The Flipside 4 Wallet Review

If I had to sum up the Flipside wallet in only 1 word it would be – Jacked. It’s pretty unique in its appearance and tried to be a jack of all trades in its design, functionality, and appearance. I’ve personally never been a fan of the so-called ‘case wallet’ which usually resembles a small – usually plastic – container that opens like a glasses case. So as you’d imagine I went into this wallet review with trepidation and reservation to whether or not I’d like it. 

Flipside is a brand all about security and keeping your most precious belongings safe when on the move. The wallet was designed to replace typical wallets as they were sick of poor quality, and the general poor functionality of many wallets they’d used in the past. 

‘Flipside wallets designs and manufactures the world’s most secure crush-resistant wallets; Our wallets shield from RFID Scanning and RFID Theft, lock shut so that nothing falls out, and features a highly intuitive design that organizes and allows easy access to your items’. 

Look & Design

As mentioned the wallet resembles a hard carry case. It’s not exactly a knockout design and kind of reminds me of a lunchbox. Nevertheless, attractiveness is subjective so I can only tell my distaste for what the overall design of the Flipside wallet looks like. 

The second thing to mention is its odd size. It’s not small enough to be considered minimalist but also really thick in size which leaves it in a funny state where the wallet seems quite small but is very bulky in the pocket. For example, I enjoy wearing skinny jeans (don’t judge me) and this wallet is very uncomfortable in the pocket not to mention its visibly noticeable. 

One nice thing about the wallet is the range of colors it can be purchased in. From black to blue and pink the wallet has guys at Flipside have perfectly crafted a range of colors to suit most people’s tastes. 

Functionality & Utility 

Where the wallet really shines is in its functionality and its fair to say that it’s not on the outside that counts but on the inside that really matters. The Flipside can hold up to a maximum of 7 credit or debit cards in total. This doesn’t seem like a lot but in a world where everyone’s wallets are shrinking in size, I think this is a fair and realistic amount and provides ample room for other items like your banknotes.

It’s called the flipside based on the way the mechanism works to open the wallet up and they way each district area can be traversed by a flip upwards or downwards. This is really easy to use, fluid and works as intended. It really provides an innovative way to store and access each different area in your wallet. 

Automatic locking is another feature that adds to the security of the Flipside wallet. Along with this wallet is also dubbed as crush-resistant which prevents the wallet – and its items – from being damaged from extreme pressures or drops. I didn’t actually try this out in person (as I was skeptical) both other reviewers have confirmed that the wallet is strong and can take a real beating. 

RFID protection is a must for any wallet trying to position itself as a secure wallet. RFID is a type of protection by which helps secure your contactless cards (for payment) to prevent fraud and people stealing your money. Many wallets skimp on this all provide limited protection by only including it on certain parts of a wallet. The great thing about the Flipside – and the fact it’s entirely encased – its the whole wallet provides said protection which is a great plus for those security conscious people. 

The Flipside wallet also comes with a free retractable clip that securely fits on the outside for added storage if you so wish. Best used for items that are more commonly used on the go like cash or tickets. 

Final Verdict

The Flipside wallet is a great wallet that shines in its functionality. As wallets become more of a fashion accessory some might be put off by its seemingly ugly (my opinion) exterior. Nevertheless, the Flipside more than makes up for this with how it functions with a unique system for storing cards and a range of attachments for optional added functionality. 

Overall, I recommend the Flipside wallet to anyone who is looking for security and durability above all else and isn’t fazed by what is – considered to many including myself – a fairly unattractive design. For more information on the Flipside wallet click the link below.


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