The Best Carbon Fiber Wallets

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Carbon Fiber is quickly becoming one of the most popular types of material for use in men’s wallets today. But what makes carbon fiber good and is it the right material to add to your everyday carry? In this article, I am going to discuss the pros and cons of carbon fiber and look into some of the leading and best wallets made from this advanced 21st-century material. Check out the video below to discover what Carbon Fiber actually is. 

Why Choose Carbon Fiber?

Carbon Fiber is a popular material due to many of the advantageous benefits it provides compared to many traditional materials in the wallet world (mainly leather). While being lightweight the wallet is also incredibly durable and is used in many applications (such as cars) for its strength and durability over time.

This means carbon fiber can give you peace of mind that your wallet will – and can – last a lifetime with little worry it can become damaged over time. The material also has a unique look to it which has often been attributed to high-speed supercars as the material is often used to keep cars light and improve performance. 

That being said, Carbon Fiber does have some disadvantages. Being a hardy material it does limit innovation in the type of wallets you can buy. Usually, you’re limited to hard case-styled wallets with an emphasis on minimalism and a smaller size limiting the capacity and functionality of the wallet. Carbon Fiber also isn’t a cheap material which means you’ll usually have to pay a premium to get your hands on a wallet made from the stuff. 

CarbonMod Wallet

Sleek and attractive. What sets the Carbon Mod aside from others on this list is the day you access your cards. Usually, a sliding mechanism with a simple pull of a lever the Carbon Mod seamlessly cascades your cards in a fluid motion providing easy access to your cards. 

This is a mechanism most famously seen in the Kickstarter success story ‘Esker’ but also seen in other wallets such as the Ekster Wallet. Overall, it’s hard to complain when it comes to using it in daily life. It not only helps streamline what you’re carrying but provides a minimalist design wrapped in the advantages provided by carbon fiber. 

Coming in at a price tag of $79.00 (currently half price) the carbon Mod is reasonably priced and gives you the real carbon fiber experience. For more information on the CarbonMod wallet check out their official website with the link below. 

The Ridge Wallet

I’ve talked about the Ridge Wallet a lot as one of the most successful examples of innovation and design I’ve come across. The Ridge is also one of the highest-rated wallets I’ve come across with over 30,000 individual reviews at 4 – 5 stars. Because of this the wallet firmly takes a position on this list and is perhaps the highest-rated wallet ever. 

The Ridge is a minimalist carbon fiber wallet that integrates great functionality into an attractive durable design. In a case style, the Ridge offers great card/cash capacity (1-12 cards) while only coming in at a size of 86 x 54 x 6mm. It also comes in a range of different designs meaning you can choose one that best meets your individual preferences. 

The Carbon Fiber Ridge Wallets are priced highly coming in at $125.00. Is this worth such a high price tag? I’ll leave that to you. But I can say if you’re looking for style – and the safety of a popular brand – then I think the Ridge wallet is a great choice and it won’t disappoint. It also comes with a free 45-day returns policy and a lifetime guarantee. For more information on the Ridge check out our full review of the wallet by clicking here.

Dango M1 R-SPEC Wallet

The Dango M1 is another highly popular and sort after brand. Although not solely dedicated to carbon fiber wallets (most of their range are metal wallets) The M1 is a unique wallet in their collection as a hybrid between carbon fiber and metal. The design to resemble a supercar can only be described as a wallet Elon Musk might develop if he ever ended up in the market.

The wallet is built out of four distinct materials that complement each other nicely. These include Carbon Fiber, aerospace-grade 6061 aluminum, a rubber band, and finished with a bolted-on piece of top grain leather with accented stitching. You really can’t fault the build quality of the wallet and

In terms of its features, the wallet is fairly simple. Cards are stored in a typical card ‘stacking’ style with a capacity of up to 8 cards. Although the wallet doesn’t have a dedicated area for physical banknotes the rubber band solves this problem as cash can be folded and tucked under the band for security. 

Much like the Ridge Wallet the Dango M1 wallet isn’t cheap coming in at $129.00. If you do decide this is the wallet for you I can guarantee this is a wallet that will last a lifetime and is a pure feat of engineering in design and style. For more information on the Dango M1 click the link below.

Frenchie Co. Speed Wallet

The Frenchie Co style of wallet is a larger tri-fold style wallet that again gained popularity through a successful Crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The first alliteration of this wallet was all leather but they eventually released a hybrid carbon fiber version which is every bit as beautiful. 

The wallet has a bunch of nifty features such as the inclusion of quick access slots (for easy access to cards) and enough card/cash capacity to meet even the largest amounts (1-6 cards and full-width easy access cash slot). 

The design is also worth mentioning as it looks like the premium part with the use of high-quality materials and seamless stitching. But this does come at a hefty price tag. Coming in at $129.00 the wallet isn’t for the faint-hearted but if you’re looking for a wallet with unique character and great storage then you can’t go wrong with the Frenchie speed wallet. For more information on the Frenchie Wallet click the link below or read our full review of the wallet here.

Hu Mn Carbon Wallet

A more affordable wallet on this list. The Hu Mn provides those who want a carbon fiber wallet at the lower end of the price spectrum. The Hu Mn is very simple in design and is the slimmest wallet on this list. 

Made from a single 3mm plate of Carbon Fiber wrapped and connected to a small strip of elastic the Hu Mn is meant for people who carry little and want to streamline their EDC. Cards are stacked upon each other for a max capacity of 6 – 10 cards with notes being folded and fixed underneath the elastic strap. 

Coming in at $64.95 the Hu Mn is the cheapest wallet on this list. It provides a simple and elegant design that is best suited for people who carry less but also want the look, feel, and added qualities carbon fiber provides. For more information on the Hu Mn wallet check out our full review here or click the link below. 

The Fantom Wallet

The Fantom Wallet closely resembles the previously talked about Carbon Mod wallet. The biggest difference is in its design and the additional feature to easily store coins and other small items. The wallet is also another cascading card wallet that easily fans your cards in an easy-to-access manner. The difference here is it cascades them out in a horizontal fashion. The Fantom also comes in a huge range of colors along with multiple sizes allowing you to choose the version which best suits the number of cards you carry with you on a daily basis. 

My favorite thing about this wallet though is its design. Designed by mechanical engineers the futuristic look really makes it stand out from the crowd and as you’d imagine – being designed by engineers – the wallet’s build quality is nothing short of perfect. 

Coming in at a price tag of $91.00 the Fantom wallet is expensive but priced well compared to other wallets given the fact is complex internal mechanism and quality. For a full review of the Fantom wallet click here or check out their official website below. 

The Ogon Clip Wallet

The Ogon Clip Wallet is as the name suggests a minimalist clip shaped from a solid piece of carbon fiber. Along with being slim in size the Ogen is also incredibly durable and lightweight something you’d expect from this material. Unlike other wallets on this list, the entire wallet is made entirely from carbon fiber which gives it a unique position on this list as most other wallets are hybrids of some sort. 

For me, there’s something really satisfying about how this wallet looks. Whether it’s the beautifully curved carbon fiber or the great contrast in colors between black and yellow I personally think this is the most attractive wallet on this list. 

It works exactly how your world expects it in practice. Cards are stacked upon each other and wedged between the two halves of the clip. There is a groove or cutout at the top which gives you the ability to seamlessly push the cards in and out for easy access. Cash is also stored the same way by folding the notes.

Coming in at $90.00 the Ogon Carbon card clip is – yet gain – an expensive wallet. But the wallet does come in two variants. The first is the expensive $90.00 version which is made from 100% genuine carbon fiber. The second is an identical wallet in looks yet isn’t actually made from carbon fiber but is made from a plastic material. This version comes in at a significantly reduced price of just $30.00 so if you’re only looking for the aesthetics of carbon fiber this is probably a better option for you. For more information on the Ogon Carbon Clip click the link below. 

The Kore Slim Wallet

The Kore Slim Wallet is a great example of a hybrid wallet with the majority of the wallet taking its form in its leather body which is really slim in size (coming in at 2.77 x 4×1/8 inches) and a separate carbon fiber clip that sits on the outside from storing your cash. As a leather wallet, the build quality is great being made from full-grain leather.

It Kore Slim can hold up to 8 cards total and also comes with a nifty pull tab to quickly get access to your cards. The carbon clip is there for easy storage of any notes (folded of course) and to keep the wallet lightweight and durable. The wallet also comes with free additional RFID blocking cards to protect you from potential fraud. 

The leather and carbon fiber complement each other nicely as it provides an all-around take on playing to the strengths of both materials. Coming in at a price tag of $48.95. This is a great price for a great wallet and I recommend it to anyone who wants a minimalist wallet that plays to the strengths of leather and carbon. For more information on the Kore Slim check out our full review by clicking here or check out their website with the link below.


Pitaka MagEZ Wallet

The Pitaka Wallet isn’t just famous for its beautifully crafted carbon fiber body, but also due to being dubbed as the world’s first magnetic wallet. It uses a plate or layering system to create a truly innovative wallet that can be customized to fit your individual needs. Each of these plates is connected through strong magnets that keep the wallet firmly together until needed. At the point, you need to access any credit/debit cards you can simply slide or fan out the plates to access what you need.

It can be a little fiddly to get used to at the beginning and I understand why people don’t like the system. There’s also the potential issue of credit card demagnetization that could ruin your cards, but it shouldn’t be an issue as explained in our article on the subject. Other features include optional extras for improved functionality including coin storage, a money clip, and the choice of a custom monogram. 

At a price tag of $80.00 for the standard wallet with additional layers costing between $25.00$35.00 each. This is obviously quite expensive for a wallet and won’t be everybody’s cup of tea. That being said, the quality of the carbon fiber is beautiful, its size is perfect for a slimline carry and it works great in practice with its innovative magnetic features. For more information on the Pitaka Wallet check out their official website using the link below.


Elephant N Wallet

Our Budget picks of the bunch. The N Wallet by Elephant is a minimalist carbon fiber wallet with a clean look and beautiful craftsmanship. In essence, the wallet works by holding your cash and cards between two carbon fiber plates, all secured with a strong elasticated band. The N Wallet itself is only just slightly larger than a classic credit/debit card coming in at only 90 mm ​​(W) x 58 mm (H) enabling it to easily be stored in a front or back pocket with comfort and ease. 

Can store up to 16 cards but I personally wouldn’t recommend it. With cards being stored in a stacking style the more cards you have the bulkier the wallet gets. This can quickly turn the wallet from a minimalist one to one that is bulky in the pocket. More cards can also inhibit how easily you can access your cards. My recommendation is 4 – 8 cards max, with fewer always been better. Finally, the wallet has a range of customization options for its elastic cash strap with 14 unique colors to choose from – a nice touch to include if you ask me. 

The best thing of all is the price tag. Coming in at $29.99 the N Wallet is one of our cheapest on this list and enables you to purchase a truly carbon fiber wallet (none of these fake ones) at a decent and affordable price tag. For more information on the N Wallet check out their official website using the link below. 

Carbon Fiber FAQ

The Most Frequently asked questions regarding Carbon Fiber / Wallets

What is Carbon Fiber?

In a nutshell, carbon fiber is a material made from thin, strong filament of carbon. Carbon Fiber can be as thin as a strand of hair and usually gets weaved and twisted together to create the material we all know. Its popularity comes from the fact these fibers are as strong as many metals, yet much lighter making them perfect in industries such as aerospace and the military. Other adventagous properties of carbon fiber include high stiffness, low weight, high tolerance to heat, and strength. 

How to clean carbon fiber?

Carbon Fiber is very easy to clean much more than say leather. A simple water and soap solution should suffice when cleaning the material. Carbon Fiber should also be fine if you accidentally wash your wallet in a washing machine at high temperatures. This is one of the fantastic properties of the material. 

Be aware Fake Carbon Fiber Wallets

Some companies shout about how their wallets are made from carbon fiber, but in reality, are made from a synthetic plastic material that only has the appearance of carbon fiber. Make sure, when searching for a carbon fiber wallet, to do your own due-diligence. If the price is too good to be true, the likely hood is you’re stumbled upon one of these fakes. 

Does carbon Fiber Scratch?

Carbon fiber itself does not scratch easily but that doesn’t make it exempt from doing so. Like most materials scratching is common and although Carbon Fiber is strong it can still suffer from hairline scratches with poor care. This is especially true with certain types of carbon fiber that are combined with other materials. 

Are carbon fiber wallets good?

There’s no doubt carbon fiber wallets are good. The properties of the material simply out perform many commonly used materials in wallets (including leather and metal). That being said, Carbon Fiber is far more expensive for the most part and you will pay for the luxury of this material. Carbon Fiber also has a distinctive look that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. 

how light is carbon fiber?

Carbon Fiber is one of the lightest materials, and strongest, materials you can get your wallet made from. A good measure of how light it actually is compared to the likes of Aluminum. The data show carbon fiber is about 7 times as strong and has an average density of about 1800 kg/m^3. Compare this to Aluminum, which sits at roughly 2700 kg/m^3, and you can clearly see carbon fiber wins on most metrics. 


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