The Ridge Wallet  Review 

A True Minimalist Classic

I’d be lying if I said The Ridge Wallet intimidated me. Out of all the wallets I’ve ever reviewed the Ridge is by far one of the most popular wallet manufacturers and it continues to dominate the space – and I’m not surprised why. The Ridge was one of the first wallets to really step away from the traditional bulky bi-fold and step into previously unknown territory by not only creating a slimmer wallet, but also one made from metal. 

The Ridge Wallet success dates back to 2013 where father and son team Daniel and Paul Kane launched the Ridge Wallet on Kickstarter with great success. Since then the brand has taken on a life of its own and their vision of creating quality functional products has gone beyond wallets into phone cases, backpacks, and even knives. 

When I first started using wallets, I used to have a normal wallet like every other person at that time. The usual leather bi-fold wallet, looking all bulky as I cram everything I feel I need into it, although it turns out I usually didn’t need most of these things. Eventually, I stumbled upon the Ridge wallet and was blown away by what I saw. At this point, it was still on Kickstarter so I never actually got my hands on the Ridge wallet (until today). It’s fair to say that the Ridge started my obsession with minimalist wallets and is the reason why this website even exists. So let’s get started. This is my long-awaited review of the Ridge wallet.

“The ridge was built with a focus on design and functionality – a wallet that’s minimalist without being limiting – so that you can carry less and always have what you need. It’s a reimagination of what the modern wallet can be”.

Look & Design

The Ridge wallet is very small in size; being slightly bigger than the average credit card. I can easily fit it in my pocket and not feel like I’m carrying something extra around. The card holding feature, which is either a strap or clip, helps my cash stay well folded and flat in the wallet and that contributes to the nice look in my pocket. 

The design is a rugged look, which is one of the reasons I love it, although this is not to everyone’s taste and down to individual preferences. The materials used in making the wallet are military-grade, and this contributes the longevity, compared to my other minimalist wallets – it is quite sturdy. It also comes in different colors that all look attractive, I went for the titanium – gunmetal, as it looks so cool. In total, the Ridge wallet comes in 12 different colors/designs ranging from green, gold and even pink.

Functionality & Utility 

I particularly love the Ridge wallet for its sturdy nature compared to other minimalist wallets. It can comfortably hold up to 12 cards without stretching out. It can also have a money clip or an elastic strap on the back to help you hold your banknotes. The clip on the back of the Ridge is a joy to use. Not only does it look stylish and blends perfectly into the design of the wallet but it works perfectly to secure cash while not being a pain to take it out when needed.

I always like to mention the fact that one comprise you have to make with a minimalist wallet such as the Ridge is how cards are stored. When you stack credit/debit cards on top of each other it can become a real pain to take out. This is certainly true with the Ridge wallet and something that is hard (but not impossible) to fix when it comes to a minimalist wallet such as this. Just something to keep in mind. 

The Ridge wallet also blocks RFID, which means it blocks your card from wireless theft. It is made from Grade 5 Titanium, and it has been hardened, and hand torched.

  • Expands to Hold 1-12 Cards
  • RFID-blocking Materials
  • Backed by our Lifetime Warranty
  • Free Returns Within 45 Days
  • 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Weight: 2 oz | 86 x 54 x 6 mm

Final Verdict

If you need a minimalist wallet that is fashionable, sturdy, and safe then you should get the Ridge wallet. The version I got for myself is $105, but there are other cheaper options (starting from $75), and they are all worth the prices as they look great. The only complain that I have is the wallet did scratch easily. But in all honestly, this is more down to my clumsy nature as I did drop the wallet multiple times during my use.

The Ridge Wallet is an excellent wallet to own as I have enjoyed mine and I would definitely recommend it to people looking for a stylish yet functional wallet. For more information on the Ridge wallet – and to purchase this amazing wallet – click the link below.


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