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For whatever reason sometimes an ID window in your wallet is a necessity. When I was younger I used to take public transport everywhere and it quickly became apparent an ID card window would have been perfect as at least twice a day I’d have to show my train ticket or bus pass. I also have a pretty baby face (to my detriment) so my Driver’s license makes a frequent appearance especially when I’m trying to get on the boozer.

It was these reasons that I decided to dedicate some time to find my favorite ID card wallets. To my surprise ID card slots is a dying breed. If you look at any of the top 10 wallet brands today not a single one of them provides a wallet with this feature. Nevertheless, I stayed persistent and managed to narrow down my list to only 5 best wallets with ID windows. Let’s take a look at them.


Why Do You Need an ID Card Holder?

An ID cardholder is a secure way to carry around your name badge, which shows your name and position. This facilitates interactions with other coworkers and clients because they know that they’re talking to the right person. 

But that’s not all. Without a proper ID cardholder, your name badge will get dirty, ruined, and can accidentally bend or cut, which doesn’t exactly leave the kind of impression you wish others had of you. 

You’ll have to replace it often, or you’ll end up with a dirty cut card that carries your name and sends a message that you’re not that good about what you do. 

Thanks to the cardholder, you can also protect your personal information. If you use your ID card to access doors or restricted areas, some holders come with RFID blocking to protect this sensitive data. Finally, you can get similar badges for the members of your team to show that you belong to a specific group

Axess Long Slim Wallet

If you’re looking for a great all-round wallet that sticks to the traditional look of a leather bi-fold then this Wallet by Axess might be for you. Along with the included ID card slot the wallet is made from premium materials and has some great functionality including a quick access slot on the front. The wallet also comes in some unique colors which you don’t really get with leather wallets. This includes the stark green color which would be quite the statement piece. 

Coming in at a price tag of $59.00 the wallet is a fair price based on the high-quality materials its made from. You can guarantee this wallet will last you over the years and when I originally reviewed this wallet couldn’t fault the ease of use when out and about. For more information on the Axess Long Slim wallet click the link below.

Buffalo Jackson Tri-Fold

Buffalo Jackson is a brand that I’d describe as American through and through. They stand out from the crowd with their handmade leather goods and this is proven with their great range of leather wallets. One of my favorites – and a wallet I’ve talked about in the past – is the Denver Tri-fold. Being the only trifold on this list the wallet has great functionality along with the ID card slot sitting directly in the middle for ease of access. 

It’s also worth mentioning the quality of Buffalo Jackson Wallets. Made from 100% cow leather the wallet excels in its quality and feel. Just from the unboxing, you’re immediately hit with the smell of real leather and I’ve never had any issue with quality over extensive use of this wallet. 

Coming in at a price tag of $69.95 the Denver wallet is one of the most expensive on this list. But that’s for good reason, you can’t fault the build quality and if you’re looking for a slightly larger wallet with great functionality this might be for you. For more information on the Buffalo Jackson Denver wallet click the link below. 

Slimfold Nano Soft Shell

A bit of a different wallet on this list. The Slimfold is a brand that create minimalist wallets made entirely from elastic – a material that has many advantageous properties. Not only is the wallet very slim (coming in at only 8 1/8″ x 2 1/2″ opened) but the Slimfold is incredibly well made. I always had my doubts with elastic wallets as I never found one with a strong build quality and found they deteriorate faster than most wallets on the market. Slimfold doesn’t suffer from this issue and I found that it has a premium feel despite the negative stereotype of elastic as a material.

One benefit of elastic is how easy it is to clean and resistant to the elements. I tend to sway towards elastic wallets when I go camping – or running – as the elastic can be easily cleaned (in the washing machine) and is sweat resistant. Of course, the Slimfold also comes with an ID card slot that fits snuggly in the wallet.

Coming in at $40.00 the Slimfold is quite expensive for an elastic wallet. Nevertheless, the quality is fantastic, RFID security is included as standard and the wallet is perfect in size. For more information on the Slimfold wallet click the link below. 

Kore Bi-Fold Slim Wallet

Kore as a brand is innovative in the products they produce. Although I came for the wallets I stayed for the innovative patented belts they produce which are downright phenomenal. The best wallet in their range is the Kore Bi-fold slim. A midway minimalist wallet that conforms to their ideology of premium, and innovative. Along with an ID card slot on the right, the wallet also includes RFID blocking technology and enough card capacity to fit even the largest amount of cards.

Coming in at $39.95 the Kore Bi-Fold is one of the cheapest wallets on this list. I can’t criticize the brand and being made from full-grain leather you can guarantee the wallet will last. For more information on the Kore wallet – and their range – click the link below.

Andar Apollo Wallet

I always admire Andar as a brand as they’re always innovating in the way they create and produce their wallets. Andar has some of the best quick access features I’ve seen in a wallet with an elasticated pull tab that is easy and effective to use. One of my favorites in the range – and the one with an ID card slot – is the Apollo. 

Along with its great quality, slim size and affordable price tag the Andar Apollo also includes a metal money clip running through the crease/seam of the bi-fold. This is a nice and effective way to store your physical banknotes and provides easy access while helping keep the wallet light and slim. 

The Andar comes in at around $52.00 which isn’t a bad price having used the wallet and knowing about the quality it provides. The Andar also comes with a 12-month warranty so you can have further peace of mind in case the wallet suffers from any sort of deterioration. For more information on the Andar Apollo click the link below.

Final Verdict

ID card slot wallets are slowly becoming a thing of the past and I think it’s great certain brands are keeping this dying feature a life. For more ‘best of’ articles which not browse through our guides by clicking the link below. If you want any individual advice on any wallets you can also contact us directly at


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