The Dango M1 Maverick Wallet Review

The Good
  • Amazing design made from top premium materials including leather, metal, and rubber. 
  • Great versatility, compatible with a range of Dango products for ultimate functionality.  
The Bad
  • The wallet is a little pricey that would be an issue for people who really liked this wallet.

Dango shouldn’t need an introduction. This is actually the 4th wallet I’ve reviewed in the Dango range and they’re yet to disappoint. Created through the success of a crowdfunding campaign back in 2015 Dango continually innovated to create some of the most interesting, innovative, and distinctive wallets on the market. That’s to say, these wallets all look different, and have features that aren’t usually found in a wallet.

The Dango M1 Wallet is a tactical, also commonly known as an EDC Wallet, that provides a range of features but also integrates with a variety of Dango’s multi-tools that can be purchased separately. Dango believes the M1 Maverick is their best wallet yet states ‘it’s a different breed of Dango and unique from any other wallet’.

They’ve even gone on record to say this is their new hero and flagship wallet, ready to take on any and every wallet. It’s a bold statement considering the already great track record Dango has with its range of wallets. Let’s now look into more detail regarding what the M1 Maverick has to offer.

Look & Design

The first thing to note about the Dango M1 Maverick Wallet is the way it combines not 1 or 2, but 3 different types of materials together. This creates a wallet that has a range of materials that serve different purposes in the way the wallet functions and provides you with the best material for the individual features the wallet has to offer.

First of all, the Maverick’s frame is made from CNC machined with embellished 6061 aluminum. Intertwined within this Metal, and forming the basis for cash and card storage, is the top grain leather that provides a great design combination of traditional leather with a sprinkle of an industrial feel. The last used material the M1 also comes with an included rubber band that wraps around the center of the wallet and provides additional storage for banknotes and other paper items to be tucked and stored underneath. 

The quality of the wallets materials is simply top-notch, the mil-spec tell bolts are used in connecting the leather to the aluminum and it isn’t in any way obtrusive. It is very obvious that the design was well-thought-out, and provides some of the best ingenuity for any wallet ever in my opinion. The wallet also comes in a small range of color combinations including whiskey brown, Jet black, and rawhide all with a slate grey aluminum frame.


Functionality & Utility 

Even though the wallet is not ultra-slim I wouldn’t classify it as a minimalist wallet, I have no issue getting it out of my pocket and the whole thing comes in at around 3″w x 4.25″h and weighs only 5oz. The usability of the M1 Maverick is very good, it is easy to push cards up from every slot regardless of where you are and the main card slot is also very easy to access. The wallet can hold about 8-16 cards in total and It is also RFID Secured meaning you can have peace of mind you won’t be subject to any sort of contactless card theft. For more information on RFID, and what it is, check out our in-depth article here.

One amazing aspect of this wallet is its capacity for card storage. With 5 different slots to store cards located all around the wallet, I doubt you’ll ever need to use them all and the option provides you with a great way to organize your cards and have your most or least used cards in areas easier to access. The M1 also comes with a small leather hoop that allows for easy storage of a single key for easy access when on the move. This is located on the back of the wallet and is easy to use and very secure. Finally, the M1 also has 4 little attachment loops positioned around the wallet. This can be used to attach additional items too including using the wallet for a lanyard or with a chain.

You can also decide to buy some M1 accessories, you could go for the MT04 multi-tool which is compatible with all M1 wallets. One unique aspect of the M1 Maverick is it’s specifically designed for the incorporation of a Police Badge. This would require you to purchase the Neck Lanyard & Badge Holder for an additional $15.00, but if you’re looking for a unique way to carry a badge, if you’re part of the services, this is a great option. 


Price Tag 

The Dango M1 Maverick wallet comes in at a price tag of $109.00. Comparatively, this is quite expensive but having used the wallet for over 3 months I can firmly say it’s worth the price entirely. The M1 just does it all and if you’re a fan of its unusual futuristic design then you really can’t go wrong. Keep in mind that additional ‘add-on’ items that would increase the cost of the wallet if you wanted to maximize its functionality. 

Final Verdict 

I’ve always been a massive fan of the Dango range of wallets, and the M1 Maverick hasn’t disappointed me. It has a genuine quality to it that you don’t find in many other wallets and has a uniqueness that will stand the test of time. For more information regarding the Dango M1 Maverick Wallet check out their official website yourself using the link below. Alternatively, you can check out our range of other Dango wallet reviews using here.


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