The Best Wood Wallets

[Buyers Guide 2021]

Wood. God’s natural gift to this earth. With its smell and unique texture, you can guarantee no one single piece will ever be the same. If you’re considering a wood wallet then you must have already had some thoughts as to why. Wood offers a unique variation to the traditional wallet that no other material can. It’s already been proven that wood – and the general nature of the outdoors – helps boost your mood and has been linked to positivity and wellbeing.

So it’s no surprise that this natural material has been used by man since the beginning of time and will continue to forever. The first wooden wallet I ever tried was actually terrible. Large, bulky and to be brutal one of the worst wallets I’ve ever reviewed (I’ll mention no names). But since then the world has innovated and I’ve tried many amazing wooden wallets – some good and some not so good.

Should I get a Wood Wallet?

Wood is a fantastic material. But as far as wallets go you’ll be restricted with the range of features the wallet will have. What wooden wallets are great for is the look and design but if you’re looking for features such as card slots or coin storage then it’s probably best you look at other wallets. Why not check out our best tri-fold or bi-fold wallets. These might be more suited to you.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Wooden Wallets

  • Wood is a hard material which means the wallet will always be restricted with its functionality and what the offer can offer in terms of its features.
  • Wood is a natural material which means the wallet can be more prone to scruffs and scratches and can degrade faster over time. You may need to implement some care routine if you want your wallet to stay fresh. 
  • Wooden wallets tend to be more expensive (but not always the case). This is due to the fact that many wooden wallets are handmade and handcrafted out of the material. You may need a bigger budget for some of the wooden wallets on this list. 
  • Wood is a beautiful material. If you’re attracted to the unique natural designs wood has to offer.
  • Wooden wallets tend to be minimalist or slim in design. If you tend to carry less cash and cards – or are looking to reduce how much you carry on a daily basis – a wooden wallet could be for you.

The Fusion Wallet 2

The Fusion Wallet was one of the very first wallet success stories on Kickstarter. Handcrafted and designed by Tom the wallet really is an innovation and is by far the most unique looking on this list. With a combination of wood and metal, the wallet can be customized to your liking with the options of 

The functionality of the wallet is very simple. It acts as a cardholder where you can fit between. Make sure to leave room for your notes as the only downside to the wallet is it doesn’t have any dedicated storage for your notes. 

Coming in at a price tag of £50.00 (around $65.00 at the time of writing) the wallet is by no means cheap. But I’d say this is to be expected from a handmade wallet of this caliber. If you’re looking for a wallet that turns heads and is beyond unique (you can guarantee that 99% of people won’t own this wooden wallet) then this is the wallet for you. For more information on the Fusion Wallet visit their website by clicking the link below – or read our full article on the Fusion 2 wallet.

Stitch & Locke Cork Wallet

Being made from Cork and wool the Stitch & Locke Wallet is one of the only wallets on this list that’s soft and malleable in appearance. The overall design is very aesthetically pleasing as it reminds me of nordic design which plays into a more minimalist lifestyle. 

Its functionality plays on the more basic side. With 2 available slots, the wallet can hold a full capacity of 6 – 8 cards. One point to add is the fewer cards you have the more space cards have to breathe. This isn’t necessarily a good thing as I found cards become loose and could easily fall out unexpectedly. Nevertheless, the wonderful aesthetics the wallet feels small and comfortable in the pocket and is surely a head-turner among friends. 

Coming in at a price tag of $38.00 the cork wallet is one of the more reasonably priced wallets on this list (but still not cheap). For more information on this wallet visit their official website by clicking the link below.

Sapling Wooden Wallet

One of the first and original wooden wallets I discovered. The Sapling Wallet with its range of woods, weird geometric shape, and optional custom engravings makes the Sapling and great choice. The ergonomic design almost gives a futuristic look with its etched engravings and hard-edged appearance.

The wallet is designed in two wooden sections with cards sandwiched between the two. This gives an almost limitless capacity for cards but I wouldn’t recommend that as it does add some girth to the wallet increasing its size. The wallet also has a thin elastic band that wraps around the middle of the Sapling wallet. This is a great addition as it allows you to better store any notes or paper items you might carry with you on a daily basis. 

Priced at $30.00 (currently reduced from $40.00) the Sapling is considered a low-end wallet but it’s a fantastic design and minimalist style is great for anyone looking for a wooden wonder. For more information on this wallet visit their website by clicking the link below.

Madera Union Wallet

Probably the most beautiful (and expensive) wallet from this collection. In a range of hardwoods, suitable for 2 to 6 cards and with RFID blocking this wallet is a great choice for those willing to pay the hefty price tag. The wood grain is exotic coming in cherry, oak, and walnut and it is just generally pleasing on the eye.

The wallet is suitable for around 2 to 6 cards. I found a happy medium in the middle with 3 -4. The reverse side of the wallet hosts a quick cash strap. Made from metal and also premium in its materials the wallet can easily store notes and other paper items with ease. The wallet also has RFID plating which if you don’t know is a great inclusion to help prevent contactless card theft causing by electronic skimming. 

Coming in at $75.00 the wallet is the most expensive on this list. But I’m my opinion it’s worth the price tag if you’re looking for a wooden minimalist wallet. For more information on the Union Wallet visit their official website by clicking the link below.

Update: Unfortunately, Madera has ceased trading and the Madera Union wallet is no longer available to purchase. Sad times.

Recycled Skateboard Wallet

One of my favorites on this list is the recycled skateboard wallet. As someone who considers himself an advocate of sustainability and the environment having a wallet made from recycled materials is an amazing benefit in my eyes. 

As the name suggests the wallet is made from recycled skateboard and is a great way to reuse a material that otherwise would go to waste. It helps tremendously that the skateboard is also incredibly attractive with unique color patternation on the wood. 

Aimed at those looking to downsize their wallets the Skateboard wallet is very simple. Just a simple plank of wood no larger than a credit card and a rubber band to keep any additional items (like notes or receipts) in place. 

Coming in at around $28.00 and only available through Etsy the Recycled skateboard wallet is very attractive at a fair and reasonable price. For more information on this wood wallet check out their Etsy page by clicking the link below.

The Arbor Bamboo Wallet

Probably the most innovative wallet on this list the Bound Tight Bamboo wallet is an example of a wooden wallet that doesn’t need to be made from a block of wood. Instead, it’s made from weaving individual pieces of Bamboo to create a wallet that can only be compared to a wicker basket. 

I love the innovation in this wallet and the fact its flexible means you can get your hands on a wooden wallet that doesn’t have many of the limiting factors many wooden wallets have.

The wallet is designed like a typical bi-fold with multiple card slots for safe storage. I found it can best hold 6 credit or debit cards but it can carry more. Available in a range of colors (Ebony (Pine), Walnut, Cherry, and Maple) the Arbor Bamboo wallet is great for those who want the aesthetics of a wooden wallet but in the traditional experience of a leather bi-fold. 

Update: This seems to be another wood wallet that is no longer available to purchase. Arbor as a brand still exists but this innovative Bamboo wallet is no longer available to purchase. 

Carved Wood & Resin Wallet

Probably the most unique wooden wallet you can get this wallet is bound to get your creative juices flowing. This wallet is another handmade wonder made with resin. What this does is produce unique and amazing patternation like nothing I’ve seen on a wallet before and has an almost galactic/galaxy look to it. Each wallet would be entirely unique and that adds to it’s selling point to me.

In terms of its functionality, the Carved Resign wallet is a simple minimalist flat design. You store your cards by stacking them on top of each other and secured with an elasticated band used to keep your notes safe. Remember, if the wallet isn’t meant to be functional. If you purchase a wallet like this it’s solely for the aesthetic and it does that very well.

Priced at a steady $59.00 I really like this wallet and think that’s a reasonable price tag. The wallet is going to be completely subjective based on the look of the wallet but if you like what you see this could be the wooden wallet for you. For more information on the Carved Resin wallet click the link below.


Corkor ‘Cork’ Wallets

If you want a wood wallet that isn’t as hardy as some others on this list then Corkor might be the best for you. Corkor Wallets are made from cork, the bark of the oak tree, and unlike traditional wooden wallets are soft and malleable more like leather in appearance. Because of this Corkor wallets come in a huge variety of designs from traditional bi-folds to minimalist cardholders. Along with this Cork as a material has some amazing properties that normal wooden wallets wouldn’t have including water-resistance while being incredibly sustainable as you don’t need to kill trees to harvest the cork. Cork also has an incredible and unique look with a distinct texture and  

My favorite wallet in the Corkor range is the cork is its traditional style bi-fold. This is its own take on a typical leather counterpart but has a bunch of added benefits including its lightweightness (due to the cork) and its slim profile. It has a great capacity for cash and cards with an included full-width card slot for storage of banknotes from across the world. Finally, the range of colors it’s available in elegant and sleek including black, tan, dark brown, and my personal favorite – red.

The Corkor range is also incredibly affordable starting at a price tag of $30.00 (for their minimalist wallet) and ranging as high as $50.00 (for their passcase wallet). I highly recommend these wallets to the point where I’ve become an official retailer of the brand in our wallet store. For more information on the Corkor range and to see if they’re right for you check them out using the link below. 


Jimmy Case Wallets

I couldn’t not include a phone case wallet on this list as they provide a fantastic way to combine your phone and wallet into one easy EDC (everyday carry) item. This means, theoretically, you could ditch your wallet altogether and make the ultimate switch from two daily carry items to one. What makes the range of Jimmy Cases different is their unique style using a combination of wood, plastic, and elastic to create an attractive and elegant phone case wallet that meets

Available in all major smartphone models (including iPhone and Android models) the Jimmy case is simple in design. Your phone is placed inside a plastic bumper that provides the edges and outside from drops with a shock-resistant material. The backplate is where the wallet really shines in design being made from wood with a choice from ebony, maple, pine, or oak. 

On top of this wood, an elastic pouch is secured that enables you to store any number of credit/debit cards or cash if you so wish. You might only get away with completely ditching your wallet for the Jimmy Case if you are a minimalist and don’t carry much cash or cards, to begin with. I found the Jimmy Case could store around 3 – 5 cards easily with a decent amount of cash (folded of course). For more information on the Jimmy Wallet Case check out our full review or visit their website directly using the link below. 


The Dixtinta Wallet

Dixtinta is one of the lesser-known brands on this list. I stumbled across them when looking for a minimalist wooden wallet and wasn’t disappointed with its choice of material, size, and range of style options available. In essence, the Dixtinta is a slim wallet made from Cork. For such a small wallet (coming in at only 9.5 x 6 x 0.8 cm) the Dixtinta is incredibly versatile with many features you’d find hard to find on wallets much larger than itself.

Its functionality is where it really shines in bi-fold style design. It includes a full-width cash slot at the top, enough room for 3 -5 credit/debit cards, comfortably, and even a button-up coin compartment for storage of coins or other small items like keys. In practice, I found the Dixtinta to work very effectively with little issues and perform on a daily basis. The wallet also comes in a variety of different styles to choose from with certain models combining leather, available in different colors, to add to the quality and distinct look this wallet has to offer. 

Available at a very affordable price tag of around $30.00 I can’t really say much other than this is a great wallet with fantastic functionality with a range of design options to meet your individual preferences. The only thing I’ll say is the design of the wallet is a little feminine so it might not be to everybody’s tastes but as far as a wallet goes the Dixtinta is great. For more information on this wallet check out our full breakdown, or visit their official website using the link below. 


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