M-Clip Money Clip Review

A Minimalist Clip Alternative

If you’re the type of man who likes to carry large amounts of cash when wearing them then the M-Clip Money Clip is probably the most innovative way I’ve come across to achieve such a feat. As the name suggests, this isn’t really a wallet but a sole money clip. The M-Clip provides an innovative and attractive way to carry your cash with some fantastic quality, a range of designs, and a clip mechanism for easy access and storage. 

The M-Clip is an evolution of the traditional crocodile clips you might be familiar with from back in school or an office environment. Pushing on two extended levers opens the clip up and allows you to put in or take out your cash. Where the M-Clip differs is these levers are collapsible and can be pushed inwards to minimize the size of the money clip and make it as compact as possible. After having used the M-Clip for over 4 weeks in my daily life I was very impressed. The Clip was easy to use and had a much higher capacity for cash (up to 10 bills) and cards (up to 8). 

We must also mention the fantastic build quality of the M-Clip. When it comes to the materials, designs, and rich colors each money clip is made from aircraft-grade aluminum. This beautifully handcrafted device is also available in a wide range of different designs whether you want an image etched on the front (choose from over 30+ designs), a choice between a variety of colors, or a custom monogram (all at an increased price). 

If you’re thinking of purchasing the M-Clip then it won’t come cheap. Starting at a price tag of $79.95 and ranging up to $139.95, this Money-Clip is by far the most expensive we’ve ever reviewed. That being said, the Clip itself is well worth the money if you’re willing to pay the price as it’s minimalist, attractive, and easy to use. For more information on the M-Clip Money Clip check out their official website by clicking the link below. 

  • Functionality 58% 58%
  • Design 78% 78%
  • Price 62% 62%



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