How to Choose the Perfect Wallet

If you’ve ever started looking for a new wallet you may be overwhelmed by the amount of choice available. The days where a simple leather bifold were your only choice are far from over, and the innovative range of designs, features, and materials used continue to ever change. That’s not to say the choice can’t be clear. A wallet is considered a rather personal item and like something you’re guaranteed to carry every day making the right choice is paramount.

This website – and this article in particular – is designed to help with just that. We’ll discuss the different types of wallets available on the market and really drill down into what’s the best choice for what you need and your individual preferences in a wallet.

The 3 Types of Wallets

There are 3  main types of wallets you can consider. The first is a small one also known as a slim or minimalist wallet. These have become all the trend recently as our wallets slowly become smaller and our need to carry physical cash is reduced (thanks to being able to pay on your phones and contactless payments).

The second wallet to consider is something more functional in design. This could be anything from a wallet with a large number of card slots to one with a dedicated coin pouch. Wallet manufacturers have become quite innovative with what a wallet can be used for so you might be surprised when you start looking. The issue with a highly functional wallet is they usually have to sacrifice size in order to accommodate the range of features.

The third is a wallet based on its material. Certain materials inhibit the functionality or even the size of a wallet. Because of this certain materials become more of a design feature than a functional one. Materials such as metal or wood are great examples of this and the types of materials used in wallets are ever-expanding.

There are obviously other things to consider such as the price of the wallet. Wallets can quickly get ridiculously expensive so it’s good to have a budget in mind before you accidentally stump upon a wallet you like that’s, unfortunately, £300. 

Which Wallet is right for you?

The decision is ultimately down to you. Look at your current wallet and analyze what you like and don’t like about it. Are you looking to slim it down or want more space? Are you looking for something more stylish perhaps? These are all important questions to consider. Use our quick access links below to find the wallet best suited to you. 

I need a minimalist wallet…

If you find you find yourself carrying only 2-4 credit/debit cards and rarely carry cash other items then a minimalist wallet might be right for you. Minimalist wallets are great as there compact nature allows for a more comfortable pocket and sleeker more attractive designs. Minimalist wallets can also come in some unique designs and materials including wood and metal. 

I need more space and better functionality…

You may need to look for larger wallets that provide additional space and more functionality. You’ll most likely be looking at leather wallets more in tune with the traditional bi or trifold wallets. Leather is a more flexible material that will allow for more capacity and is a better material for features such as a coin pouch or zipper.

I’m just looking for something stylish or unique looking…

The uniqueness of a wallet can be quite important for some people. Materials such as wood or metal are becoming increasingly popular as they look attractive and showcase your unique individuality. Nevertheless, these types of materials come at a cost. Metal just isn’t good enough for providing many of the features that softer more malleable materials can offer (like leather). Because of this you rarely see functional wallets made from these materials and they tend to be smaller or minimalist in size.

The Holy Triangle -The Compromise of your wallet

Think about wallets and their types like a triangle (see the image below). As you focus on one of the three types more you inhibit the aspects of the other. For example, if you want a wallet made from wood then you’re unlikely going to find one with a coin pouch. There is always a trade-off when choosing your desired type of wallet and this is something important you have to consider. 

Where to start looking for my perfect wallet? 

This website is specially designed to help you find your perfect wallet. Start by browsing our A to Z of wallet brands by clicking here, and see what takes your fancy. Our home page is also useful as it catalogs all our recent and past reviews. You can also use our search feature to narrow down your search by the type of wallet or even price range. 

Finally, you can contact us directly. Use the form below and a member of our team can help by answering any questions you may have. You can email us directly at or fill in our contact form here. 

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