The Trayvax Axis Wallet Review

The Good
  • Great design, made from fantastic materials that are built to last and withstand extreme outdoor situations.
  • A very affordable price tag for the type of wallet you get coming in at only $49.99.
The Bad
  • The capacity might be a tad small for many people. This wallet is more for minimalist lovers.

Trayvax is a brand that most people have probably heard of when searching for a new wallet. They are most famous for their huge variety of EDC (that’s everyday carry) wallets that have some sort of best utility in any wallet brand for tackling the great outdoors or more extreme situations. Today we’re looking at the very popular Axis Wallet, one of the cheapest in the Trayvax range but also one of the most highly rated (3545 reviews at between 4 – 5 stars) on their website. 

The Trayvax Axis Wallet is another wallet that breaks the boundaries of what we’ve come to expect from traditional wallets. Instead of being made from leather, it’s made from a unique combination of metal, a money clip, and nylon strapping to hold it all together. The wallet also dubs itself as a ‘bifold’ although on first inspection it’s hard to see why this is. The wallet doesn’t look or act like a traditional bi-fold which is something we’re going to go into detail about later. 


Look & Design

The wallet is designed with a stainless steel plate and a nylon lanyard holding the plates together. The Axis of my Trayvax wallet is 2.5 inches wide, 5 inches long, and 0.5 inches thick when it is empty. The stainless plate offers RFID protection for my credit and debits card. The Trayvax wallet is designed to be slim and compact, so it easily fits into my slimmest front pocket, and I can reach out to it easily when needed.

Being made from stainless steel is a fantastic aspect to the wallet and adds a lot to the Axis’ strength and durability when in use. Stainless steel is also very lightweight which means it’s very comfortable to carry and use and can barely be felt when stored in your front or back pocket.

I bought my Trayvax Axis in Blue color which I loved, although the wallets come in five different colors including silver, black, blue, and two shades of green. Each one is really unique and adds some nice unique individuality to the wallet. I often find myself getting quite bored with the typical standard array of colors (black or brown), so having the option to tailor the wallet to more unique colors is great. 


Functionality & Utility 

The Axis wallet came with the money clip on the right-hand side and can hold up to 8 bills without falling off. A piece of nylon is at the back of the wallet to prevent the bills from falling off. The adjustable card strap can accommodate between 1-14 cards and a good amount of bills (1-8). Overall, when it comes to the wallet’s usability when in use the wallet is amazing. The bi-fold aspect of the wallet comes with the detachable section that allows the wallet to swing out and open for easier access to cash and cards. 

The RFID protection from the stainless plate helps keep my cards safe from theft by contactless fraud. For more information on RFID and if it’s worth getting read our article on the subject here. The Trayvax Axis wallet also has a small pocket that can accommodate my keys and a few coins. This is a great addition as most minimalist wallets don’t provide options for storing small items to save space.  The nylon strap runs through the Axis keeps the wallet close to safeguard my items from falling off. We can’t fail to mention the attachment point, for securing the wallet to objects like a belt or backpack, along with the innovative cash clip. 


Price Tag

Coming in at just $49.99 the Trayvax Axis is by far one of the most affordable wallets in their range. It’s honestly no surprise that I think this is great value for money. The wallet works seamlessly as a wallet best suited for the outdoors but really is highly functional and secure in nearly every situation. 

Final Verdict

Trayvax Axis wallet is just as raw as it sounds. It looks increasingly modern while retaining many of the features of a typical old-fashioned wallet. It is very rugged,  fierce, and made to last thanks to its use of durable materials. Along with that Trayvax as a brand are fantastic and has truly become one of the top US brands for manufacturing wallets. They offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and an incredible 65-year warranty. For more information on Trayvax Axis check them out on their official website by clicking the link below.


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