The Best EDC Tactical Wallets

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What is an EDC Wallet? Put simply an EDC wallet (or everyday carry) is a type of wallet that integrates multiple types of tools that add additional functionality when used in daily life. A really simple and common example of this is having a bottle opener as part of the wallet such as in the case of the Spine wallet. 

Although I wouldn’t consider the spine an EDC wallet these types go one step further by offering many different types of tools. This is also where the name ‘tactical’ comes from as the wallet is meant to serve you in outdoor situations perhaps when you’re camping or traveling light. (The term tactical & EDC wallet will be used interchangeably in this article).


What Makes an EDC Wallet?

EDC wallets can be defined with a few criteria and all have common aspects among them. First of all, EDC wallets tend to be smaller in size and dimensions. They also tend to be made from harder materials such as metal so they can cope under more extreme situations and the chances of them ‘breaking’ is reduced greatly.

We also already talked about the ‘tool’ aspects of EDC wallets such as the inclusion of bottle openers, knives, and even screwdrivers. Finally, because of these added features, Tactical style wallets tend to be more expensive than the average wallet on the market so make sure the benefits of these features are worth the price tag! 

Is an EDC Wallet Right for Me?

With an EDC or tactical wallet, you want to understand how you use your wallet on a daily basis and if any of these tools that are frequently included with EDC-style wallets are useful to you. For example, do you frequently find yourself needing a knife or a bottle opener? If the answer to these questions is ‘No’ then you probably wouldn’t benefit from an EDC or Tactical wallet. 

If you’ve already decided that a tactical wallet might not be for you then don’t worry. We have a range of other wallet reviews available for you to check out. For more information on some of our favorite metal, carbon fiber or minimalist wallets click the links below. 

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Dango T01 Tactical Wallet

Dango is probably the most famous brand on this list and is defined by its unique range of metal and leather wallets which all encompass some form of tactical features. 

My favorite within this collection is the T01 Tactical Wallet which for me is the best in the range. The T01 is made from a combination of aerospace aluminum covered with DTEX Material which is flexible, water-resistant, and more durable than leather. The overall look of the Dango T01 is fantastic. It looks almost futuristic or space-age design and is super slim coming in at just over 0.3 inches thick when full to capacity. 

Speaking of card capacity the T01 can hold a maximum of 12 cards with a few notes that are folded and tucked under the included elastic band. But its main feature is the inclusion of a wallet multi-tool called the MT02 Multi-Tool. This tool designed by Dango themselves is specifically designed to fit perfectly inside the T01. The tool includes such features as a rope tensioner, hex wrench, flathead, and nail pryer (with many more). 

Coming in at a price range of $99.00 The Dango T01 is by no means cheap. But for me, the quality is there and it’s been a while since I’ve come across a wallet that puts so much emphasis on quality control and durability. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a minimalist wallet for the outdoors and wants it in a style that can only be described as Dango. For more information check out the Dango official website using the link below. 

Trayvax Contour Wallet

If Dango is the Sony of the wallet world then Trayxax would be Nintendo. Both these brands pave the way for innovation in the EDC wallet space and I could have included any one of their range in this review. 

Trayvax first came onto the scene in 2013 when the founder, Mark, set out to create a product that cuts down on waste but was also built to last creating a wallet with more utility than any other wallet on the market. Mark succeeded in his dream and became one of the top wallet brands to develop a range of wallets based on these philosophies. 

My favorite in the range is the Trayvax Contour Wallet. Made from a range of different metals for you to choose from including Titanium, Brass, and Stainless Steel. The metal body is surrounded by Horween Leather which offers a great combination of quality and durability. The overall look of the wallet is great. It has a combat-orientated look, is minimalist in size, and is built to last. 

In terms of its functionality, the Trayvax has a max capacity of between 3 – 6 credit/debit cards and can accommodate bills that get folded and stored under one of the leather sections of the wallet. The utility is built into the frame of the Contour Wallet with features such as a bottle opener, attachment point, sliding clasp, and Torx wrench. This is nice as compared to, say the Dango, the functionality is actually built into the wallet.

Coming in at a price range of $139.99 it’s the most expensive wallet on this list. I won’t say whether it’s worth the price or not because that’s down to you. It serves a niche purpose but I can guarantee for the right person you won’t find a better wallet on this list. For more information on the Contour wallet check out the Trayvax website by clicking the link below. 

Gerber GDC Money Clip 

The GDC money clip wallet is an attractive minimalist wallet with a difference. The main feature of the wallet is it includes an inbuilt 1.75-inch knife that’s discreet and easily accessible when needed. Made from metal with a titanium coated steel body the wallet is amazingly lightweight. 

The wallet has a max capacity of 5 cards and a money clip on the back to store any notes. The wallet is also priced well at only $30.00 but this does pose some issues as raised by the reviews of the wallet on their official website. Although I never found any issues with my own GFC money clip others are complaining about the fact the knife is blunt and it’s hard to use as the knife’s handle is very small (done deliberately to keep the wallet slim in size).

Nevertheless, the wallet is a great and attractive little wallet. If you are casually in need of a knife – for whatever reason – then this could be a great addition as it provides a seamless way to carry a knife in a lowkey, minimalist way. For more information on the Gerber GDC money clip wallet click the link below.

Jackfish Survival Wallet

The weirdest and most ambitious wallet on our list the jackfish survival wallet is crammed with features stripping back the wallet aspect and focusing more on what it can do in everyday situations. First funded on Kickstarter back in 2016 (raising almost 100K in funding) the jackfish is a great example of innovation and is probably the most ambitious EDC wallet on this list. The wallet doesn’t skimp on the tools with a variety of tools including a compass, whistle, water purifier, and fire starter (plus many more). These tools are definitely exclusive to the Jackfish and create a wallet with true uniqueness and functionality in use. Below is a full breakdown of all the tools included with the wallet.

Jackfish Wallet Tools

  1. Micro screwdriver flat head 0.8mm tip (ideal for glasses)
  2. Titanium coated Pozi drive standard hex bit (hex slot on side of jackfish)
  3. Titanium coated flat head standard hex bit (5mm width)
  4. Kingston micro SD card reader (no sd card supplied) carry copies of documents
  5. True Utility Telescopic Pen (opens to 118mm in length, 3 refills included) + cap
Survival Tools
  1. Aluminum Whistle (120 Decibel)
  2. Glass Vial (10 drops of liquid – for shipping we will send empty – No iodine!)
  3. Windproof match (burn for 5 seconds in the harshest of wind, includes striker)
  4. Firesteel 4.5mm wide (light a fire when everything else is wet)
  5. Spyderco Bug Knife (amazing quality and very sharp – 3Cr13MoV stainless steel)
  6. Liquid filled button compass (15mm diameter)

The wallet isn’t the strongest in terms of how it functions as a wallet though. With a max capacity of only 4 cards and no room for cash, the Jacksaw is definitely more of a tool than a wallet and this should be kept in mind.  

I’m unsure as to the current status of the jackfish at the moment. It was successfully funded and rewards scheduled to be shipped in back in 2016. The last update was in 2018 and the official website – is still not live which begs the question if the Jacksfish will ever be available to the general public. Nevertheless, the wallet is a great example of a tactical wallet and paves the way for future wallets to replicate what is an amazing little piece of innovation. For more information on the Jackfish Survival wallet check out their kickstarter page with the link below.


The TAQ Wallet

The TAQ Wallet by Quiqlite is a great example of a tactical wallet and takes the technical aspect of a wallet one step further. The TAQ Wallet’s main selling point is the inclusion of a Flashlight that sits on top of a metal frame. This frame is multi-functional allowing for storage of cash and cards (up to 8) and a money clip for bills. The Flashlight itself is surprisingly bright providing between 75 – 150 lumens, long battery life, and easy charging in only 1 – 2 hours using USB. Along with all of this you can choose between different light modes including strobes and different luminosity. 

The entire TAQ Wallet is also incredibly well-built which is a must for any Tactical wallet. Made from strong aluminum, stainless steel, and nylon thread. This is all beautifully crafted in such a way in which the simple design can accommodate more tactical features. This includes the likes of RFID Blocking, A Bottle opener, a Screwdriver, and even a glass-breaking tip. 

It’s clear from the start the TAQ Wallet is a highly functional and strong contender for anyone looking for a Tactical (EDC) style wallet. Coming in at $74.95 the wallet is still fairly priced compared to the likes of other wallets on this list and given the ‘smart’ or technology built within it, that’s fantastic. For more information on the TAQ Wallet check out their official website by clicking the link below. 

The Flipside Wallet

The Flipside Wallet is probably not defined as a tactical wallet but I thought it made a good addition to this list. It doesn’t come with any tool-like features but what it does offer is a wallet with strength, durability, and protection for your daily carry when out and about. The wallet is designed in a case style made from crush-resistant plastic material that serves as protection for everything inside.

Its name derives from the fact the Flipside uses a ‘flip’ style mechanism to access your stuff allowing you to seamlessly access your daily carry with ease. It has a max card capacity of between 6 – 12+ cards which makes it a great wallet for people who carry a lot of cards with them on the move. The included clip is also useful for storing physical notes but can also be stored inside the wallet.

Coming in at a price tag of $39.95 the wallet is one of the most affordable on this list. The only gripe I have with the wallet is it’s fairly thick creating a noticeable bulge in the pocket. Nevertheless, the wallet is highly functional, durable and makes for a great wallet for those who want added protection. For more information check out the Flipside website by clicking the link below. 


Wallet Multi-Tools

If you want to retain a standard-looking wallet, say a traditional bifold or leather wallet, then you can also go about purchasing a wallet multi-tool that enables you to transform any standard wallet into one with more EDC or Tactical features. 

One such example of a wallet multi-tool is the popular Ninja Wallet Tool. As the image shows above, this tool is perfectly designed and shaped like a credit or debit card so it can easily fit in any standard-sized card slot. The tool itself comes with a huge variety of functions including and not limited to a bottle opener, hex wrenches, ruler, and cell phone stand. 

Not only this, but these multi-tools are by far one of the most affordable wallet accessories on the market and can come in at a price as little as $5.00 depending on which one you want and the variety of tools they offer. For more information on wallet multi-tools visit our accessories page using the link below. 


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