The Best GPS Tracking Smart Wallets

If you’re like me and constantly losing my wallet then I’ve bet you’ve wondered the best way to prevent that from happening. Before the technological era, this was probably a lost cause. If you lose your wallet then your best bet was to either retrace your steps or give up entirely. I know only too well that the gut feeling of waking up after a heavy night of drinking to suddenly realize my wallets probably have been left on some bar table and the sudden fear that your credit/debit cards could currently be in the wrong hands. 

Luckily for us, we’re spoiled by the variety of ways we can keep track of our wallets and hopefully prevent this from ever happening again. I’m of course talking about GPS and the huge variety of GPS Wallets or tracking devices that can be integrated into our wallets to prevent such mishaps from ever happening again. This article is going to look into some detail regarding the best GPS Wallets on the market, whether you should consider one and how much you can expect to pay for such a feature. 


Do I Need a GPS Wallet?

This question will be entirely down to you as an individual. If you’ve stumbled across this article then there’s a good chance you already know why you want a GPS Wallet. Is it because this is the fourth time you’ve lost your wallet? Or is it simply that you want a cool ‘gimmicky’ feature to show off to friends too? If you’re not the type of person who’s ever lost their wallet then I wouldn’t probably recommend a GPS Wallet. The feature is very niche and it also limits the pool of wallets you can choose from quite significantly. 

How much does a GPS Wallet cost?

As you’ve probably already guessed, GPS Wallets or wallets with tracking capabilities are going to set you back significantly more than the average leather wallet. Having such technology integrated into a wallet is obviously much more expensive to make and manufacture and this is reflected in each wallet’s price tag. The range of wallets and devices I recommend in this article will set you back between $25 – $100+. The price can be reduced if you choose to go with a tracking device rather than a completely integrated wallet. More on this later. 

How does a tracking device work in a wallet?

Surprisingly GPS Wallets are really easy to use and all the different smart wallet brands all have similar ways to which you can track the whereabouts of your wallet. All these wallets integrate with smartphone applications that you can download on the IOS or Android App store and contact your wallet or device via Bluetooth. From here, you can then load up a map, similar to the interface of Google Maps, and begin to track your wallet anywhere in the world. It’s as simple as that. 

Tracking Device Vs. In-built GPS

When considering GPS Tracking you have 2 important choices to make. The first is whether you want a fully integrated wallet with GPS Tracking. By this I mean the tracking device and wallet are fully integrated so you can’t remove the technology. The second option is what I’m going to call a ‘tracking chip or device’. This is usually a small round or credit card-shaped device that has these tracking features and that can be used with any wallet you currently own regardless if its a smart wallet or not. 


The Cashew Wallet

The Cashew wallets trademark feature is the fact it’s one of the only fingerprint scanner wallets on the market today. This feature allows you to keep your wallet secure by keeping it locked without the unique fingerprint of the owner. In a hard case designed the Cashew wallet is also great for people who want some added durability to their wallet as this sturdy case is optional for damage control if you ever happen to drop or damage your wallet. The wallet comes with a range of typical other smart features, including GPS, that allows you to keep track of the whereabouts of your wallet in case disaster strikes. 

Finally, the cash and card capacity of the Cashew is also fairly strong with a maximum credit/debit card capacity of up to 7 cards and enough room for 20 notes folded. Again, the Cashew is very much an all-rounder with its main focus being the fingerprint scanner that fits firmly on top of the wallet. For a full breakdown of the Cashew Wallet check out our full review or check out their official website using the link below.

More Information:

  • Priced around $100
  • Comes in only 1 color, black.
  • Comes with a fingerprint scanner
  • Made out of strong plastic and metal. 

Update: We’re currently investigating claims that the Cashew Wallet is a fraud and people have yet to receive their wallet from their initial crowdfunding campaign. Due to this we can’t yet recommend the wallet and ask you to refrain from purchasing the wallet. 


Ekster Tracker Card

The Ekster Tracker card is probably the most unique tracking device on this list. What makes it stand out from others is the fact it’s perfectly shaped to the size of a standard credit/debit card. This enables you to seamlessly store it in any wallet with ‘card slots’ in a way that enables you to turn any wallet into a smart wallet without adding any additional bulk to the wallet. 

Along with the GPS Tracking capacitive, the Ekster Tracker also comes with a host of other smart features. This includes and not limited to a ring your wallet/phone feature and voice activation being compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri. Coming in at just $49.00 the Ekster’s attempt at a tracking device is fantastic and uses its innovative shape and seamless integration with any wallet, an amazing feature for those who want a cheaper alternative to a full-blown smart wallet. 

More information:

  • 3 Hours of solar charge lasts 2 months.
  • Take a remote group selfie with the tracker.
  • Solar-powered – only requires 800 lux to charge to max capacity.
  • 12-month warranty.

The Innway Accent

The Innway accent is the newest wallet to hit the market and is a combination of a card cascading wallet with a smart wallet. Having only been funded back in March 2019 Innway only managed to raise over $20,000 in crowdfunding but have developed on the most feature-packed wallets that create a balance between design and features. 

The cascading card feature is probably something you’re familiar with and is some common in a variety of wallets on the market. With a simple push of a button on the underside of the Innway any cards stored (up to a max capacity of 5+) will get pushed from the device and spread themselves out in a manner that makes them easy to identify and access. This cascading card device is surrounded by a premium full-grain leather that adds to the quality of the wallet and is available in a range of unique colors including black, brown, red, and green. 

Finally, the smart features are plentiful and can be accessed from the Innway app available on iOS and Android. This includes standard GPS tracking but also a range of other features such as notifications and sound activation. For more information on the Innway accent check out our official review of the wallet here or check them out on Amazon below.


The Zeus Wallet

Innovation has yet to stifle even in 2020 and the Zeus Wallet confirms this. Successfully funded only recently, the Zeus Wallet managed to raise over $150,000 to crowdfund its latest wallet. On first inspection, the Zeus really looks like no other wallet on the market. Made entirely out of premium aluminum that makes it very lightweight with resistance to corrosion and carefully tested against impacts for minimum damage if dropped. The intricate design on the outside is also highly unique with a very futuristic look and feel with engravings in the metal and a color palette to match.

The range of unique Smart features is where the Zeus wallet really steps its games up. Around the outside of the wallet is a full LED light that can either act as a flashlight or smartphone notifications when hooked up to Bluetooth. As well as this, the wallet comes with the usual included GPS Tracking, anti-theft, and alarm system. Because of the Zeus’s small size and metal exterior the internal technology that allows the wallet to have these features is completely seamless and one of the best on this list for a non-intrusive smart wallet experience. 

Although the Zeus Wallet is not yet available to purchase (given it’s only just been crowdfunded) it might be a while before it’s out and on the market. That being said, the Zeus is by far one of the most unique GPS Wallets on the market and provides a variety of fantastic smart features all within a small neat little package. For more information on the Zeus check out their Kickstarter campaign page here, or visit their official website using the link below. 


The Innway Card

Much like the previously mentioned Ekster Tracking Card, The Innway Tracker Card is a similar style designed GPS Tracker that can fit inside any wallet with ease. The biggest advantage the Innway Card has over the Ekster is its size. Although they both share the same dimensions as a standard credit/debit card, the Innway wins with war with its thinness coming in at just 1.5 mm thick. This makes it less bulky and essentially invisible while stored in any wallet of your choosing. 

That being said, The Ekster Tracking Card does have some advantages over the Ekster. First of all, Ekster has built-in solar charging which makes it essentially self-sufficient having far superior battery life. The Ekster’s Card is also better in terms of design. The one advantage the thickness does have is increased durability. The Innway Card is pretty flimsy and I do find myself scared it could snap at any moment. 

All in all, the choice is pretty close between the two tracking cards. It comes down to personal preference if you want to convenience of solar charging or want a smaller thinner size. The Innway card comes in at a very reasonable price tag of $32.99. Check them out directly by using the link below. 


The Tile Slim Tracker

Tile is another popular tracking device that enables you to turn any wallet into a tracking wallet without the need to actually buy an all-inclusive smart wallet. The Tile is incredibly slim coming in at 86mm x 54mm x 2.5mm which means if you’d choose it could be stored in any standard-sized pocket in any traditional wallet.

Much like all other trackers the tile is set up and activated using an app that you can download on the iOS or Android Play Store. After using the app I found it to be the most responsive, easy to set up, and bug-free out of the bunch I’ve mentioned in this article. 

The Tile is also one the cheapest coming in at only $30.00, although that does come with a downside. Unlike other tracking devices, the Tile doesn’t have as many features and is simply advertised as a GPS tracking device. That means if you’re looking for a range of other features, such as solar charging or a selfie timer then it might be best to consider another device. For more information on the Tile Tracker visit their website using the link below.


Keysmart Urban Wallet

The Keysmart Urban Wallet is our minimalist pick for a GPS Tracking wallet. While most wallets on this list are of considerable size, due to the nature of technology, the Keysmart is an optional tracker wallet. The wallet by itself isn’t smart but it comes designed to accommodate a Tile tracking card, a small device we’ve already talked about above.

The wallet itself is perfect for minimalist lovers, those people who want to keep their wallet at a minimum size with a nice feel in the pocket. The Urban Wallet comes in at just 3.95in Height, 2.65in Width, 0.40in Thick which is right on point with a credit/debit card capacity of up to 6 with additional slots for cash – folded. 

Where the wallet really differs is in its choice of material. Keysmart has decided to use incredibly strong Tectuff® Leather material that has some amazing properties including being incredibly strong, durable, and stain-resistant. The Keysmart really is best for people who want that added protection for their cash and cards thanks to this choice of material. 

Overall, I think the Urban Wallet by Keysmart is a fantastic choice for people who want a wallet that isn’t necessarily ‘smart’ by itself but keeps the functionality available if you so wish. If you do decide to purchase the Keysmart (for a price of $39.99) then you can also get your hands on the Tile Tracker for a saving of $10.00 (for a total cost of $59.99). For more information on the Keysmart Urban wallet check out their website using the link below. 


Nomad Slim Wallet

The Nomad Slim Wallet is another wallet that uses the features of the Tile Slim Tracking device to provide an array of smart features including tracking, and alarm systems. Where the Nomad really comes into its own is due to its incredibly attractive and premium design. The Nomad is my favorite purely from an aesthetics perspective taking the appearance of a traditional bi-fold. The material choice is on point being made from a full-grain Horween leather from the USA. Over time the Nomad Wallet develops a rich and beautiful patina that gives the wallet its own unique look, darkening the leather and providing texture from scratch marks and scuffs. 

The functionality of the Nomad is also very strong providing a great compromise between size (its very small at just 7.6cm x 10.2cm x 1.4cm) and card/cash capacity. At its max, the wallet can store up to 7 credit/debit cards with room for cash stored folded in a separate slot. The Tile Tracker is stored in its own separate slot secured in place with sturdy elastic. This is nice as it provides seamless integration and reduces bulk caused by the Tile Tracker.

Coming in at a price of $79.95 The Nomad Slim Wallet is a more affordable take on the GPS Wallet. What’s nice is you don’t need to purchase the Tile Tracker separately as it comes included with the price. The wallet is my pick for a timeless design with an amazing choice of material. For more information on the Nomad Wallet check out their official website using the link below. 


Cuir Ally Voyager

The Cuir Alley is one of the largest wallets in this list and is considered a travel/passport wallet alongside having many interesting smart features including GPS Tracking. The Cuir Alley is perfect for people looking to have a large range of storage capacities as it has a huge capacity for cash, cards along with a large pocket for a passport or included notebook. The seam of the Voyager is also where you can store a small pen that does come included with the wallet on purchase. 

Overall, the Cuir Ally is a great wallet for those who travel a lot and want a wallet with great functionality in a traditionally styled leather wallet. The smart features also increase the functionality of this wallet tremendously including in-built tracking, find my device features and a selfie timer. This can all be yours for a fantastic price tag of $80.00. For more information on the Cuir Alley Voyager wallet check out our full review here, or visit their official website using the link below. 


The Chipolo Tracker

Very much similar to the Ekster the Chipolo tracker is a small button-shaped device with all the GPS features you’d require for tracking your wallet. The great thing about the Chipolo card is its much smaller in size meaning it can easily be hidden within a wallet to provide a great way to really minimize your daily carry.

Unlike the others on this is the Chipolo has fewer features than other card trackers especially the Ekster that has solar charging and features which this device doesn’t have. The main benefit of the Chipolo is the fact it’s by far the smallest of all the tracking devices coming in at just 35 x 5 mm. This means it has a better chance of being able to fit another wallet you want and also becomes one of the least bulky in a wallet. The Chipolo comes in at a price tag of $25.00. For more information on Chipolo check out their official website using the link below. 


Volterman Wallet (Scam)

We don’t condone the purchase, or attempted purchase of the Volterman Wallet or any wallet in their range. This wallet is known to be a scam so I’m merely mentioning on this list to warn potential smart wallet buyers that this company is fraudulent and after successfully raising funds on Kickstarter didn’t and failed to communicate and deliver on the promised wallet. I talk more about the Voterman wallet scam here in our full article regarding the controversial topic.

The wallet themselves had to potential to be very good and others thought so too (they managed to raise over $200K). But soon after they received their funding the company suddenly went quiet and stopped updating their backers in what can only be called a dick move.


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