Aviator Wallet Review

[Buyers Guide 2022]

Metal Wallets come in all different shapes and sizes but every now and then one comes along that sets the gold standard for things to come. I feel the Aviator Wallet is a perfect example of a wallet that not only looks the part (a fantastic design) but also has great functionality for a wallet of its size. 

The Aviator Wallet first came into existence in 2017 and was the brainchild of a successful Kickstarter Campaign where the founders spent 2 years trying to reinvent the wallet. Their motivation was founded on the fact they thought wallets had become too large and bulky where most men carry far too many unnecessary items. With this goal in mind, they created the Aviator Wallet, a wallet that not only abides by the principles of minimalist design but also allows for great storage of banknotes, credit/debit cards, and even coin storage. Let’s take a closer look at what the aviator wallet has to offer. 

Look & Design

The stand-out feature of the Aviator wallet is the way the wallet looks and feels. The build quality is amazing being made from high-quality Aircraft-grade Aluminum. This is also available in a range of different colors including brushed silver along with solid colors including red and blue. 

Let’s also not forget the wallet’s fantastic size. Coming in at only  85 x 54 x 5 mm the wallet fits firmly in the minimalist category for people looking to slim down their wallets and carry less. Keep in mind the height of the wallet will fluctuate depending on the number of cards you choose to carry. This will inhibit how the wallet feels in the pocket as the more cards you carry the bulkier the wallet gets.


Functionality & Utility 

For such a small wallet the functionality is fantastic and has the capacity for both cards and cash (including coins). Firstly, the wallet is available in different card capacities depending on how many cards you carry with you. This means you get the same wallet but larger or smaller depending on your preference. The wallet can be bought in 3 different capacities including a choice of 1-7, 4-11, or 7-20. To have this choice is fantastic as not everyone carries the same amount of cards with them and having the wallet available in a range of capacities is great to have. 

Cash is also easily stored within the aviator wallet. Cash is stored in an elasticated (carbon fiber) band that fits securely around the wallet and is also used to keep the range of metal plates in place. This elastic band is stretching yet strong which means banknotes can easily be folded and tucked under for maximum security without the worry of then falling out. The wallet has an approximate capacity of around 2-5 bills depending on their size. 

Finally, one unique feature of the Aviator wallet, especially compared to other metal wallets, is its ability to store coins. In between the metal plates of the wallet is a plastic inner frame. This frame is designed to fit coins easily with access through a cutout on the back that you simply side out when needed. The wallet can between 3-10 different coins (depending on their size) and is universal with all different currencies across the world. 

Aviator Accessories

One amazing aspect of considering an Aviator Wallet is the wide variety of different optional accessories available to purchase alongside the wallet. One of the most interesting accessories you can get your hands on is the AirTag Cash Clip. This enables you to store and hold an Apple AirTag within the standard strap of the wallet itself. Below is a short rundown of other Aviator Accessories:

Coin Compartment: This small tray is designed to store a small number of coins and can be accessed within the wallet in a similar to the way you would pull a credit/debit card out of the wallet.

AirTag Cash Clip: As mentioned previously the Cash Clip allows you to securely hold your Apple’s AirTag and use it similar to the way popular smart wallets. 

Closed Cover Plate: This is an alternative to the standard plate. It doesn’t have a cut-out (which helps for quick access to cards).

Replacement Parts: You can also find all the replacement parts (including screws, elastic bands, frames, etc..). 


Price & Value

If there’s one thing that’s going to deter people from purchasing the aviator wallet it’s the price. Unfortunately, the price isn’t fixed, and depending on the choices you make at check out (size, clip, material) will change the price significantly. So the wallet is available at a starting price of $75.00 but can be as much as $200.00.

This is not uncommon for a metal wallet as the raw materials and intricate designs usually push the price up. Nevertheless, having tried the aviator for over 3 weeks on a daily basis I can’t really fault it. Is the price an inhibiting factor? Sure, but if you have the money and don’t mind spending more on quality then I think the aviator wallet is a great choice for you. 


Final verdict

The aviator wallet is a great example of how a smaller-sized wallet doesn’t have to have less functionality. The features of the wallet work very well and the compact attractive design is beautiful with the amazing build quality. I recommend this wallet to people looking for a smaller-sized wallet but also don’t want to lose the ability to store coins. It’s also great for people who view a wallet as more of a fashion accessory as the design is beautiful and resembles that of a luxury watch. For more information on the Aviator Wallet check out their official website using the link below. 


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