The MEMO Wallet

[The World’s First Whiteboard Wallet]

The MEMO is the world’s first whiteboard-infused wallet that combines the functionality of a traditional whiteboard with a unique metal wallet. When I first saw the MEMO I was immediately intrigued as it’s one of the most unique wallets ever to hit the market, and a great choice for notetakers, and doodlers alike. 

A great tool for notetaking, lists, and idea creation, the MEMO Wallet bridges a gap and takes a step back providing an analog tool for writing on the move. Let’s now take a closer look at the MEMO Wallet and what it could provide for you. 

Look & Design

The ability to take notes is not the only unique aspect of the MEMO Wallet. Its overall design is unique and modern, combining a complete clam-shell design made from high-quality 6063 Aluminum. Aluminum is a fantastic choice of material as it’s lightweight, for a more comfortable fit and feel in the pocket, and incredibly durable. This means the wallet will last the test of time over prolonged use and have added protection. RFID Protection is included as standard.

Coming in at a size of just 74 mm x 108 mm and a thickness of just 11mm the Memo does a fantastic job of keeping things skim and maximizing the wallet’s space in a neat little package. Overall, the MEMO is an aesthetically pleasing minimalist design and is available in a wide array of different colors including black, great, and rose gold. The wallet also includes magnets on the edges allowing the wallet to snap shut and stay closed with little effort. 


Functionality & Utility

The real fun begins once you open the MEMO. It opens in a typical bi-fold or clamshell style and instantly reveals the writable surface, the whiteboard, which measures around A7 in size (6 inches/15 cm diagonal). Stored on the right-hand side of the MEMO in a dedicated slot for the fine-point pen which is incredibly small. At first, I thought the pen might be a little too small for comfort but it’s actually a great size. Anything you’ve drawn on the MEMO can be wiped away with the rubber located on the bottom of the pen. 

Finally onto credit/debit card storage. The MEMO is a maximum capacity of up to 6 cards stored within the two sides of the wallet with each side allowing for 3 cards each. On each external side of the wallet are two handy cutouts in the metal. These act as quick access slots allowing you to use and thumb or finger to quickly slide out and retrieve your cards at ease. Other items such as receipts of tickets can also be stored in this area. 


Final Verdict

Overall, I was really impressed with the MEMO Wallet. It’s clear a lot of innovation and time has been put into the design of the MEMO wallet from its perfectly crafted all-metal design to the logistics of how an actual whiteboard would work within the tight and minimalist size of a wallet. It’s incredibly clever and if you feel like you could benefit from the MEMO’s suburb note-taking abilities the MEMO is definitely a good option for you to consider. 

Currently, the MEMO Wallet is only available through Kickstarter, where New Things Lab hopes to raise 4,800 EUROs. This modest goal has already been achieved just one day into the campaign, showcasing the excitement people have over the innovative wallet. The pledge required to get your hands on the MEMO is €49.00 (approx. $53.00)  which is a fantastic price considering the outstanding craftsmanship and quality of the MEMO. For more information on the MEMO Whiteboard Wallet check out their live Kickstarter campaign by using the link below. 


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