Trayvax Venture Wallet Review

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Trayvax is one of the most popular wallet brands in the world. Finding success through the popular crowding platform Kickstarter, the then 22-year-old, Mark King, set out to create a wallet with the aim of reducing the use of plastic bags and upcycling the materials. Since then, Trayvax has gone on to become a household name in the wallet world thanks to its large range of innovative, creative, and most importantly, durable wallets. 

Today we’re going to look at the latest wallet in the Trayvax range – The Venture Billfold. This wallet takes the idea of the classic billfold (bi-fold) and brings it into the 21st century by utilizing a combination of materials and an innovative instant access mechanism for access to cards. This combines what we know and love with wallets with the ingenuity and durability that Trayvax is renowned for. Let’s now look into what the Trayvax Venture Wallet can offer you. 

Look & Design

The Venture Billfold is an unusual wallet in its design. What makes this design special and unique to me is it’s not only Trayvax’s first attempt at a billfold but also one of the only billfold wallets on the market that uses metal. This ambitious project has given rise to a wallet that not only looks unique and one of a kind but is also one of the most durable billfold wallets ever created and on the market to date. 

Made using a combination of metal and leather. An outer metal frame, made from a premium and lightweight 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum. This adds both strength and durability to your wallet while also adding a premium quality and much-needed lightweightness for a comfortable carry experience. Weaved within the metal frame is leather made from Premium 3oz Horween® Leather (available in black and brown). Horween is one of the most respected and quality leather tanneries in the world being produced as far back as 1905 and supplies leather to many famed companies including Timberland, J. Crew, and Rawlings. 

The Trayvax Venture is all stitched together with a Heavy Duty Braided Nylon Thread which further adds to the premium quality of the wallet and ensures the wallet’s strength for peace of mind your wallet with last a lifetime with care. Personalization options (optional) with an engraving of one or two lines of text/characters for an additional $7.99. This engraving is located on the larger portion of leather located on the back of the wallet (externally).  


Functionality & Utility

Functionality wise the Trayvax Venture is very strong and should provide great and efficient storage for most people. At its core, the wallet is a bi-fold with split into 2 main sections worth talking about. The first is where you store the majority of your credit/debit cards. Cards are stored internally within one large slot accessible by sliding your thumb alone side an open cutout in the leather. This slot is covered with a metal magnetic plate that opens up automatically when you attend to push one of your cards though – very innovative and effective in keeping everything secure and in place. In total, the Venture Billfold can store up to 7 – 9 cards.

The second area worth talking about is the so-called ‘bi-fold’ section of the wallet. This is the area inside the wallet once you open it up. Here is where you can store all your physical banknotes/bills within the large full-width cash slot made from Trayvax’s premium leather (up to a maximum of 20 bills). Please keep in mind that this wallet is designed for $USD only so has trouble fitting larger currencies including and not limited to GBP and EUROs. 

Finally, let’s move on to some other noteworthy and cool things that the Trayvax Venture Wallet includes. Firstly the Venture Wallet comes with RFID Security as standard. This security measure helps protect your credit/debit cards against a rising crime known as ‘card skimming’ (read more on this here) and is nice to have for peace of mind. Secondly, all Trayvax Wallets are TSA Approved meaning that you won’t have any trouble getting your wallet, or related accessories, through airport control/security. 


Functionality & Utility

Trayvax isn’t known for its affordable prices, but that’s to be expected from a brand that puts so much emphasis on quality materials and craftsmanship. In total, the Trayvax Venture will set you back $109.99. Obviously, this isn’t cheap and you might be wondering whether or not a price is high is worth it for a wallet. 

I can only really give my honest opinion about the wallet as a whole when it omes to whether i think its value for money or not. At the end of the day, it’s up to you whether or not you feel over $100 is something you’re willing to spend on any given wallet The Trayvax Venture or otherwise. Honestly, the Venture is of top quality and craftsmanship. The wallet is made from the finest materials and constructed to the highest possible level. 

Final Verdict

Overall I was very time with my time using the Trayvax Venture Wallet. Its unique design and looks, although not to everyone’s tastes, are very attractive, and its combined use of leather and metal witch adds to its durability and longevity as a wallet. After using the wallet as my daily carry for around 4 weeks I found it a joy to use in my daily life. Its innovative magnetic clasp mechanism is well engineered and allows for easy storage and access at just the slide of a finger.

To add to all this, Trayvax is also a fantastic brand and one of the largest independent manufacturers of wallets in the world. They have admirable morals and principles, better than most, and standards to create and build a company that stands for something bigger making the world a better place. This transcends into their fantastic 65-year heirloom warranty that covers all hardware failures – amazing. For more information on the Trayvax Venture Billfold Wallet check out their official website using the link below.


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