Dango has always been a wallet brand at the top of my list. They never fail to create beautiful wallets that don’t only look the part but have innovative functionality to match. The Dango D01 Dapper Wallet is no exception to this rule and if you’re reading this review you’re probably already infatuated with its unique look and design. Made from a metal frame and wrapped in quality leather the Dapper D01 combines the best of both materials in a completely original minimalist wallet.

I first came across the Dango brand while doing research on the best metal wallets (click here for my Top Metal Wallets for 2024) and was immediately sold with the style and underlying physiology they stood for. With an emphasis on solving daily problems with simple solutions, Dango strives for innovation with a sense of style and uniqueness. Dango was established in 2015 when they successfully secured funding on Kickstarter raising over $350,00 in one of the best examples of crowdfunding success I’ve come across in a while.

Dango Products is a company that nurtures and cultivates neat ideas! Not only do we thrive on solving daily problems with simple solutions, but we also aspire to provide life experiences with a sense of style and uniqueness. At Dango Products, we want to tell extraordinary stories through design and experience’. – Dango 2020.

Look & Design

The thing that drew me – and many others – to this wallet is its distinctive look. For someone considering purchasing this wallet, the unique look is by far the most important aspect of the wallet. As mentioned the wallet is built with a combination of a metal frame coated on both sides by a thick layer of premium leather. Going across the middle of the wallet lies an elasticated band used to secure your notes (more on this later).

The Metal Frame is made from an aerospace-grade CNC’d aluminium weighing as little over 2 ounces. Out of all the metal wallets I’ve previously reviewed the Dango DO1 really takes the cake for the quality of its metal. Not only is it incredibly light but its premium look, feel and durability make it stand out from the crowd.

The Dapper D01 also comes in a range of colours including black/silver, brown/silver, red/grey, black/grey and brown/red. Personally, some of these colour combinations are a bit weird (I’m looking at you brown/red) but they all have a unique charm and I always enjoy brands who go above and beyond to give people unique personalization options. 

In terms of its feel, the wallet feels premium and high quality in the hand. As mentioned, the brushed metal has a good weight to it to provide little to no bulk in the pocket. The elastic strap is also of high quality and durable. Many slim wallets similar to the Dango Dapper have weak and flimsy straps that tend to snap with daily use. This isn’t an issue with the Dango and adds to the resounding quality of the wallet. 

Functionality & Utility 

Minimalist wallets, such as the Dapper, can suffer from functionality issues as they favour a smaller size over increased features. The Dapper D01 actually does a great job of utilizing its clever design to be as functional as it can be. 

Firstly, the wallet can hold many cards for its size. The Dapper website specified it can hold 12+ cards, which although theoretically true, (I made it to 15) can unintentionally make the wallet overly bulky and clumsy. I think even 12 is slightly too many and found around 8-10 to be a good capacity before the wallet starts to bulk out and lose its minimalist size. 

The Dapper D01 is also RFID-secured. For those who don’t know this is a feature to help combat contactless credit/debit card fraud. With contactless payments becoming more common in shops it can become easy for thieves to steal from you in an act known as ‘card skimming’. RFID protection is there to prevent and protect your cards and shield you from this type of theft.

One nice addition to the Dapper is the push notch. Located on the underside of the wallet this nifty feature is used to simply provide better access to your cards on the go and allows you to access your cards with little effort. This is a nice addition to the wallet but the issue of what I like to call ‘card stacking’ (storing cards by stacking them on top of each other) is still a persistent issue. Nevertheless, in daily use I never found myself struggling to get access to my most needed cards which goes to show the resilience and intuitive design of the Dapper.

Finally, the Dapper D01 comes with a built-in bottle opener. Definitely, a unique feature that I didn’t know I needed, but I actually found myself using it on multiple occasions when out and about. It wasn’t as if I didn’t have access to another bottle opener but having one in my pocket meant I didn’t need to leave my couch. It’s not a necessity but a nice feature to have. 

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for style and to stand out from the crowd then the Dapper D01 wallet is a great wallet to consider. Coming in at $69.00 it’s not for the faint-hearted as its premium materials and unique design bulk up the price. Cheaper options for metal wallets do exist but the quality of the Dapper, and its unique look, are not to be overlooked and can sway anyone regardless of the price tag. For more information on the Dapper D01 Wallet check them out by clicking the link below.


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