Reflex Wallets


We had this brand new idea to re-invent the way that minimalist wallets

were created by utilizing a unique material that had never been used before. We designed the very first prototype in the workshop and we knew we had something special. The wallet was so unique & the material so versatile, we realized EVERYONE needed to have it. So, we started REFLEX Brand…And boy, are we glad we did! 



Are Reflex Wallets right for you?

We are dedicated to repurposing material to fit specific needs through creative invention and innovative product design. We believe there is value in all things and pursue a commitment to quality, style,and design – both now and forever.

Wallets in Popular Media

Wallets in Popular Media

We take a look at some of the TV and Film’s most popular examples which feature wallets in some shape or form. Why? Because why not!

The Mighty Wallet Review

The Mighty Wallet Review

Discover the orignal Paper ‘Tyvek’ Wallet from Dynomighty. The Mighty Wallet is a slim, innovative wallet with amazing designs at an affordable price.


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