The Ekster Parliament Wallet Review

Have you ever had the thought of owning a smart wallet? Yeah, I know it sounds crazy. Like, what the heck is a smart wallet? We all know a wallet is a mobile purse; you can keep your belongings like cards or cash. However, the Ekster Parliament wallet has come to change the game. You like an RFID-protected card-slider for storing your cards; you will get in this wallet. The regular minimalist wallets these days are all about that mobility, ditching bulkiness, and having the protection for your cards against cyber-crimes.

Have you ever thought of if you were able to track your wallet when it goes missing? I have always thought about it, though, as I am the clumsy type who hates to admit he has lost a few wallets in the past. However, I was still shocked to get this feature come with my Ekster Parliament wallet as it really is a unique feature even in this modern world of technology. A minimalist wallet wrapped in luxurious leather with the ability to be tracked when missing is the dream of a wallet enthusiast. Let me take you through why I cherish the Ekster Parliament Wallet.

The Parliament is a smart leather wallet, perfect for slim storage and quick card access. The built-in aluminum cardholder fans out your cards at the click of a button and protects them against skimming. Add a tracker card to make it unlosable

Look & Design

The Ekster Parliament is one wallet I love to go out with since I got mine, this is due to its size and easy carriage – the Ekster is the size of the pack of playing cards. The leather of the Ekster is smooth top-grain leather that is quite good and has a luxurious feel to it. The stitches are also tight and solid and look nicely built. The wallet has a thumb lever at the bottom that helps my cards slide out in an orderly manner. 

There are about seven colors of the Ekster, although mine came in a beautiful classic brown color.  There is a wide elastic band finished with leather that helps me secure my cash, or some extra cards when I need them, as the case may be.  There is an additional card pocket at the back of the wallet that I also make use of when I need extra cards.

Functionality & Utility 

The Ekster is designed around a card slider system that helps to store and dispense the cards while being protected by an RFID/NFC blocking against wireless theft. I keep five cards in this space, but it can hold up to six, the thumb lever at the bottom of the wallet helps the cards slide out after a push. The front cover of the wallet can hold an additional two cards, while there is an additional card pocket at the back.  One error in the Ekster is that these additional card pockets are not RFID protected, so I only keep my IDs or non-scannable cards in those spaces. 

Now, this is where I love the Ekster; there is a customized tracking card for when I lose my wallet. It utilizes the TrackR technology, and it’s the size of a thick business card that can fit in the rear card pocket in my wallet. The card works with the TrackR app which you will have to download on your smartphone. 

Final Verdict

The Ekster Parliament is a great-looking wallet and has some sophisticated features that make it a tad safer than the others. Might not keep as many cards as you want, and you might also have issues with the thickness. Parliament costs $69.95. For more information on the Ekster Wallet please click the link below.


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