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Hi, I’m James and I’m the owner, author, and self-proclaimed ‘wallet expert’ here at All The Wallets. The biggest question I get asked is ‘why wallets’? Some people love watches, others sunglasses, but for me, it’s always been wallets. Wallets are the one true universal item every man, whether you’re from America or India, carries with them on a daily basis.  


A Small sample of my Collection (2023)

What I love about Wallets

At present, I have over 500 different wallets in my collection ranging from vintage bifolds from the early 20th century, though to modern 21st-century wallets infused with technology. 

It’s through this collection that I’ve seen it all, the good, bad, and ugly of men’s wallets, and I’ve made it my mission through years of experience to give back and provide my honest reviews of what’s good and what you should avoid.  The chances are if a wallet exists then I’ve tried it and it’s with that experience All The Wallets was born.

It’s the versatility in designs, materials, and craftsmanship that led me to start All The Wallets and begin reviewing wallets. No two wallets are the same, and there’s no single wallet that is perfect for everyone. It’s this uniqueness that truly makes a wallet a personal item and one, for me, that sparks joy every time I use and carry one.

A Decade in Wallets

My love of wallets started in 2011 when I first laid eyes on a new kind of wallet I’d never heard of before. At this point in time, wallets were still in a stale state of disarray. Most men only carried the large leather bifolds that your dad probably still uses to this day – boring and uninteresting. But then things changed for the better. The advent of the internet led to innovation in the space, and through platforms like Kickstarter, innovation, and creativity led to more modern wallets that we know today like the Ridge, Secrid, and Ekster Wallets

The wallet that first sparked my interest in the world of wallets was the TGT Wallet, which I first discovered during their Kickstarter campaign back in 2012. To this day I’m not exactly sure what it was about this exact wallet that piqued my interest but I just knew I had to have it. Since that fateful day back in 2012 I’ve been committed to buying, collecting, and reviewing a wide array of different wallets from throughout the world.  

Honest & Impartial Reviews

I like to take the time to provide my honest opinions on every wallet I buy. Every single one of the 500+ wallets I have on this website has been tried, tested, and independently reviewed by myself. I like to use every wallet I buy for at least one month in my daily life to get a real-life experience of how it works, and functions in the real world. For more information on how I review wallets read my article on my reviewing process here

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Brands I’ve worked with

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with many large and small brands and learn how they tick. It’s the formation of these relationships that has enabled me to get a better grasp of the world of wallets, what makes a good wallet and really dig deep into why a wallet is good and the choices brands make in terms of designs and materials. I even opened my own shop to sell only the best wallets I’ve reviewed over the years. 

I’ve also had the privilege and opportunity to interview a wide array of independent craftsmen who are paving the way in traditional skills and creating some of the very best wallets on the market to date. These artisans have honed their craft and I’ve learned a lot about their craft firsthand by speaking and learning from them. You can read some of these interviews here.

In late 2021 I was also lucky enough to be nominated for an award for my work on All The Wallets by Ezoic. Although I wasn’t lucky enough to win, it showcased my commitment to my website by providing an impartial domain that helps all in the wallet world.

Exposing Wallet Scams

Finally, I’m very vocal regarding the potential scams on the market and those businesses using shady practices to sell their wallets. I’ve dubbed the term ‘copycat wallets’ to express a generic mass-produced wallet that usually comes straight out of China. Many businesses sell these wallets claiming they’re unique or handmade, selling them at instantly high mark-ups when, in reality, they can cost less than $1.00 to buy. Check out my article on copycat wallets and how to avoid them here

I’d love to hear from you

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my website. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege to hear directly from the lovely visitors of my site and still get great satisfaction in helping people find their perfect wallets.

If you’d like any help at all with finding a wallet that suits your individual needs then I’m always happy to help. Feel free to get in touch with me directly at my email: You can also join our Discord where I frequently hang out to answer any wallet-related questions you may have.

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