The Best Long Wallets for Men

[Buyers Guide 2021]

Also known as a Checkbook Wallet, or Tall Wallets, the Long wallet is a type of wallet that is large in size with a distinct look of being much longer than typical wallets. Long wallets have gained popularity among a certain type of man usually with the executive lifestyle. For example, the only time I saw someone with a long wallet was my boss. As a business owner, he had a huge variety of credit cards for business use so a long wallet fit his lifestyle perfectly and met his daily needs.

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Is a Long Wallet Right for me?

That entirely depends on your individual circumstances. If you’re reading this article then you’ve probably already considered the advantages of a long wallet. Long wallets, as they’re much bigger in size, have a larger capacity for cash and cards. Some of the wallets mentioned on this list can hold a staggering 20+ credit/debit cards with ease something unheard of in most traditional wallets seen today.

Men’s Long wallets also always come with a flat bill section that allows you to store banknotes with ease without the need to fold bills. The capacity for note storage is also much higher as you’d expect some with a capacity of 25+ bills.

Due to their size, long wallets also have the advantage of size on their side. Long wallets tend to have many more features than typical wallets as this bigger size allows them to add more features. This includes, and is not limited to, the inclusion of a coin pouch, zip area, or even storage of a passport or smartphone. 


Advantages & Disadvatnages 

With as much as long wallets have many advantages they also have their weaknesses. As you’d expect the larger the wallet the bulkier they get and if the size is a concern to you then a long wallet shouldn’t be a high priority. Men’s Long wallets are large by nature so knowing where to store them is something to keep in mind.

Your pants pocket isn’t going to cut it in this case as most long wallets are too large to fit comfortably. The only options you really have are in a backpack or in a coat pocket which tends to be much deeper so can accommodate them better. 

So the real question is ‘how much do you carry with you. I’m the type of person who tends to stay away from cash or carries very few cards with them, then a long wallet won’t be for you. Likewise, if you’re a card and cash junkie then you should definitely keep your options open. 


How to Carry a Long Wallet?

The biggest inhibiting factor to a long wallet is its size (more on this below). This is because, well, they’re very long which makes them more difficult to store than other wallets. Usually, even large bifold wallets can be stored in a front or back pocket, but with a long wallet, this isn’t exactly feasible. Try this, and you’ll end up with most of the wallet poking its head outside of your pocket, not to mention the bulkier size causing much discomfort. 

Before you consider purchasing a Long Wallet, make sure you understand where you plan to store/carry it on a daily basis. If you own a large coat that has a breast pocket (seen in many overcoats) then this is one option. Those breast pockets are usually very deep meaning they can easily and comfortably be stored without any issue. Apart from that though, your best option is to carry the wallet elsewhere – think a backpack.

Mr. Lentz Trucker Wallet

The only handmade wallet on this list, the Mr. Lentz Trucker Wallet is a fantastic choice for people looking for unique design, premium materials, and functionality to match. The wallet also has the oddest layout compared to traditional leather wallets. The wallet is split into 3 card compartments each with a capacity to hold up to 5 cards each. The final compartment is a long bill section for carrying up to 20+ flat bills in an effective and easy to access manner. 

The materials used are also worth mentioning as being handmade from full-grain leather really adds to the long wallet’s aesthetics. This along with its metal scents dotted around the wallet really gives it a classic look, something you’d imagine a cowboy to carry with them.

A great feature of Mr. Lentz’s range is the inclusion of a chain with every purchase. You get the choice between a range of chains from small to large so I’d you’re someone who likes using a chain with their wallet. This wallet is definitely up your alley. 

Starting at $94.00 the wallet is a great price although this price will increase depending on a variety of different options and variations within the wallet. For more information on the Mr. Lentz Trucker wallet visit their website using the link below. 


JooJoobs Long Wallet

JooJoob’s is a family-run business originating from Thailand. They stood out to me like every single one of their wallet offering is handmade and come with all the charm you’d expect from a family run business. The Long Wallet they offer, known as the Leather Biker Wallet, is no different. This Long wallet is of amazing quality being made from their signature distressed full-grain leather that develops a beautiful patina over time. 

The functionality of the JooJoob’s Bifold Long wallet isn’t to be scoffed at either. This wallet has everything you’d expect from a long wallet including more. The wallet has 4 large pockets a large capacity of 12+ credit/debit cards and an internal zipper for any other small items like coins or keys. The wallet even includes a large smartphone pocket that enables you to neatly store your mobile device with ease. 

At a price tag of $119.99, the Biker Long Wallet by JooJoobs is a fantastic addition to this list. It provides huge functionality with some of the best quality leather you can expect from a wallet. Personalization is also available with the choice of a custom Monogram along with every wallet coming with a 20’’ Chain. For more information on the JooJoobs Biker Wallet check out their official website by clicking the link below. 


Popov Leather Long Wallet

Popov Leather is probably near the top for the largest and most respected handcrafted leather wallets in the world (and other goods). They started out with humble goals, to simply create the perfect wallet that can easily fit a front pocket comfortably. From here, they expanded and created their own empire of wallets and leather apparel with an emphasis on quality, design, and craftsmanship. 

The Popov Long wallets are fantastic. Its simplistic design isn’t garish and is perfect for those who want the most when it comes to card and cash storage. The wallet can hold an incredible 16+ cards among its 8 secured and beautifully crafted card slots, with 2 full-width slots for your banknotes. Other features include its snap button closure and optional chain that creates an all-around package. 

Made from USA Horween Leather you know the quality is going to be good. Horween is one of the most well-respected tanneries in the world and is known for producing some of the best quality leathers ever. This is clearly seen when you first unbox the long wallet. Its smell, its vibrant distinct colors all create the most attractive vintage-looking wallet I’ve ever seen. 

The best thing of all is its price tag. At a lower cost price (compared to many on this list) of $99.00, the Popov is a perfect combination of quality and affordability. It also comes in a sweet array of color options (including a variety of different brown shades) along with optional extras like custom engravings (for a small additional fee). For more information on the Popov Long Wallet check them out directly using the link below. 

Tommy Hilfiger Long Wallet

A more traditional-looking long wallet the Tommy Hilfiger is a very functional wallet with a very attractive price tag. The wallet has a multitude of features including 12 card slots, 2 hidden slots, an ID card window, and a flat bill storage option for up to 20+ bills. 

The only thing I’m going to be slightly skeptical about with this wallet is the leather used. Dubbed as 100% sheep leather, the wallet seems to be made from ‘Genuine Leather’ which, if you didn’t know, is actually the second-worst quality leather on the market. This means that prolonged use of this wallet will cause the wallet to deteriorate faster. 

Nevertheless, this use of cheaper material is reflected in the wallet price. Coming in at only $32.00 this is the least expensive wallet on this list and is a fantastic pick for people looking for a great long wallet on a budget. For more information on the Tommy Hilfiger Long Wallet click the link below.

Aurochs Long Wallet

My personal favorite on this list. The Aurochs Wallet is a perfect blend between great design, amazing functionality, and a competitive price tag. The first thing to mention is its amazing build quality. Made from 100% full-grain leather, the Aurochs feel great in the hand and are highly durable over prolonged use. 

The functionality of the wallet also really shines with a capacity of 8 – 10 cards, flat bill storage for around 25 cards, and dedicated slots for smaller items such as keys or even a USB. But the most unique feature compared to other long wallets on this list is the ability to store your smartphone in a dedicated slot within the wallet. 

Finally, the wallet also has modern features such as RFID functionality that’ll keep your wallet safe from criminals looking to profit off your contactless cards using ‘skimming’ devices. And at what cost is all this? The Aurochs comes in at a very competitive price tag of $109.95. This is very similar to other wallets on this list but I personally feel this wallet gives you more bang for your buck. For more information on the Aurochs Long wallet check them out directly with the link below.

Fossil Neel Executive Wallet

The Fossil Neel wallet is more in tune with what you’d expect from a traditional long wallet. In a bi-fold style and made from premium leather, the Neel wallet has simple but great features for a wallet of this style including a full-length note compartment, an ID window, and a long zipper slot. In total the wallet has 7 credit/debit card slots with a max storage of 14+ cards.

The wallet comes in at a price tag of around $65.00 which is pretty average for a long wallet. What I really like about this wallet is its minimalist look and the wallet functions well in practice when out and about. The leather also has a unique ‘aged’ texture that really stands out to me and gives it a premium look. For more information on the Fossil Nell Executive wallet click the link below.

Bellroy Folio Long Wallet

Another unique wallet on this list, the Bellroy Folio is a full round zipper wallet. Bellroy is always a brand I like to praise as one of the biggest brands dedicated to designing high-quality unique men’s wallets. The Folio is no exception to this and its innovative design is something to talk about with a fantastic sleek design and a range of premium colors to choose from (orange, green, blue, black).

Firstly the wallet mostly resembles a purse with a full wrap-around zip mechanism to keep everything in place. Nothing is accessible from the outside so you can be confident that your belongings will be secure when stored away. Inside the wallet is where all the magic happens. The Folio has a capacity between 10 – 14 + credit/debit cards but can hold more if necessary.

The wallet has 2 flat bill sections for easy storage of cash for up to 20 – 30 + bills. Along with this, the middle of the wallet is used for coin storage as the cleverly designed magnetic coin pouch allows coins to easily be accessed. Finally, the wallet also has the capacity to hold a smartphone with a dedicated slot located inside the wallet for such an item. This

The price tag of the Bellroy Folio isn’t cheap coming in around $170.00. The wallet does exactly what you’d expect and does it in a sleek attractive manner. But does this price really justify the wallet? I’m inclined to say yes. As mentioned, Bellroy is one of the best quality brands on the market and has created a rich functional wallet in the Folio. It won’t be in everyone’s price range but if it is I definitely recommend it. For more information on the Bellroy Folio click the link below.


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