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For many, the Velcro wallet will always have a special place in their heart. As for many, I included, their first wallet was a simple velcro wallet and probably resembled something like the image above. This wallet was popular, came in many different designs, and just worked. I still don’t really know the reason why this wallet still isn’t popular but it probably had something to do with the childlike design or the fact they are targeted towards kids.

Nevertheless, Velcro wallets will have a special place in my heart so I decided to go on a mini-adventure to find some modern-day examples of wallets that use Velcro and use it well. This article is going to go into some depth with what’s currently on offer, the advantages and disadvantages of Velcro (on reflection) and whether or not you should try going back to this long-forgotten material.

A brief history of Velcro & Velcro Wallets

Velcro is actually the popular brand name (it’s become a generalized term) to refer to a hook and loop fastener. First conceived in 1941 by swiss engineer George De Mestral, the idea came to him when he saw that the burs of burdock kept sticking to his clothes and his dog’s fur. This led him to inspect them closer under the microscope and note the initial idea for the hook & loop mechanism. 

After the technology was better developed the first velcro wallets didn’t hit the stores until the 1970s and peaked in the 1990s where every child had a velcro wallet in some form usually printed with our favorite cartoon characters of the time. Since then velcro has sort of died a death as never materials are developed at outweigh the benefits of hook and loop fastener. 

Nevertheless, Velcro wallets are very much still alive and live on through our memory as a gateway into manhood. If one thing is clear from my initial purchases, Velcro wallets are incredibly cheap and cost-effective if you’re looking for an affordable wallet then a velcro wallet might be for you. It’s also a great consideration for a child’s first wallet – which is why we probably all had one as kids – as they do a great job of teaching children about the value of money in a cost-effective way.

Quicksilver Velcro Wallet

With a sleek design and a color to match the modern-day aesthetics, the Quicksilver Velcro wallet is definitely worth your consideration. The wallet has all the usual features you’d expect from a tri-fold wallet including a zip coin pouch on the outside and a range of card and cash slots on the inside. The wallet is made from the classic polyester and comes in a small range of colors including Grey, blue and orange. 

The best thing of all is the price. Coming in at only £16.00 (currently 40% off) Quicksilver is a great example of what we know and love about the classic velcro wallet brought into the 21st century. For more information on the Quiksilver wallet click the link below. 

Rough Enough Canvas Wallet

The Rough Enough wallet is the most functional wallet on this list and has a jam-packed range of features to meet anyone’s needs. Made from Canvas the wallet has 2 zip pockets both on the inside of the wallet. The first, is a large zippered pocket for paper notes, with the second mini zipped pocket for coins. The wallet also has an inside ID card slot along with an included mini Carabiner to hook any keys or additional items onto.

Coming in at a price tag of only $12.99 the Rough Enough Wallet is extremely good value and a perfect optional wallet for use with camping or in outdoor sports or activities. For more information on this wallet click the link below.


Mammut Ultralight Wallet

Our top pick for an ultra-minimalist Veclo wallet. The Mammut Ultralight Wallet is tiny coming in at just 97mm x 70mm x 2mm, while also only weighing 14 grams. Made from a thin canvas material the wallet is surprisingly strong for its thinness also offering great water-resistant properties. Along with this, the wallet can store up to 4 credit/debit cards among its 2 slots and also has an extra zipper slot for coin or storage of any other small items. Finally, the Mammut Ultralight wallet comes in a small, but a diverse range of color options to choose from including the likes of black, blue, white, and orange. 

At a very affordable price tag of $16.00, the Mammut Wallet is a fantastic choice for minimalist lovers or those simply on a budget. It has great functionality considering its smaller size, with a great build quality and durability thanks to its material. The only downside I found was the material felt a little cheap and the velcro strips could be a little larger to help secure the wallet better. For more information on the Mammut Ultralight wallet check out their official website using the link below. 

Timberland Nylon Velcro Wallet

The advantage of the Timberland wallet is the build quality. It really is well made and is something you’d expect from a high-quality brand such as Timberland. 

Along with the traditional tri-fold appearance the Timberland also Includes an ID card slot window and more individual card slots than other wallets on this list. The material is made from canvas which gives a more durable appearance and is easily cleaned without the need to get a washing machine involved.

The price is at the upper end of what I’d expect to pay for a Velcro wallet coming in at $17.61 but in this case, you pay extra for the brand and quality. For more information on this wallet click the link below.

The Oakley 90’s Wallet

My favorite wallet of the bunch when it comes to its individual design. Oakley has perfectly captured the distinct look of the Velcro wallet from its peak popularity in the 90s. With a distinct and overly vibrant color palette, and a mesh outside area for storing your coins. This isn’t just aesthetically pleasing but also has some added functionality as you can see your coins from the outside. 

The Oakley 90’s wallet comes in 5 distinct colors including black, blue, orange, aqua and lime green. Coming in at £20 the Oakley is the most expensive wallet on this list – although still incredibly cheap comparatively. For more information on this wallet check out the Oakley wallet by clicking the link below.  


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