The Best Men’s Wallet Brands 2021

A Lot of people ask which brands I admire the most in the world of wallets. Let me get one thing straight first. I dislike designer brands who just happen to sell wallets alongside hundreds of other clothing related products. These brands (think of the likes of Gucci) are simply mass producing generic wallets and sticking their brand on them. In my opinion, a sign of a good wallet brand is one who has designed something unique and has an entire brand dedicated to producing innovative and functional wallets. This is what this list is. I’ll also be mentioning some brands that I would personally stay away from and the reasons why.

There are so many amazing small wallet companies out there and I feel it’s my job to help raise their awareness and keep you away from those ‘generic’ mass produced brands. Let’s dive straight in.

Bellroy Wallets

Bellroy were one of the first wallet brands I came across that truly dedicated themselves to perfecting the men’s wallet. They began in the early 2000s were a team of designers and creatives decided it was time to design a better and slimmer bi-fold. It was nearly 10 years later their first wallet was released in 2010. 

Bellroy are also certified B Corp which means they are recognized that business could – and should – be used for good to constantly pursue better ways to create sustainable products and have as little impact on the environment.

With a large selection of wallets available there is bound to be something for you. Each wallet also comes in a huge variety of colors (sometimes 10+) so it’s easy to find something which meets your individual style. The final thing to mention is price. Bellroy wallets are by no means cheap. Running at between £45 – £300 it can sometimes be hard to justify such a large price tag. Nevertheless, I’ve used Bellroy wallets off and on for many years now and they consistently outperform many competitors and their durability is second to none. 

Pros & Cons

  • Sustainable brand
  • Huge range of innovative wallets
  • High quality
  • Largest wallet manufacturer
  • Wallets can be pricey

Favorite Bellroy Wallets 

Dun Wallets

Dun crops up a lot in many of my reviews. Although they only have 3 wallets in their range (one which is more of a travel case) I firmly believe this wallet brand is worth taking a look at. Originating from Kickstarter the Dun raised over $25,000 from 675 investors and made a name for themselves as a premium brand with clever design and innovative functionality. 

The range is by no means cheap coming in at $65 for the cheapest wallet but you can guarantee you’re paying for quality. I lent my friend the Dun wallet all the way back in 2016 and he’s never looked back when it comes to a minimalist wallet.

The Dun Wallet actually made it into our best men’s wallet guide for 2019. You can also read our full review of the wallet here. 

Pros & Cons

  • Free global shipping on all orders
  • 30 days free return if unsatisfied
  • Premium quality and truly innovative designs
  • Small range and quite expensive

Favorite Dun Wallets 

  • The Original Dun Wallet

  • The Dun Fold Wallet

A-Slim Wallets

What I like about A-Slim is there’s something for everyone. No matter if you’re looking for something traditional like a bi fold or something a bit slimmer they have a wallet for everyone. They also take great care in their design with a team who have over 50 years combined experience in the leather industry. With huge emphasis on brand integrity and social environmental considerations the A-Slim range of wallets is sure to take your fancy.

They also come in at a really affordable prices. With the cheapest wallet  being less than $20 they have competitive prices and a range to match. Here is what A-Slim had to say about themselves. 

‘Produce the most delightfully crafted leather goods incorporating the latest technologies and techniques to offer a range unrivalled in its possible uses, a range that is built for the future. We don’t take the word “most” lightly either; each and every design here has been through rigorous testing and only then will we offer them to you’.

Pros & Cons

Huge range of wallets

Premium material and

Affordable wallets

Wallets are not unique or innovative

No free shipping

Favourite A-Slim wallets 

A-Slim Machete

A-Slim Sunnari

Cafe Leather Supply

I recovered cafe supply by chance and they quickly became one of my favorite brands. Originating from Spain they main ethos is creating simplistic wallets made from the highest quality leather material. 

Back in the day I never really have any regards to the material my wallet was made from. It wasn’t until I realised that the phase “genuine leather” was actually a low grade leather it made me rethink the way I thought about quality and the materials used. 

When I first opened my cafe supply bi fold wallet the first thing that hits you is the smell. The premium cowhide leather fills you nostrils with the most wonderful smell that doesn’t fade but lasts. 

If you’re looking for a more traditional bi fold wallet but made to perfection then I highly recommend the cafe supply range of wallets. For more information visit their website by clicking here

Pros & Cons

The best quality wallets

Great prices for the quality 

The best packaging for a wallet I’ve ever come across

Wallets lack many basic features 

Our Favourite Cafe Supply wallets

Ultra Slim Jamaica

Card Holder Panama+

Ekster Wallets

Ekster first came onto the scene on Kickstarter. From here they’ve cemented themselves as a top brand in the wallet world and for good reason. Their main wallet – the Esker Parliament – is truly innovative with many features not really seen within a wallet before.

The wallet has a unique card access mechanic which at a push of a button allows you to Cascade your cards out allowing for easy access. Along with this wallet is one of the top smart wallets on the market with a trackable card which takes the stress out of ever losing your wallet again (optional extra). 

With wallets ranging from around $60.00 – $80.00, the Ekster range of wallets is competitively priced with fantastic quality and elegance for the said price tag. To check out the Ekster brand visit their official website by clicking the link below.

Pros & Cons

Smart Wallet

Amazingly innovative and functional

Great affordable prices

Design is not for everyone

Valhalla Wallets

Valhalla is probably the smallest wallet brand I recommend. This small family business from American craft some of the most bizarre and unusual looking wallets on the market today. The wallets are made from an epoxy resin hand-poured and mixed in a variety of colors to create strange – almost psychedelic – designs.

The husband and wife duo are definitely paving the way for innovation in the style and using a material I’ve not come across in any wallets before. In terms of the actual wallet designs, they go for a minimalist design with rubber bands to secure your cash and cards. This type of design is nothing new, but that’s not why you buy a Valhalla wallet. 

If you’re looking for a wallet that turns heads and stands out from the crowd then you can do a lot worse than purchasing a wallet from Valhalla. For more information visit their website by clicking the link below.

Pros & Cons

Most innovative designs

Affordable prices

Slim & minimalist wallets

Almost always sold out

Andar Wallets

Andar is a strong brand with a huge variety of functional and attractive wallets. Andar is a Spanish verb meaning ‘to carry’. Started in 2015 they aimed to create wallets that combine the best of minimalism and functionality. 

One thing that stood out to me about Andar were the way they were able to innovate in design and fix issues to make a wallet simply better. For example, my first Andar wallet – the Apollo – has a quick access slot which uses an elasticated mechanism to quickly access your card. This is by far the best implementation of a quick access card slot I’ve ever seen in a wallet.

Andar also offers a unique and strong range of wallets at affordable prices. With the cheapest wallet around £12.00 and the most expensive £44.00 Andar offers a range of prices to help cater to anyone’s budget. For more information on the Andar range of wallets visit their website by clicking the link below.

Pros & Cons

Great range of prices

Innovative and functional wallets

Favorite Andar Wallets

The Apollo

The Pilot

Wallet Brands to Avoid

Some brands just don’t make the cut. This is probably going to split opinion but I personally try to avoid any wallets from big named designer brands. Think the likes of Gucci or tommy hilfiger. But this isn’t exclusive to them. Other brands such as Harschel – or even simply purchasing a wallet from walmart – is a big no no in my book.

If you want more information on wallet brands and any additional recommendations based on the type of wallet you want why not drop us a line at 


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