The V1CE Business Card Review

[Buyers Guide 2023]

As we continually move into a more technological age we’re quickly moving beyond traditional means of communication and that shows with the dominance of the internet, smartphones, and cashless payment systems. With that being said, even the trusty business card, a method of exchanging contact information, is under threat but an up & coming form of technology that will change the way we exchange information forever. 

I’m of course talking about smart business cards that utilize NFC technology that seamlessly creates the business card of the future. NFC standard for  ‘Near Field Communication’ and was invented in 1983 to allow for contactless data transfer between two or more devices. Think of it as an evolution, or type, of Bluetooth or Infrared, but more streamlined, instant, and doesn’t require devices to be switched on/off. 

Today we’re going to be talking about one of the newest brands on the market – V1CE. These guys specialize in NFC Business Cards and have created one of the most seamless, easy, and customizable ways to exchange your business or personal information at ease. Let’s now take a look at the VICE Business Card and what it can offer you or your business.

What does the V1CE Card do?

In essence, a smart business card allows you to dump the hundreds of paper/standard business cards you may carry with you when doing business or networking. As previously mentioned, it utilizes a technology that’s standard in most modern-day smartphones call NFC that provides instantaneous data trader between devices. This allows you to exchange your business’ information that immediately is added as a contact to your contacts phone.

In terms of compatibility, the V1CE Business Card should have you covered as long as you have a more modern smartphone that is NFC enabled. This includes All iPhones since 2017 (from the iPhone 8 onwards), and the majority of other smartphone manufacturers from either 2014-2015 onwards (including Google, LG, Samsung, and Huawei). If you, or somebody else, still want to use a V1CE Business Card yet have an older phone you still can. Each VICE Card comes with a unique QR Code that can be used to exchange information with anyone regarding of device. 

It works like this. Once purchased, you simply set up your profile through the V1CE Website. This is where you’ll add your personal details including email, phone, and website along with your social profiles including Facebook and Linkedin. This is the point where you’ll able be able to design your card, too add your branding and such. 


Pricing Options

V1CE and a very flexible pricing structure and tries to cater to a wide variety of budgets for all needs whether you’re a large business or freelancer. Starting at a price tag of $36.00 (for the standard plastic card) and ranging up to $140.00 (for the all-metal hybrid) the options to get your hands on a V1CE business. Is this the cheapest you can find NFC Business Cards on the market? Not at all, but in terms of functionality and ease of use, V1CE is cleverly positioned in the market and offers the current ‘cream of the crop’.

Along with this, V1CE also offers a pretty reasonable warranty (for $29.00 extra) that provide two yearly replacement cards. This is a great option for many businesses, and especially those who are using the less durable PVC cards, as business cards can quickly degrade over time – especially with how often you’ll be using the V1CE Card. 

They also offer a pricing structure, and discount, for businesses that want to purchase in bulk. This includes a 15% discount for those who purchase at least 6 cards and a max discount of 20% for anyone looking to purchase 10 cards or more. I’m also sure if you got in touch with V1CE, regarding even larger quantities, they’d be able to help you out.


Customization Options 

Compared to the small array of other NFC Business Cards on the market, V1CE, by far, have the largest selection of different customization and personalization options available. This can be either a choice in the Business Cards Material and the variety of branding options available. 

At present, V1CE offers three different materials to choose from (at different prices) including Plastic (PVC), Wood (for a vintage look), and metal (for added durability). The Plastic cards, although the most affordable, also offer a wide variety of colors to choose from and are also best for better customization in terms of branding. While you can get either black or white, V1CE also offers colors such as gold, blue, red, and purple. With regards to the wooden cards, these also have a small array of different wood grains to choose from including Bamboo, Cherry, and Walnut. 

Branding is probably one of the most important aspects of any business card and V1CE does a great job of covering all bases. On the front of the business card, you can have any logo printed which can cover all areas of the card (not just the middle) with a choice of size and positioning. The reverse side of the card is where your custom QR code is placed. 


Final Verdict

With over 3500+ positive reviews what’s not to love? We’ve been using a VICE Business Card for over 2 months now and will never go back. It’s like an epiphany, a ‘how did I ever use normal business cards’. While reading through some of the reviews I was surprised to see that many customers found that these business cards helped them secure business deals as the V1CE Card helped build rapport, impressing clients, and being a great conversation topic. 

With Worldwide shipping, no app integrations (like many competitors), and a 100% Money Back Guarantee, I feel the future of NFC Business Cards is with V1CE and I honestly can’t recommend them enough for this ingenuity and innovation in the business card space. For more information on the array of options provided by V1CE check out their official website using the link below. 


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