The Best Waterproof Wallets

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Adventures and travelers rejoice. There’s nothing worse than going on holiday and realizing that your wallet may succumb to water damage as you didn’t plan accordingly. No worries, this article is here to get your prepared for such eventuality and you won’t need to worry about any water damage to your wallet or belongings.

Waterproof Wallets differ quite extensively from other wallets on the market. As a device to keep your cash and cards protected you usually find waterproof wallets are in a Hardcase style with the ultimate aim to keep water out no matter what. There are some exceptions to this – as we will see later – but generally speaking, if you want a totally waterproof wallet then you’ll need to think about going down this path. 

Other wallets on this list are considered water resistant which means they can protect themselves against water damage but wouldn’t fair well being submerged within the water and would still cause damage to your belongings. Keep an eye out for which of these are waterproof as opposed to water-resistant.


Should I get a Waterproof Wallet?

If you’ve stumbled upon this article then it’s a safe bet you’re already pretty keen on purchasing a waterproof wallet. Waterproof wallets are best for people who enjoy watersports and outdoor activities and want protection against the elements. 

Something to keep in mind that waterproof water tends to be larger than the average wallet so keep this in mind if you’re looking to slim down or keep your daily carry to a minimum. That being said waterproof wallets are not meant to replace your standard wallet but act as an alternative for those occasions where you might need it. 

When I went traveling in America I ended up doing some whitewater rafting. Although I was prepared with the correct footwear and a wetsuit, I somehow failed to realize that my EDC (everyday carry) including my wallet and phone wouldn’t last if I was to get submerged. This mistake really caused me to research waterproof wallets myself and after reviewing over 25 different waters this list was formed. 

Different types of Waterproof Wallets

Waterproof wallets come in a variety of different forms from hard-cased (the ultimate protection from water) to more minimalist plastic material solely used to keep items prone to water damage protected. The wallet you choose should reflect the type of activities you plan to use. For example, if you’re planning on scuba diving then you’d probably want full protection. Yet if you’re just splashing around on the beach then a cheaper more water-resistant wallet should suffice. 

Bellroy ‘all conditions’ Phone Wallet

Bellroy is best known for its range of innovative and premium wallets. As one of the largest manufacturers nearly entirely dedicated to developing and selling wallets it’s no surprise they’ve come up with their own take on the waterproof wallet.

The Bellroy ‘all conditions’ wallet is exactly this. As the name suggests the water is meant to be used for those who want a wallet that can combat all conditions whether hiking or swimming. The wallet is made from a water-resistant all conditions leather wallet retains a premium look without the expense of its ability to be functional. 

The size is larger than a lot of wallets on this list coming at 156 mm x 92 mm but that’s intentional as the wallet is meant more as a travel wallet enabling you to keep your passport and phone safe from water damage along with your wallet.

Coming in at a price tag of around $100.00 (you can get a larger version for bigger phones) the wallet is teetering on the higher end of the wallet spectrum. Nevertheless, Bellroy is a brand you can trust and with a 3-year warranty, you can guarantee the Wallet with last no matter what conditions you put it through. For more information on the Bellroy, all conditions wallet click the link below.

Chums Surfshort Wallet

If you’re looking for a cheap minimalist waterproof wallet for the simple purpose of a few outings then the Chums Surfshort wallet is sure to take your fancy. This simple nylon wallet does exactly what it says on the tin by providing a safe wallet alternative for those looking to guarantee safety in harsher conditions. 

The wallet only comes in at 4.5 inches x 3 inches which mean the wallet is perfect for those who already have a slimdown every day carry and want to continue this in a waterproof alternative. Its features are limited but serve a specific purpose. This includes a maximum card capacity of around 8 cards and an outside ID slot window. I found I practice the wallet is durable and a submersion test in water didn’t result in any cards or cash getting damaged. The wallet isn’t the most attractive but it does come in a range of distinct colors that only be described as resembling fishing nets or a wetsuit.

Coming in at a cheap $9.99 I the Chums Surf shorts wallet is an amazing little wallet meant for those who want peace of mind on a budget. For more information on Chums and this wallet visit their website directly by clicking the link below. 


Rains Waterproof Wallets

As the name suggests Rains are a brand that exclusively takes pride in creating apparel dedicated entirely to quality waterproof products. A self-proclaimed rainwear lifestyle brand, and with Scandinavian heritage, Rains excel at both top-notch quality and functionality in turn. Along with clothing, bags, and accessories, Rains offers a great array of men’s wallets each unique in catering to each person’s individual needs. 

From large enclosed zip wallets, through to simple bifolds and velcro wallets, Rain’s excels at designing wallets to mix function with fashion. The main reason for choosing Rains is down to their unique material of choice. Each and every one of their wallets are made from a lightweight, strong, and of course, waterproof fabric backed with a flexible polyurethane coating. Out of all the waterproof wallets, I’ve tried this material seems the best not only in quality but feel and texture.

Overall, I was really impressed with the waterproof properties of the Rains range of wallets (I specifically tried out the Rains Folded Wallet). The designs are attractive, the range of colors broad and they do an amazing job of keeping your belongings safe and dry. Starting at a price tag of $34.00 and ranging up to $70.00, Rains wallets are priced decently and fairly considering their quality. For more information on the Rains range of wallets click the link below. 

Sharkk Aluminum Wallet

The first hard-cased wallet on this list is the Sharkk Aluminum Wallet. Along with providing the ultimate protection against water damage the Sharkk also provides a sleek look with its study all-aluminum shell and a snap clasp closure system to guarantee security. 

At first, I found the wallet to be quite bulky in the pocket. The wallet measures 3.02″ x 4.39″ x 0.81″ and allows interior storage of up to seven cards. The wallet does have additional room for notes but they would require bills to be folded multiple times to do so. 

The Sharkk is also one of the only wallets on this list that includes RFID protection standards will the wallet. For those who don’t know this helps protect all your cards against contactless fraud which is a crime currently on the rise across the world.

Coming in at anywhere between $3.99 – $9.99 (depending on where you purchase it from) the Shark is a great very cheap waterproof wallet that ensures maximum security in a hard-cased design. For more information on the Sharkk Aluminum wallet click the link below.

Pelican Micro Case

Much like the Sharkk Wallet above the Pelican is another hard-cased wallet with a few more features that might take your fancy. As one of my favorite designs on this list, I was particularly taken by the Clear case as it really has a unique industrial look to it which I’m quite fond of. It also comes in a variety of different colors too including blue, yellow, black, and red, each offering a unique and distinct look. 

The features of the Pelican Micro case are very similar to the above Sharkk Wallet. Being described as water-resistant, crushproof, and dustproof the wallet is perfect for adventures alike and its’ inside rubber lining produces extra protection from the inside. The sizing isn’t that bad coming in at 6. 50 x 3. 87 x 1. 75 the wallet is probably ideal for those who have larger wallets and need the additional space for cash and card storage. 

Coming in at a more affordable price of around $16.00 the Pelican is a nice little case wallet that’s sure to provide ample security and resistance to the elements. For more information on this wallet click the link below. 

Slimfold Soft Shell Wallet

A different take on the waterproof wallet the Slimfold Softshell resembles more of a traditional bifold style wallet. Made from an ultra-durable and soft fabric the wallet is 100% waterproof but does provide great protection against the elements. 

With a capacity of 8 – 10 cards and weighing just 0.5oz, the slim fold is a perfect minimalist wallet for those who probably don’t plan to fully submerge their wallet but do want something more sturdy and protective than typical wallets on the market. 

Coming in at a price tag of $48.00 the wallet is much more expensive than others on this list. You’ll also be getting less functionality in terms of its water-resistant properties. Nevertheless, the wallet can be used as a complete replacement for your wallet as it is strong, durable, and minimalist in all the right places. For more information on the Micro Soft Shell wallet visit their website directly by clicking the link below.

Witz ‘See it Safe’ Wallet

Something a little different on this list, the Witz ‘see it safe’ resembles more of a lanyard being a plastic perspex case meant to be carried around the Neck. What I really admire about this wallet is its simplicity and security. I had reservations about keeping my wallet around my neck but it turned out to be a fantastic alternative to the traditional way of carrying a wallet. I found having the Witz around my neck gave me added security and peace of mind as I was never continually feeling my pocket to see if my wallet was still there (something I do quite often). Instead, the wallet was always in sight. 

The wallet is much smaller than many on this list. I found the Witz could only really hold a max capacity of 4-5 cards but that’s without the wallet being able to also carry notes and any additional items you may like. 

At a price of only $12.00 (at the time of writing) I think this wallet is a great alternative for those who want added security when on the move and in an outdoor environment. The clear material also added benefits I didn’t expect with being able to know where each card is at all times making finding what you want faster. For more information on the Witz, Case wallet check out more information here. 

Scrubba Weightless Wallet

Update: I believe Scrubba has ceased the sale of the Weightless Wallet. As far as I’m aware the wallet is no longer available for sale. 

The Scrubba Weightless Wallet is the smallest wallet on this list. Being made recycled wash bag this incredibly thin yet durable bifold wallet is a great wallet for those looking for a water-resistant wallet that weighs virtually nothing (only 7grams).

The bi-fold design has 2 parallel compartments for cards with a maximum capacity of up to 12. It also has 1 large full-width compartment for notes with fits most standard-size currencies. The main reason this wallet stands out is for its minimalism. If you carry very little or plan to slim down your wallet the wallet is a great hybrid between minimalism and a wallet that provides much resistance to the outdoor environment. 

The best thing of all is its price. At only $14.99 the wallet is a great addition to go alongside your normal wallet when you what the ease of transition to something more durable. For more information on the Scrubba Weightless wallet click the link below.

Flowfold Sailcloth Travelers Wallet

Flowfold is a brand I’ve talked a lot about in the past. They’re a brand that uses recycled sailcloth to produce a range of functional and upcycled wallets. The reason this wallet is on this list – as you’d imagine – is because the sailcloth material is incredibly resistant to water damage. Although it isn’t entirely waterproof the sailcloth is the perfect material for people looking for a halfway house between waterproof and water resistance. 

In a tri-fold design, the Flowfold has 6 dedicated card slots for a maximum of around 10 – 12 cards. It has a long note slot typical of most trifold wallets and a weight of 1.1oz. The features are pretty standard of a wallet of this caliber.

Coming in at a price tag of $35.00 the wallet is one of the more expensive on this list. I think this wallet is best for the more environmentally conscious people with it being made from recycled materials. But overall the wallet was good in practice and served its purpose well. For more information on the Flowfold brand and this wallet click the link below.


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