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Launched in 2017, The Axwell Wallet is an innovative Minimalist Wallet. The founding of Axwell was inspired to develop a wallet that re-invents what we typically think of as a wallet and our everyday carry experience. Along with their innovative wallet, Axwell also provides many perks to customers including a fantastic warranty, a 50-Day Risk-Free Trial, and a commitment and goal to give back by donating a portion of proceeds to Veteran charities within the US and Canada. 

Axwell was kind enough to send us their Copper and Aluminum Navy Wallet. After having used these wallets for nearly a month we’re confident we have a good understanding of this unique wallet, its advantages, disadvantages, and what it might be able to offer you. Below is our official unboxing of the Axwell Wallet so check it out if you want a sneak peek of this beautiful wallet. 

Look & Design

One of the major reasons why the Axwell Wallet stands out to us is its innovative and creative design. Made almost entirely out of metal (available in Copper, Aluminum, and Carbon Fiber) the wallet is designed in a sleek minimalist fashion with a beautiful design that resembles more of a machine part than any wallet most people have seen. Gone are the days of bulky bifolds or typical leather wallets allowing for metal, a previously unused material in wallets, to flourish in a competitive and often sale market.

Minimalist wallets, those that are small in size and form factor, are becoming increasingly common and are one of the most popular choices for people looking to carry less in a more comfortable and convenient way. The Axwell easily achieves this coming in at just 86 x 54 x 8 mm (without any cards or cash), which is nearly exactly the same size as a standard credit or debit card. 


For me, this is a near-perfect size. It makes it so the wallet can easily be stored in a front or back pocket and is barely noticeable making it a comfortable carry experience. It also helps eliminate what is commonly known as ‘fat wallet syndrome which is an issue created by bulky wallets causing increasing issues with pain in the spine and back. 

Weight-wise, the Axwell wallet comes in at around 84 grams. To me, the weight is just about perfect. I personally think wallets that are too lightweight give off a poorer quality feel in the hand and having a wallet which decent weight showcases the wallet’s premium materials and quality of design. Compare this to the Ridge Wallet, which weighs 60 grams, and you can clearly tell the difference in weight and quality instantly. 

One of the most unusual aspects of the Axwell Wallet is what they dub Mag-Lock™. This technology allows you to easily remove the back plate which is secured with strong magnets and conveniently swap them out with another. Mag-Lock’s purpose is entirely for design and asthetic purposes, for those who want to customize their wallet design, with a variety of different cover plates. Axwell Wallets can be purchased in a variety of colors and designs including more unique colors such as green, orange, and blue. 


Functionality & Utility

Considering the smaller size of the Axwell Wallet it surprisingly has very good storage for cash and cards and should be good enough for most people in today’s more cashless society. Whether it be cash or cards the Axwell has you covered with an innovative plate system for storing cards and an elastic strap or money clip for note storage.

In terms of storage, the Axwell Wallet can hold anywhere between 1 and 12 cards. With this style of wallet, where credit/debit cards are stored by being stacked on top of each other, the more you store the thicker your wallet will get. This means that at a max capacity of 12 cards your wallet does become bulkier and can be more uncomfortable in the pocket. We recommend around 8 cards for great storage, yet a comfortable carry experience. On top of this, the more cards you store the harder it becomes to access your cards. The elastic becomes much tighter and cards in the middle of the stack become lost and finicky to access at speed.

These issues aren’t exclusive to the Axwell Wallet but are more of an issue with this style and design of the wallet. The likes of the Ridge Wallet and Armor Supply Wallet, two wallets of similar design, both suffer from these issues. This is simply an issue created by a smaller-sized wallet and a trade-off of owning a wallet so small and compact. 


In terms of storing physical cash (banknotes) the wallet comes with two interchangeable ways to achieve this. The first, which comes as standard, is an Elastic Strap that wraps around the fron of the wallet. This enables banknotes to be folded and tucked underneath. The elastic is very durable and tight so there’s no issue with cash potentially falling or slipping out of the wallet. The second is a more classic Money Clip that can replace the elastic strap if you so wish (Both Money Clip and cash strap are included with your purchase).

Another feature included with the Axwell Wallet is RFID Blocking Capabilities. For those who don’t know, RFID is a security feature that protects your credit/debit cards against a rising crime known as ‘Card Skimming’. Card Skimming is basically when somebody automatically activates your card’s contactless card features enabling thieves to steal money without you even noticing (learn more about this crime here). RFID Security, which stands for Radio-frequency identification, blocks these wireless signals protecting your cards when on the move – a nice feature to have for peace of mind. 


Axwell Wallet Accessories

Along with the wallet itself, Axwell also provides a range of optional accessories designed and built to enhance and maximize the functionality of your wallet. Below is a quick summary of each of the Axwell Accessories, prices, and what they can offer you if you choose to purchase them.

  • Axwell Chipolo Tracker: Using one of the most popular tracking devices on the market, Chipolo, this small rectangular device acts as a GPS Tracker working the Chipolo official app (for IOS and Android) so you can keep track of your wallet in case of loss or theft. This comes in at a price tag of $50.00.
  • Axwell Coin Tray: This little tray is designed to fit inside the Axwell Wallet the same way as a credit or debit card. Its deeper depth and cavity enable you to store loose items including coins and keys, expanding the functionality of the wallet and allowing you to store more. The Coin Tray comes in at a price tag of $20.00. 
  • Axwell Multi-Tool(s): Axwell actually offers two different types of Multi-Tools to choose from. The first is a more typical tool that includes 23 different features including and not limited to a bottle opener, wire cutter, and comb. The second version is nearly identical but also includes an additional Money Clip. The prices of these two tools come in at $25.00 and $40.00 respectively. 

These tools are all well constructed on a par with the Axwell Wallet itself and are continually on offer if you’re looking for an attractive discount before you purchase any one of the accessories. Axwell also offers a bundle, which includes all accessories and the wallet, for a discounted price.


Axwell’s Company Policies

One often overlooked aspect of purchasing any product online is their company policies referring to the protection you, the consumer, has when buying something. It usually takes the form of a good returns policy and warranty so you have peace of mind in case the worst happens. 

Axwell has done a fantastic job of providing a warranty that exceeds what many other companies offer dubbed the ‘Axwell Wallet Lifetime Warranty’. This warranty offers protection against not only manufacturing defects but also against failures, and breakages in the components (self-inflicted) of the Axwell Wallet (including screws, elastic, money clip, etc..).  

Long-term use of any product is eventually going to lead to parts wearing down – this is to be expected. But it’s fantastic to know that if a screw comes loose, or the elastic frays, you can get in touch with Axwell and they’ll replace these parts free of charge. There are a few things Axwell’s warranty does not cover including cosmetic changes (including scratches & stains), intentional damage, and stolen items. To read more on the Axwell Warranty visit their policies page here

Final Verdict

Overall, I had a fantastic experience using the Axwell Wallet. The wallet itself has so much to offer whether it’s the slim and minimal size or the highly durable materials used in the construction of the wallet. The design of the wallet is highly unique, and although it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, is highly attractive with a range of different colors to choose from. Having used the Axwell for over a month I’ve found no issues with ease of access or sustained wear or tear – it’s still in mind condition with only a few minor scratches (my fault entirely). 

Another admirable aspect of Axwell is that they donate a proportion of profits to various charities that help support the tens of thousands of US & Canadian Veterans who live homeless every day. If you yourself are a Veteran or work in the military or law enforcement, residing in the USA or Canada you can also claim a year-round 15% discount on all Axwell goods. 

Starting at a price tag of $90.00 and ranging as high as $125.00 (for their premium copper wallet. The Axwell range of wallets sits at a higher price range and is competitively priced compared to similar metal wallets on the market – worth the money in my opinion.

Axwell was also kind enough to provide us with an exclusive coupon code for our readers meaning you can get 10% Off your order using discount code ‘allthewallets10’. Simply apply this code at checkout and you’re good to go. For more information on the incredible Axwell Wallet check out their official website using the link below. 


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