The Frenchie Co. Speed Wallet Review

The Good
  • Amazing functionality with pull tabs, and a great capacity for cash and cards.
  • Great range of colors to choose from including red, green, and blue.
  • Made from amazingly quality materials including full-grain leather.
The Bad
  • It might be a little bulky for some people who are looking for a more streamlined or minimalist wallet. 
  • Some people might be put off by the price tag.

The Frenchie Co. Handcrafted wallets are one of the most luxurious wallets on the market today. Just from its look and design, you can immediately see its beautiful quality and rich use of colors and materials to create a simplistic, creative, and innovative design that simply works. When I first managed to get my hands on the Speed Wallet I was immediately blown away for the fact I simply wasn’t expecting such quality from a wallet that isn’t priced unreasonably.

Frenchie Co. was born out of a successful IndieGoGo campaign and inspired to bring comfort and increased productivity. The founders really did create an all-around fantastic wallet that really stands the test of time. Let’s now take a deeper look at what the Frenchie Speed Wallet has to offer.


Look & Design

The first thing to note about the Speed Wallet is its overall design. Being designed in a tri-fold style. The wallet is divided up into 3 main sections with the two outer sections folding into each other. Coming in at 63 x 99 x 10 mm the wallet isn’t small but definitely more compact compared to other wallets on the market. I would be lying if i didn’t say this wallet is not bulky but that’s very typical of a tri-fold and a wallet that is built for great storage capacity as compared to a typical minimalist wallet. 

One aspect of the Frenchie Wallet is like is the huge range of color options to choose from. Whether you want a simple or more traditional color such as black or brown or want something that stands out more (including red, blue, green, etc…) the great variety is something that many wallet brands don’t include and it’s nice the options are available for the speed wallet. 

Made from top quality eco-friendly Italian leather. For those who don’t know top grain leather is one of the highest quality leathers on the market. When I first unboxed the wallet the first proof of this was the amazing smell that filled the room. Once you first pick up the wallet the thick full-grain leather really stands out with a soft-touch finish and durability that can only be described as premium. For more information on leather grades, you can check out the full article on the subject here. 


Functionality & Utility 

A Lot of why the Frenchie wallet is so appealing is down to the huge versatility in the wallets’ features. As a tri-fold wallet, and being on the larger size, the Frenchie has great functionality and capacity for those who tend to carry more on a daily basis. With 3 distinct card pockets, the Speed Wallet can hold up to a maximum of 12 cards and has capacity for up to 12 bills (supports currencies worldwide). 

These card slots are also supported by two quick access pull tabs. For those who don’t know these are little extended tabs that once pulled also push your cards out of the wallet for easy access. The Frenchie’s pull tabs are very easy to use and don’t add much bulk to the wallet like many others on the market do. Finally, the speed wallet also comes with RFID Blocking technology which means if you’re fearful of your credit/debit cards being subject to card skimming (a crime that enables criminals to steal your money) then you can have peace of mind this feature is included, as standard. 


Price Tag

One of the only aspects that might inhibit people from purchasing the Frenchie wallet is its price. Coming in at $99 the wallet is on the upper end of the price spectrum when it comes to price and is not for someone who isn’t willing to spend a little extra to get the premium nature of this wallet. Objectively speaking, I think this is a fair price for this wallet. As mentioned the wallet is incredibly attractive, handmade with premium materials, and has great all-round functionality. Honestly, if this wallet was even $120 I’d still probably consider purchasing it. If the price is an issue then you can always consider the Speed Card Holder then is the cheapest in their range coming in at $69.

Final Verdict 

If you’re looking for the perfect all-around wallet with an amazing design, premium quality, and great functionality then the Frenchie Speed Wallet might be for you. Apart from the higher price tag, this wallet is a fantastic example of how you can get ‘everything’ in a wallet without compromise. After browsing through some of the reviews I failed myself to find any criticizing the wallet and I can’t agree more that this is probably one of the best wallets I’ve reviewed in a very long time. For more information on the Frenchie Speed Wallet check out their official website using the link below. 


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