The MagSnap Wallet Review

[An Evolution in Modular Design]

The MagSnap Wallet is a current Kickstarter project that has completely reinvented the men’s wallet and risen to success having raised approximately $250,000 in crowdfunding. The MagSnap Wallet is what’s commonly referred to as a modular wallet. This refers to the various different modules, or sections, of the wallet that fit together. 

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It uses magnets to create a wallet that can be highly customizable and enables you to choose between various modules that fit your needs. Below are just a few of the various different modules you can choose from:

Card Module: The standard and default module of the MagSnap Wallet. This uses a typical pop-up style mechanism to cascade your cards evenly from the device for easy access. It can store up to 4-5 credit or debit cards. 

Cover Plate: Covers the top of your MagSnap Wallet. It doesn’t really provide much in the way of functionality, but does add some further customization to the wallet (with 7 colors to choose from), and improves the wallet’s appearance and attractiveness.

Band Module: This module allows for the storage of physical cash/banknotes that cannot be done with just the Card Module on its own. The silicone strap allows for folded bills to be tucked underneath and secured effectively. 

Tool Module: Probably the most innovative aspect of the wallet. The tool module turns the wallet into a multi-functional EDC wallet with an included fixed blade knife, and bottle opener.

Phone Mount: Although not considered a module itself, you can choose to have a phone Mount included that enables the MagSnap wallet to be attached to the back of an iPhone using its MagSafe feature.

As you can see these modules fit tother seamlessly with the use of strong magnets and allow for a variety of customization depending on your wants and needs. The standard module, the card module, can easily be used on its own and provides highly attractive, sleek minimalist wallets in and of itself. This is the so-called standard aspect of the MagSnap Wallet with other modules being used and built-in conjunction with it. 

The Card Module 

With that being said, let’s take a closer look at the Card Module and see how it may perform as a wallet all on its own without any of the other Module accessories. The first thing to note is its incredibly small design. Coming in at just 5.50 mm thick the Card Module is tiny in size which really plays to its design strength of minimalism. 

The craftsmanship is also fantastic being made from a strong aluminum for both a luxury feel in the hand, durability, and a lightweight carry experience. As mentioned prior, the wallet works similarly to many popular pop-up style wallets on the market such as Ekster or Secrid. 

The biggest difference with the Card Module is infinitely smaller in size and is probably the world’s smallest pop-up wallet in the world. Another big difference is cards aren’t cascaded from the top, but the side. This is again similar to another popular wallet of this style – The Fantom Wallet.

Final Verdict

The MagSnap Wallet is a true innovation and something completely new to the wallet world. The design is impeccable, uses materials, and functions durable and attractive, all being retained in a small compact-sized wallet. When you design a wallet like this, you continually allow for further innovation down the line, with the development of new modules that could further increase functionality. 

At present, the MagSnap Wallet has more than smashed its funded target and continues to gain ever-increasing media attention as its campaign draws to an end. I personally can’t wait to get my hands on the MagSnap wallet myself and am looking forward to when it hits the stores outside of Kickstarter. For more information on the MagSnap Wallet check them out on Kickstarter using the link below. 


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