The XSTO ‘Metal’ Wallet Review

The Good
  • Improves upon the classic STOW Wallet with increased capacity (options) and larger storage for international banknotes.
  • Great storage of cash and cards, in relation to its small size, with easy access.
  • Comes in a great array of color options with a choice of laser engraved text or images if you wish.
The Bad
  • Metal on Metal isn’t pretty. If you own metal credit/debit cards them they can get quite beaten up when stored within the XSTO.
  • The new ‘upgrade’ options are nice but cost extra money. Many people, including myself, believe these should be provided for free. 

The XSTO Card Wallet is the next evolution of the infamous Stow Wallet, an already veritable and highly rated wallet. The company behind the Stow wallet recently changed its brand name to the unusual Akeeni. With an emphasis on minimalism and efficacy the newly branded Akeeni, and their new flagship wallet the XSTO, was built and handmade in California, crafted from Aluminum and built with strength and durability in mind. Let’s now take a closer look at what the XSTO wallet can offer you. 

Design & Functionality

The XSTO Wallet is all about streamlining your wallet carry experience, but also maintaining a high degree of functionality. Coming in at just 3.75 inches long by 2.3 inches wide and 0.58 inches deep (for the smallest 4 card variant) the XSTO is perfectly crafted to be an optimum size. The wallet fits very nicely in a front or back pocket and has a premium feel in the hand. 

One thing I love about the XSTO is the wallet is available in a variety of different sizes each made to fit the amount of credit/debit cards you carry. 4 sizes including 4, 6, 8, and 10 card capacities mean that each different wallet can store the composing amount of cards at its max. Along with this, each different wallet size can also accommodate an additional 8 bills/banknotes and 5 business cards. 

My favorite thing about the XSTO Wallet is its range of customization or personalization options. At its basics, the wallet is available in a range of lovely color options including black, blue, grey, green, and red that really make the wallet stand out from a crowd. Along with this Akeeni has also developed its own engraving options. Using high-tech fiber lasers, Aneeni allows you to upload an image or write some text (monogram) on the outside surface of the wallet.


STOW Vs. XSTO Wallet

On first inspection, you might be a little confused about the difference between the original STOW and new XSTO Wallet as they both look very similar. In general, The XSTO has a larger cash compartment for larger currencies or to easily hold receipts. This makes it easier for large-sized currencies, like Euros or British Pounds, to fit snugly within the wallet.

Also, keep in mind that the new upgrade options for the XSTO (more on this below) are not compatible with the original STOW. So if you want to experience these new features you will need to buy a completely new wallet. The final thing to talk about is its price tag. The STOW is currently slightly cheaper at $58.00 while the XSTO starts at $62.00


Upgrade Your XSTO Wallet

The XSTO Wallet also comes with a range of ‘upgrade’ options. This is a way to increase or enhance the functionality of your wallet based on your individual needs. These 4 upgrade options are very affordable in price (starting at just $3.00) and add some. Below is a quick overview of each upgrade and what they do:

Spring Upgrade: Allows for a snug fit regardless of how many cards you store in your wallet providing confidence nothing is going to fall out of the wallet (extra $6.00). Also comes in a range of beautiful designs. 

Business Card Cover: A Cover plate for the accessible business card section of the wallet. Made from Carbon Fiber it gives a firm hold allowing everything to stay more securely in place (extra $4.00).

Cover Plate: A simple credit card shaped cover plate. Fits at the bottom of the wallet. Made for aesthetic purposes only (extra: $3.00).

Phone Mount: An adhesive strip that fits on the back of the allows you to seamlessly mount the XSTO Wallet to any decently sized smartphone (extra $4.00).


Final Verdict

The XSTO Wallet is fairly priced starting at $62.00 (4 card model) and ranging up to $68.00 (10 card model). Based on the built quality, amazing design, and customization options I feel the new XSTO is a great improvement on the older Stow and generally an easy to use and stylish wallet. When compared to the original Stow wallet I feel the extra $10.00 or so in price tag is a well worth addition especially when you consider the new ‘update’ variations don’t work with the original STOW wallet. To discover more regarding the new XSTO Wallet, discover the official XSTO Wallet website using the link below.


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