The Top Zip Wallets [2020 Buyers Guide]

Zip Wallets are a fantastic choice for your next wallet as they add something extra that most men’s wallets don’t offer. A zip or zipper. If you take a look at the equivalent of a wallet for women – the humble purse – you’d be hard to find one that doesn’t have a zip. In fact, in most mens wallets you’ll find it’s the exact opposite. It seems to be almost accepted that men are supposed to keep any loose change inside their pockets without a dedicated way to store it. But I pose the question why? Coins are a complete pain to carry and having a dedicated zip slot to store them seems like a very logical thing to me. 

 The main issue I’ve had with Zip wallets over the years comes down to the way they’re designed and the way they’re integrated into a wallet. A lot of the time the Zip feature becomes the dominant feature of the wallet and other features – like storing your notes and cards – are overlooked and often shoved aside in an attempt to make way for the elusive Zipper. 

I’ve reviewed many wallets over the years and not many zip wallets make my top 10. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean a good Zip wallet doesn’t exist. In this article, I’m going to give my honest opinion on my top picks for the ultimate Zipper wallet. Why they’re good and how they work well alongside other must have features of the wallet I think you should consider. 

Why Should I Consider a Zip Wallet?

I’m going to pose a few questions as to why I think you should carry a zip wallet and the best people a zip wallet is suited for. If you answer yes to any of the questions below, then you should consider one of the 5 following wallets as your next (plus some bonus ones).

  • I live in a cash-heavy country so I tend to carry a lot of notes and therefore have a lot of change and coins.
  • I carry more than just cash and cards in my wallet. I like to carry keys, and maybe a USB where a large slot for these items would be useful. 
  • I don’t necessarily carry coins with me that often but it’s nice to have the option to do so if I do find myself with a lot of shrapnel. 

If you’re not keen on a zipper then you can consider a wallet that uses other means for storing your coins. Many wallets have designed ingenious ways to combat the disadvantages of a zipper while still allowing you to securely coins and other physical items. We’ve also considered a few additional wallets for you to consider as an alternative to a zip.

Disclaimer (we don’t do affiliate stuff)

We don’t use any affiliate links in our blogs. You tend to find other websites reviewing zip wallets are crammed with Amazon affiliate links with little care for whether the wallet is any good or not. Please be careful when viewing these websites. Much of the time they don’t buy and try the wallets before they promote them. Our aim is to provide impartial and credible reviews of men’s wallets. When you find a wallet on our website you can be confident they are as good (or bad) as we say.

What makes a good Zip wallet.

When you first start looking for a zipper wallet please consider the following and make sure they completely meet your needs before purchase. 

How big is the wallet (Size)?

Zip wallet tends to be a lot larger than most wallets. This is because they need to accommodate a space large enough to store your coins as well as having enough room for a zipper. If you’re looking for a more minimalist or slim wallet then a zip wallet might not be for you.

Does it have RFID protection?

RFID protection is becoming the norm in wallets these days. Brands used to charge you a premium for this feature but they’re becoming more of a necessary requirement as contactless fraud is on the rise. I’ve never been much for paying more for this feature (as I live in a country where this sort of crime doesn’t really exist) but depending on where you live, it could be a must-have.

Does it have sufficient features to meet my daily needs?

As previously mentioned a zipper can make a wallet too large but can also restrict the different features it could have. Make sure the wallets have enough room for your notes and debit or credit cards.


Vaultskin Nottinghill Wallet

The Vaultskin Notting hill wallet is my first recommendation on this list. The wallet is beautifully made from top-grain Italian leather and has done a great job of keeping the wallet to a small size. The wallet is entirely encased within its zipper design with the advent of quick access slots on the front for your most-used cards. The innovative pull-up strap gives you nice functionality and easy access to said cards with little hassle. 

Once opened with the zip the wallet gives you a place to fit up to 10 cards along with space for cash, coins, and even a key hook. The wallets look is also very elegant and uniform in design and along with its variety of colors (Black, Brown, and Cognac – a sort of orange), I’m sure you’ll find something to suit your individual preferences. 

Coming in at a price tag of (RRP: £54.99) the Vaultskin Nottinghill wallet is a good contender. I really enjoyed the way every feature is encased within the zip design and it made me feel confident and secure that I won’t lose anything no matter what I store in the wallet. For more information on the Vaultskin please visit their website using the link below.


Orchill Hemlock Wallet

What I love about the Orchill Hemlock is it does its best to stay as small as possible while providing ample functionality including a zip. With this wallet, the zip lies across the top of the wallet and has ample space for coins and other items you might want to store. Located on each side of the wallet are 4 separated card slots which can store a Max of 2 cards each (Max of 8). I really wouldn’t recommend this though as the wallet can feel overly bulky and crammed. 

The build quality of the wallet is satisfactory but the range of colors the wallet is available in is a nice touch. Having used this wallet for 2 weeks the wallet really does hold it’s own and I’d recommend this for people who want a zipper but also want a more compact slim wallet. 

The wallet comes in at $44.99. This is one of the lower-priced wallets on this list and I think that’s what makes it appealing to me. It does its job well while also being a solid design with decent functionality. For more information on this wallet please visit the Orchill website by clicking below.


Nodus Compact Wallet

Nodus is probably one of my favorite wallet brands and for good reason. They are a great combination of attractive design and innovation when it comes to the unique features many of the wallets have. The Nodus compact is their zipper wallet and it follows this design mantra well. High quality and functional is the way I’d sum up this wallet. 

The wallet excels in its functionality. On the outside, you have one quick access card slot for your most-used cards while inside is where the magic happens. With a max capacity of 17 cards and an Expandable internal coin pocket, the Nodus excels at being a jack of all trades. It also offers a dedicated note sleeve with a rather handy key slot. 

The only downside to this wallet is its size. It’s by no means the slimmest wallet coming in at 68mm tall x 102mm wide (2.7in tall x 4in wide). This means that it can feel bulky in the pocket which isn’t for everyone (especially if you’re wearing tight clothes). 

Coming in at £59.99 the Nodus Compact Wallet is another top choice if you’re looking for a Zipper. Priced to reflect it’s great quality and design the Nodus is fantastic for someone looking for an allrounder wallet. For more information on the Nodus please visit their website directly by clicking here. 

bellroy zip wallet

Bellroy Zip Wallet

Bellroy is actually a brand which a huge variety of Zip wallets. But I’m going to talk about what I think is the best of the bunch – Aptly named The Bellroy Zip. Out of all the wallets mentioned so far, the Bellroy Zip is probably must favorite aesthetically. Made from premium hides tanned under gold-rated Leather Working Group environmental protocols the look and feel of the Bellroy is something you’d really need to try yourself and it just defines with a premium product should be like. It also comes in a variety of colors which is always a plus including Blue, Black, Tan, Orange & Green. 

The Bellroy’s functionality is also on point. With a full wrap-around Zipper all features are encased inside the wallet. This has positives and negatives. As previously mentioned it helps keep the design nice and sleek, but it would have been nice to have a quick access slot on the outside for my most used card. Inside, the wallet has been beautifully thought out with a large note slot running along the inside top, a coin pouch on the right and your card sleeves on the left.

The main thing that gravitated me towards this wallet is its magnetic coin pouch. Bellroy describes this as ‘No more awkward fumbling with coins. The pop-and-peek magnetic pouch gives you easy one-handed access to your change’. This is certainly true. It makes handly and access to coins a breeze.

Coming in at a price tag of over $100 the Bellroy Zip isn’t for everyone. You’re guaranteed quality with Bellroy that’s for sure, but the price tag is steep so if you’re unsure if a Zip wallet is for you then I’d say away from this wallet (for the meantime). For more information on the Bellroy Zip Wallet visit their website by clicking here.


Lethnic Zipper Wallet

Another wallet with such an innovative name, the Lethnic is another minimalist wallet that does a fantastic job of integrating a full zip pocket. With a slimline profile, the wallet only measures a maximum thickness of 0.4 inches so you have the choice to keep the Lethnic in either your front or back pocket. 

With a 180-degree zip covering half the wallet, the Lethnic offers a bunch of features not seen in other wallets on this list. The main difference is a key hook connected on the outside for attaching keys too. 

The wallet also features a great capacity with 3 outer slots for quick accessing cards, 1 ID window, 1 cash compartment, 1 special-designed inner slot can hold up to 3 cards and 1 main zippered pocket for coins. This combined with an amazing price tag of only $29.99 their isn’t a doubt in my mind that this would be a greater wallet for anything looking to see if a zip wallet is for them. 

Coin storage without the zipper…

Zips can be annoying and aren’t to everybody’s tastes. The main purpose of a zip wallet is for coin storage but have you ever considered the alternatives wallets can offer for this purpose? Below are 2 wallets that do a fantastic job of innovating in the way they store their coins without the zip.

garzini magic coin wallet

Garzini Magic Coin Wallet

Garzini has always been on my radar for innovation in wallet design. They get this name from their so-called ‘Versaflex system’. This allows you to reach your notes or cards faster and is simple to use. It’s kind of hard to explain how it works so this video is best to show you.

This specific version also comes with a coin pouch. With no zip, the coins are secured with a simple button that works well but keeps any sort of zipper away from the design. I like it a lot and its a great alternative to store coins – or other small items – without any hassle. 

The Garzini wallet is respectably priced at around $55 which isn’t bad for what you get. For more information on this wallet be sure to check out their website by clicking here. 


KKMC Micro Belgravia

If you’re looking for the slimmest possible wallet yet want to retain the option to store your coins then you should definitely consider the KKMC Belgravia. This slim metal wallet is not only a pretty face but also offers unique functionality. It offers an inwards section where you can store basically anything flat in profile. Things like coins and keys are perfect for this as they effortless lie within the body of the wallet secured but your own credit or debit cards. 

I actually have a full review of the KKMC Micro Belgravia so be sure to check that out. Coming in at £55 RRP the wallet is currently half price (£27.50) so be sure to capitalize on this great offer if you think this wallet might be for you. 


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