Snapback Slim Air Wallet Review

Sometimes a new wallet comes onto the market that I just need to talk about. One that fills a niche that I never thought existed, and innovates to provide functionality, and utility to a select few individuals who need it. The Snapback Slim Air Wallet, currently being funded through Kickstarter, does exactly this and is a great example of creativity within the wallet space. The wallet is designed to seamlessly accommodate Apple’s AirTag, a small round device aimed at those who want tracking capabilities enabling the use of GPS to keep track of whatever the AirTag is attached to. 

Essentially, the AirTag is Apple’s attempt at entering the Smart Wallet world (although they don’t sell their own wallets at the moment I can see them in the future). Luckily, Snapback has developed the world’s first leather wallet to integrate the innovation of Apple’s AirTag and a wallet together to create a minimalist GPS Tracking wallet with a difference.

Who are Snapback Wallets?

Snapback is a brand I’ve become quite familiar with over the years having previously reviewed their Snapback Slim Wallet back in 2019. They have a long history of successfully funded wallets through Kickstarter having raised approximately $40,000 over the years to bring multiple different wallets to market (with great success)! Their range of wallets is all about minimalism at its core producing high-quality goods that aim to reduce what you carry on a daily basis while still maintaining quality and craftsmanship at their core.

Look & Design

The design of the Slim Air Wallet is made in a classic cardholder style, with a minimal size. While coming in at just slightly larger than a standard credit/debit card, and just a few millimeters thick, the wallet is perfectly sized for a comfortable fit and feel in any pocket while also providing decent functionality with storage of cash and cards. Keep in mind though that the wallet does have a slight budge in the middle where the round AirTag slightly protrudes outwards. 

The wallet itself is made to the highest possible standard being crafted from premium full-grain Italian Leather. Each and every wallet from Snapback is handmade and is created by a skilled leather craftsman with over 50 years in the business. This for me, just adds to the wallet and knowing it’s made by hand and every step of the way. I should also mention the Snapback Slim Air Wallet is available in two traditional colors of black and brown. Overall, I was highly impressed with the design and quality of the wallet. I have no doubt it’ll last a very long time with proper care and most likely develop a wonderful patina thanks to its premium leather. 


Functionality & Utility 

The functionality of the Slim Air Wallet is pretty self-explanatory. The minimalist size of the wallet means that this wallet is best suited for people who don’t tend to carry that many cards or very little cash. At its max, the Slim Air Wallet can store up to 6 cards’ comfortability, although less is definitely always better in this case, as too many cards can bulk out the wallet and make it harder to access the cards you want at ease. Bills (banknotes) are also stored in this same single card slot. 

The dedicated pocket on the front (you can’t miss it), is perfectly crafted to securely fit in one of Apple’s AirTags. The front also has a small cut out that lets the AirTag show through, which further adds to the wallet’s distinctive look with the Apple Logo and shining though adding to the overall aesthetic of the wallet. Overall, I was pleased with the simple and easy functionality of the Snapback Slim Air Wallet. 


Final Verdict

Overall, I was I’m very impressed with the Snapback Slim Air Wallet. It does exactly what it says on the tin while providing one of the most efficient ways to carry an AirTag at ease, while having the premium nature of full-grain leather, and amazing craftsmanship on its side. I have no doubt they’ll set a precedent for future AirTag Wallets in the future, as Apple’s brand loyalty and popularity will most likely see an explosion of similar wallets in the near future. 

Due to the Snapback Slim Air Wallet still being crowdfunded through Kickstarter it’s still not exactly what the retail price will be when it’s released to the public. Currently, if you back the wallet, you can get your hands on it for a price tag of $45.00. This is a very reasonable price considering the premium nature and innovation the wallet provides. For more information on the Snapback Slim Air Wallet by Snapback check out their official website here, or visit their live Kickstarter campaign using the link below. 


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