The MGear Gadget Wallet Review

It’s rare occasions like these that I’m excited to review wallets. Sometimes the stale state of the wallet market, copycat wallets, and generic bifolds can get a little exhausting. But sometimes that changes. Today we’ve got a wallet that stands out from a crowd, something that goes the extra mile to be different. A wallet that innovates beyond the norms to create a highly unique wallet that might just be right for you.

The wallet in question is the MGear Gadget 3.0 Wallet. A so-called Tactical or EDC (Everyday Carry) Wallet that combines a unique array of materials into a compact-sized, highly durable, and functional wallet. Not only this but MGear host some of the most impressive customization options, of any wallet, on the market in 2022. So how well does the MGear Gadget Wallet fair? Let’s now go into further details on this highly unusual wallet.

Who are MGear?

MGear is all about creating multi-purpose products to help improve your daily life and carry experience. Designed with both durability and functionality in mind, MGear innovatives by creating a range of products that are highly customizable.

This allows you to decide what features you want to add, and add only those which you want and know are going to benefit your everyday carry experience. Other goods besides the Gadget 3.0 Wallet that MGear offers include multi-tools, pens, notebooks, and Key Holders. 


Look & Design

I was trying to come up with a way to describe the type of wallet the MGear is in terms of design and its similarity to other wallets on the market. At first, I wanted to compare it to other metal wallets such as The Ridge Wallet or similar plate-style wallets – but that would be a lie. 

In essence, the wallet more resembles a cardholder style where credit/debit cards are stored within a fixed internal area with cards secured and surrounded by the metal frame of the Gadget 3.0 Wallet. Similar wallets include the likes of the Thin King, Shalo Tek, or the Attenuo Wallet (although the MGear Wallet is still very different).   


The overall build quality of the MGear Gadget 3.0 Wallet is fantastic. The wallet comprises three different materials maliciously crafted and engineered into a cleverly designed, durable, and well-built wallet. The outside frame of the wallet is made from aluminum. The included front and back plates are both made from real Carbon Fiber that adds and compliments the aluminum and further the overall durability and asthetic of the wallet. Finally, A Nylon band sits on the middle outer section of the wallet.

Quick Specifications:

Size: 71mm wide x 92mm tall x 11mm depth

Weight: 60 grams

Material(s): Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, Nylon


Functionality & Utility

To better describe the overall functionality of the wallet I’ve split the MGear Wallet into three distinct parts:

The Body: The outside of the wallet. The metal frame holds everything together. This is an important part of the wallet and is where much of the durability comes from being made from a strong aluminum. It hosts removable and replaceable screws along with where the elastic loop resides (that can be removed). It also has holes on the very top two edges where a ball chain neckless can be looped through so that wallet can be used as a lanyard around your neck. 


The Inside: The internal section of the wallet. This is where you store your credit/debit cards with a max capacity of up to 6 cards (dependent on whether the cards are embossed or not). Cards are secured using an internal metal tension plate (made from steel). This acts as resistance so no matter how many cards you store, even if it’s just one, cards are fixed/secured in place and won’t be loose/fall out unintentially. 


The Outside: The very outside of the wallet has two areas. The first is an nylon cash strap that fits around the center of one side of the wallet. This is highly flexible and allows for a decent amount of cash folded and stored underneath. The second is for those who ordered a wallet with an additional accessory (such as the Pen or flashlight). These small accessory items are stored within another nylon loop alongside the outside of the wallet itself. If you order a secondery accessory another loop is added to the adjacent side. 


Customization Options

What sets the MGear Gadget 3.0 Wallet apart from any other wallet on the market is the huge variety of customization options available. When on their website, you can go through an intuitive ‘building’ process by which you can completely personalize the wallet to your liking choosing from a variety of different colors, custom faceplate designs, textures, and add-ons. 

Add-ons include additional accessories to work alongside your wallet including LED Flightlight, Pens, Multi-Tools, or USD Drives. Each of these additional items integrates and works seamlessly with the wallet being designed to be stored within the MGear Wallet itself. For example, the optional USB Drive & Multi-Tool have shaped the same size as a credit/debit card, while the bulkier items (like the pen or flashlight) are stored in dedicated nylon loops attached to the sides of the wallet.

When MGear was kind enough to send me a wallet they allowed me to customize the Gadget 3.0 Wallet to my liking. With this, I decided to include both the USD Drive and Storage Tube with my order curious if the quality of these additional items lives up to the quality of the Gadget 3.0 Wallet itself. I can confidently say they exceeded my expectations and have become a must-have and enjoyable aspect of the design of the wallet.


Final Verdict

Overall, I was highly impressed with my time using the MGear Gadget 3.0 Wallet. A niche wallet for sure, but one that serves a highly specific purpose for those who enjoy carrying more with an eclectic carry. The wallet’s customization options are second to none, and probably one of the best in the wallet world at present. Being able to truly personalize your wallet, whether it be with a custom plate or tailoring the wallet to the exact EDC items you need. 

And that’s not the best part, all this can be yours for as little as $50.00, reaching a peak of $142.00 if you really want to go to town with all the customizations, add-ons, and extras available from MGear. The build quality is fantastic, the price affordable for most, and the carry experience is pleasant and comfortable.

The MGear Gadget 3.0 really is a fantastic wallet. For more information, on the MGear Gadget 3.0 Wallet visit their official website using the link below. 


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