might not be for you.

Unlike the other wallets on this list, the Buffalo Jackson trifold also has an ID card slot so it’s easier to show you identification at a glance. It’s a nice feature but definitely a niche one. If you’re looking for style over substance and want a wallet built to last I do highly recommend the Buffalo Jackson Trifold. Coming in at $70 its one of the more expensive wallets on this list. I put this down to its high-quality leather that does beat all other wallets on this list hands down. For more information on the Denver leather trifold click on the link below.


6. The Skint Wallet

Strong durability at an affordable price tag

Made entirely from elastic and coming in at the low price of around $15.00, the Skint wallet is a great choice for people looking for high utility but at a very low price tag. The wallet isn’t much to look at but is meant for people looking for a wallet that provides great capacity for both cash and cards. For example, the Skint Wallet can hold up to a maximum of 10+ cards and has a full-width cash slot for physical banknotes.

The elastic material is also very durable and does a great job of being able to be used in a range of activities where other materials (like leather) might not perform at its best. This includes things like camping or physical activities where the material might be more prone to getting dirty or being susceptible to water or sweat. The elastic can easily be washed without fear of damaging the wallet.

This wallet is best suited for people looking for perhaps a cheap alternative tri-fold wallet where they know they can put it through the elements without any fear of damage. It might be good for people who aren’t yet sure if a trifold wallet is right for them and what a cheap example to see what they’re like. For more information on the Skint Wallet, you can check out our full review where we go into more detail or check out their official website by using the link below.


7. The Double 00 Wallet

A unique folding design with ultimate personalization 

Probably the most unique wallet on this list, the Double 00 Wallet is a multi-folding wallet that is one of the most unique designs I’ve come across in the wallet. Unfolded the Double 00 resembles an ‘X’ where all 4 leather flaps are folded into each other to create a secure way to easily store your notes along with ample capacity for credit/debit cards. 

One amazing aspect of the Double 00 wallet is the huge variety of different color variations available to choose from. In total, the wallet has 16 different variations (some limited editions) from the standard brown or black colors though to the more elaborate and vibrant pinks and greens. 

The Double 00 is also a great size (9.5 x 6.5 x 1.4 cm) and firmly sits in the minimalist wallet territory. What I love about the design is it combines a range of great features and with high capacity more so than other minimalist wallets on the market. It also has a great minimalist look with attractive design accents (on the elastic band) and a uniformed look which brings the whole aesthetics together in a neat little package.

Overall, the Double 00 is my choice for a wallet when it comes to ease of use when access cash and someone who wants a great choice in customization options when it comes to color options. It’s also a very fair price coming in at around $55.00 For more information on the Double 00 wallet check out our full review here or check out their official website using the link below.


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