The Trayvax Ascent Wallet Review

As an American-made brand Trayvax is the story of founder Mark King who wanted to create a range of wallets driven by his passion for the great outdoors. Trayvax’s first successful wallet back in 2013 was exactly what the brand had set out to achieve designed to withstand the toughest of conditions and built within, from, and by Americans. From here, Trayvax has gone onto produce some of the most popular and soft after wallets in the world with a range of over 12 wallets and a range of tactical gear including belts, knives, and clothing. 

Today we’re reviewing one of the most popular wallets in their range – The Trayvax Ascent Wallet. Having previously reviewed their Axis & Contour wallet, I was surprised when I re-stumbled upon the Ascent clearly having missed it previously. With over 2000 reviews with 90% being 4 stars or over I had to experience the Trayvax Ascent myself to see if the hype was real and whether this wallet is worth a place as your next wallet. 


Look & Design

The design of the Trayax Ascent is unique, to say the least. Made from a combination of Horween leather and a stainless steel frame. These are all attached with Black oxide coated brass rivets and handstitched to hold everything in place. The whole wallet is designed for minimalists but also those who may find themselves needing a wallet with an emphasis on durability. If you are the type who needs something robust, for whatever reason, then Trayvax is definitely the brand to be looking at. 

Horween Leather itself is produced by a tannery in Chicago and has built a reputation for itself as one of the premium producers of leather in the world – think Apple of the leather world. The Horween Leather is known for utilizing 100 separate processes over months to create the deep rich colors and qualities Horween is known for. Leather is available in a nice array of colors including Tabacco Brown, Mississippi Mud (a dark brown), steel gray, and stealth black. The range of customization options is always great with Trayvax and they also include an optional engraving of up to 24 characters (for an extra $7.99).

I really can’t fault the design of the Trayvax wallet. Although the distinctive look of the wallet might not appeal to all its quality & craftsmanship thanks to its durable materials puts it ahead of the pack especially compared to many other wallets I’ve reviewed. After using it for months on end I found the wallet showed little sign of wear or tear with only a few notable scuffs on the surface of the leather. The leather also showed signs of developing a deep rich patina that showcases the quality of leather used.


Functionality & Utility 

The Trayvax is a small minimalist wallet (coming in at Length: 3.8 Inches Width: 2.75 Inches Thickness: 0.3 Inches) and is best suited for people who tend to carry less on a daily basis and want a wallet that can easily be stored in a front or back pocket without being overly thick and bulky. That being said, some users have reported, due to The Ascent’s weight (3.0 Ounces), it can be noticeable. I personally didn’t find this the case so it seems to differ from person to person. 

Trayvax themselves say you can hold anywhere between 4 – 7 cards easily. I personally found the magic number to be around 6 cards. Keep in mind that the wallet was a little stiff when u first get it and just needs to be worked in. Also, the number of credit/debit cards that can be stored will be dictated by whether your cards are embossed or not. 

Cards are stored by a classic stacking mechanism with each one being directly on top of the other in what I’d call a ‘credit cards sandwich’. This does obstruct how easily it can be to access your cards, especially those in the middle of the stack, but Trayvax has innovated and provided a few ways to combat this issue. Firstly, they’ve included a nylon pull tab on the front of the wallet. This can be pulled to automatically push the cards your cards out. They’ve also included a cutout in the leather so you can also use your thumb the slide out your cards. Both methods work very well and are a great, yet non-intrusive solution, to this problem.


Finally, Banknotes are stored through a slit in the leather located on the back of the Ascent. It’s a simple way of storing cash but it works efficiently while also keeping the wallet at a small size. The Trayvax Ascent also includes an Attachment point directly at the bottom. This can be used to attach any number of things including and not limited to lanyards, rope, or even carabiners. 

Ascent Alternatives

Although a unique brand, Trayvax has a range of competitors that produce an array of similar wallets to the Ascent. Below are a few of our other top picks for you to consider before you set your heart on this wallet. You can also view our full review of these other wallets with the provided links below.

Trayvax Vs. Ridge: As the most popular wallet in the world the Ridge Wallet shares many of the same properties the Ascent does. It comes in a variety of designs and a choice of metals with a distinctive look. The Ridge wallet is more expensive though. Read our full review of the Ridge Wallet here. 

Trayvax Vs. Dango: Dango is probably the closest competitor to Trayvax as they also offer a unique range of wallets that offer similar EDC functionality with wallets that also combined metal, leather, and other materials in unique styles. Read our full review here

Trayvax Vs. Flipside: Flipside probably has the most contrast on this list. The wallet is a hard case wallet with a completely enclosed internal section for storing your cash and cards. Made from a hard, durable, and shock-resistant plastic, the Flipside is a perfect tactical style wallet. Read our full review here


Final Verdict

At a price tag of $59.99, I think the Trayvax Ascent is value for money and absolutely worth the price Trayvax are offering it at. The design and quality of the wallet are amazing and with Trayvax’s included 65-year heirloom warranty you can be sure that you’ll get your monies worth with the Ascent wallet. Overall, I highly enjoyed my time using the Trayvax Ascent. I think it’s a perfect halfway house for people who both want to slimline their EDC but also enjoy parking in activities (extreme sports, camping, etc…) that might require higher durability. For more information, on The Trayvax Ascent Wallet check out their official website by clicking the link below. 


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