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Just like in the evolution of Smart Wallets that integrate technology to make our life more seamless, many companies are attempting to do the same with a modern-day version of traditional Business Cards. These so-called Smart Business Cards, or Digital Business Cards, use what’s known as NFC (Near Field Communication) to create a business card that can instantly transfer data, in this case, your personal and business information, allowing for an easy way for prospective business clients to get hold of your information at ease.

Today we’re going to be looking into 5 different NFC Business Cards and look at what makes them great, how they differ, and what you need to know when considering one for yourself. I managed to get my hands on each of the below-mentioned NFC Business Cards and tried each for around 2 weeks. I looked at various metrics including ease of setup, quickness, and quality/designs of the business cards themselves. 


What is NFC Technology?

NFC (or Near field communication) is an innovative wireless technology (think Bluetooth or inferred) that was invented in 1983 to allow for contactless data transfer between two communication devices. The technology is much more preventive than most people think being used in a variety of commercial and consumer applications. A common example of NFC is in use for payment systems with NFC being what enables Apple or Android Pay. NFC is on the rise and it’s predicted that there are around 2 billion NFC-enabled devices in use across the world today (and rising rapidly). 

Smart Business Card Advantages

A Smart or NFC Business Card has many distinct advantages. When we look at the potential benefits of an NFC Business Card we need to look at the variety of disadvantages traditional ‘paper’ business cards have. The first, and probably the biggest factor, is size and space.

If you’re looking to exchange business cards with other people then the chances are you’ll have to carry a large amount with you on a daily basis. This is simply a more efficient and comfortable way to store your everyday carry so you don’t carry more than you need to on a daily basis. 

The second factor is the ease of use. Everybody in the western world has a smartphone and at this point and 9 out of 10 smartphones in use are enabled with NFC Technology. This means that it’ll be very unlikely a smart business card wouldn’t work, and this enables the quickest way to exchange information without the potential of a physical business card getting lost or thrown out. Along with this, many of the other reviews I’ve read have also mentioned how impressed others were with the smart business card which helped them build rapport with clients and even land themselves jobs.


Mobilo NFC Business Card

Mobilo is by far the most established NFC Card provider on this list offering a whole host of unique features that most other providers don’t cover. It’s these unique features and the dedicated platform Mobilo has built over the last 4 years that really showcase their industry dominance being, in my opinion, leagues ahead of the competition in terms of the various features, utilities, and integrations they offer individuals and businesses alike. 

While exploring the impressive array of features Mobilo offers is tempting, I’d like to focus on highlighting the distinctive qualities that set Mobilo apart from others on this list. This includes a  wide array of different features and integrations tailored toward businesses. While many other brands do include basic tracking capabilities, Mobilo takes this even further with a platform that allows for integration across many commonly used platforms and services such as ZAPIER, and Microsoft Azure. In many cases this allows you to connect incoming contacts directly to your CRM seamlessly pushing data to where it needs to go.

Below is just a quick summary of some of Mobilo’s features, many of which are unique to the brand: 

    • Sustainability:   Paper business cards are often discarded after a single use, contributing to deforestation and waste. Mobilo has a longstanding commitment to eliminating the waste from paper business cards; for every wood card you purchase, they will plant a tree. 
    • CRM Integration: Mobilo’s automations save you time and resources, all while eliminating the need for manual contact data entry. The Mobilo Native Zapier integration seamlessly connects your lead generation to your CRM, offering effortless integration with thousands of popular platforms and apps.
    • HR Integration: Mobilo integrates seamlessly with your HR system, enabling you to make updates and onboard and offboard employees with just a simple click, saving you time and streamlining your processes. 
    • Security: Trust and privacy are Mobilo’s highest priorities. They use enterprise-grade security and audits, so you’re always protected. Plus, Mobilo is SOC 2 Type 1 compliant and will never share your data.

Another aspect that really showcases Mobilo’s innovation, focused on card customization, is their QR Codes aptly named ‘Next Generation QR Codes’. While all NFC Business Cards usually come with QR Codes as standard, Mobilo takes this to the next level allowing for added customization including your logo, branding, and contact information. And this only just touches the surface of the range of customization options available with mobilo offering NFC cards available in 3 types of materials (wood, plastic, and metal), which all come in at varying price points.

The great thing is even if you’re a small business, freelancer, or just like the idea of a digital business card, these added features compared to other cards don’t cost a pretty penny with Mobilo cards starting at a price tag as little as $4.99 for individuals or a small Annual Fee + one-time cost per card and employee. Overall, I can’t overstate the power that mobilo offers all combined in a platform and card that offers both ultimate personalization and a fantastic unique array of features for individuals and businesses. I recommend viewing their product options page to better gauge which business card is right for you. For more information on what the Mobilo NFC Card can offer you check out their official website using the link below. 


V1CE NFC Business Card

V1CE is probably the latest brand on this list only coming into business around 2020. But since its conception, they’ve done a fantastic job at creating an NFC Business card with all the features you’ll ever need. Available in plastic, wood, and metal (stainless steel) each card is very high quality and allows for decent customization by having your logo printed on the front of the card. On the back, you also have the choice to include a QR code which can be used if you ever come across a smartphone that doesn’t have NFC covering all bases. 

Color options range from black and white to silver and gold although I found the lack of other colors a little disappointing. Nevertheless, I found V1CE to provide the best quality in terms of both the card’s material and manufacturing and the quality of the printing on the front/back of the business card. 

When it came to using the business card to exchange information I found the V1CE to be the most accurate and seamless in sending data in an attractive and quick way. For more information on the V1CE NFC Business Card check out their official website by clicking the link below. The V1CE business card starts at a slightly higher price tag than others on this list which is either the cheapest option starting at $36.00 or $141.00. The biggest difference between the cheapest and most expensive is the choice of material. We also have a full review of the V1CE Card which you can check out here.


Popl NFC Business Card

Popl is an interesting company that offers more than just NFC Business Cards, but a range of devices that utilize NFC technology to suit your individual needs. This includes the likes of business cards, but also keychains, wristbands, and even Pop Socket style stands that stick to the back of any smartphone. A great array of choices for sure, and with their affordable price tags, there’s no reason why you couldn’t purchase multiple different NFC devices for ease of use. 

The Popl does come with a few caveats that are probably the reason why it’s much cheaper than alternative Smart Cards on this list, First of all, you don’t get the option to customize your business card in any way. Instead, you’re stuck with the Popl logo on the front. Customization is available but it’s more of a wholesale option, for those who want to order in bulk so it’s most likely not an option for most people. Secondly, the setup of your Popl does require you to download an app. Although this isn’t much of an issue in itself it does require an extra set compared to other cards on this list. 

One of the best aspects of the Popl is its price. As stated earlier, the Popl does have a few fewer features, or annoyances, than other NFC Business Cards on this list, but you can’t help but get attracted to the affordability of this business card. Coming in at a price tag of only $14.99 it’s by far the best price and at the end of the day does exactly what other NFC Cards can achieve. This is also great for those who want to purchase multiple business cards and distribute them among different employees. For more information on the Popl NFC Business Card check out their official website using the link below. 


TapTok Business Cards

Taptok is another fantastic choice when it comes to NFC Business Cards. What I like about the Taptok website is they provide an interactive section on their website where you can accurately figure out your savings when compared to traditional paper business cards. 

You can choose between three different options at varying price tags including two standard designs (cheaper options) or a customizable option that allows you to add your own branding and provides total control over what graphics or information you want printing on the business cards. With no subscriptions, you only need to pay for the card itself which gives you access to Taptok’s login website which allows you to add your information on provides a beautifully laid-out analytics dashboard for tracking with the ability to see how your prospects are interacting with your information in real-time.

Unfortunately, If you want the higher quality Premium Polished Stainless Steel cards then you don’t get any customization options with this option only being available to those who choose the standard PVC (plastic) business cards. The designs of the metal cards aren’t exactly my taste so it’s up to you if you want more personalization or a longer-lasting business card. 

Starting at a price tag of $29.99 (for the PVC Custom option) and ranging up to $89.00 (for the metal variants) the Taptok comes in at a very affordable price, especially for its custom options and compared to other NFC Cards on this list. Their online system for tracking is one of the best and the set-up is easy and one of the most streamlined. For more information on the Taptok NFC Card visit their official website using the link below.  


Qwerty Cards

So far we’ve only explored NFC Cards that are a one of price. The alternative to this is purchasing a business card that you pay yearly for that can significantly decrease the cost of your purchase over time. 

Qwerty Cards can be purchased for as little as $49.00 a year, which is about $4.00 monthly. But I think a subscription service such as Qwerty Cards is best suited for a business that wants to purchase bulk and get some pretty great savings. For example, Qwerty Card’s Team plan starts at $441.00 per year for 10 cards. This works out as $36.00 per month, probably the cheapest way to get mass cards at a more affordable price. 

But how good is Qwerty Card’s platform? Well honestly, really good. My favorite thing about Qwerty Cards is the great customization options for your cards. Many cards on this list don’t allow for great personalization often limiting the design area of the cards. Qwerty does things differently allowing for full design freedom of both the front and back tailored for either you or your business. 

The actual platform is incredibly detailed as well. Along with a beautifully designed platform that can be tailored to your brand, it also includes full tracking, powerful profile customization, and a lead generator system.

Overall, it’s really down to you and your needs whether you see the benefit of a paid subscription plan over simply outright purchasing an NFC Business Card as there are advantages and disadvantages of both. The main benefit is the service, customization, and platform of Qwerty Cards are exemplary and one of the bests on this list. For more information on Qwerty Cards check out their official website using the link below.


Blinq Cards

Blinq is another big player in the NFC Space. Their easy-to-use platform is one of the most powerful when it comes to its analytics and ability to integrate cards for both individuals and businesses. Not only this but purchasing one of their cards allows for seamless integration across all their products including their Mobile App and widgets (these allow for all your digital business cards to be accessible via your smartphone widgets).

Customization wise Blinq is very good, but not the best on this list. It allows for full flexibility of information on your card (name, business, address, etc..) but doesn’t allow for full cusotmsation when it comes to design. This is a downside, but considering the price, and what you want for the card, this might be the best solution for you. 

Pricing is also very competitive. The big difference is the pricing structure. Blinq works with a pay monthly structure and is highly affordable at just $2.99 per month (for individuals) or $2.99 per month per card for businesses. You can claim a 7-day free trial and there’s no obligation to continue when this runs out. 

Overall, I was very impressed with the Blinq Card. Blinq is best for people who don’t care about what the actual physical Business Card looks like, and is more interested in saving some money with a very affordable platform. For more information on the Blinq Card check out their official website using the link below. 

NFC Business Cards FAQ

Understand the full power of your NFC Smart Cards

Will an NFC Card work with my smartphone?

Most smartphones made past 2016 should include NFC Technology as standard. But it always pays to check each brand to see whether or not your device is compatible with each business card. Each brand usually has a dedicated page/section on their website which lists which smartphones work. Remember, even if you’re device doesn’t have NFC Technology it might still be worth picking up an NFC Business Card. QR Codes, although not as seamless and easy, are still a much more effective way to transfer your contact details than traditional business cards. Below is a list of popular smartphones which have NFC technology: 

All iPhones starting from the iPhone8 (with IOS 14).

All Samsung Galaxy models from 2015 onwards.

Samsung Note Models from the 8 onwards.

All Google Pixel/Nexus Devices starting from the Nexus 6.

Do I need an App to use my NFC Business Card?

This question is very much based on the card you choose. Generally speaking, most NFC Business Cards do have some sort of app that you integrate with. That being said, the likes of V1CE, took another approach allowing you to sign-up and use your business card without the need for any app. It really comes down to personal preference as some people prefer an app-based system, while others perform the simplicity of not needing one. 

Can I make my own NFC Business Card?

Yes, in fact, it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to go about owning your own smart business card. That being said, it does require time and effort and this method doesn’t include any customization of said cards. Here is a great video walkthrough of how to do it. You can also continue reading below:

  • Step 1: Buy some programmable NFC Cards (blank): These can be easily bought on amazon for very little cost. With a quick search, we were able to find these cards for just $12.99. 
  • Step 2: Choosing Your Website: You’re going to choose a website that is what the NFC Card will open. The best is probably something like a LinkTree, so you can include all your information and links, but many people use things like their Linkedin Profile or other social platforms. 
  • Step 3: Program Your Card(s): There are many different Android or iPhone apps that exist that allow you to easily/seamlessly program your cards. It allows you to choose a website, that once tapped on an NFC-compatible device, automatically opens it. One such app is called NFC Tools.
Can I update the information on my NFC Card?

All NFC Business cards listed in this article have an option to change and update your information if required. That being said, each brand has a different way of going about this some easier than others. Below is a quick summary of what’s required for each brand to update your business cards information:

TapTok: Update information easily on the App. 

V1CE: This can be updated online through the V1CE Profile.

Mobilo:  Updated online through an online system.

Popl: Updated through the Popl App.

Is there a monthly subscription fee for using any of these cards?

Most wallets offer a standard fixed price for purchasing a business card although some offer additional features for those who pay a reoccurring, usually yearly subscription. The likes of Mobilo offer an enterprise subscription that costs $65/ year that provides free replacement cards, extra analytical and data tracking options, and integrations with many popular CRMs. 

NFC Business Card Alternatives

The NFC Is growing quickly and if you’re looking for an alternative to a digital business card then keep reading. NFC technology can fit and squeeze into all kinds of different devices, and some of these might be more convenient for you than a business card.

  • NFC Stickers: As the name suggests, these are stickers which can be cusomtsied and stuck to anything you want. Whether it be a backpack, laptop, or even your phone, NFC Stickers allow the full power of NFC to be utilized in the smallest possible device. 
  • NFC Bracelets: These are usually silicone bracelets that allow you to tap on the go without needing to fumble to find your wallet. You can even get Apple Watch Straps that integrate the technology so you don’t need to needlessly card around more than you want. 
  • NFC Keychains: Probably the second most popular NFC Device after smart cards. These key style fobs work the same way. Perfect for storing on your keys.

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