Wallet Essentials List

What You Should Keep in Your Wallet

Our Wallet Essentials list is a definitive guide on the must-have items we recommend to always keep inside your wallet. This list provides you with various things you might not have considered and some optional items that you might not use every day but could come in handy in an emergency.

We’re always looking for ways to improve our articles. Have we missed anything on this list? Do you carry something that you think we should consider? Feel free to get in touch with us and we’d be happy to add it to this list. 


1. Banknotes

It’s no secret that banknotes and coins are not as popular as they once were. This is to be expected, after all, the increased usage of credit/debit cards, and contactless and mobile payments is making physical cash absolute. That being said, it’s always safe to carry just a little bit of cash in case of emergencies. Some shops still don’t accept it, you might loose or get locked our of your bank cards. Even in 2023 it still pays to carry a small amount of cash with you.

2. Credit & Debit Cards

I debated whether or not to include this one on this list. The reason why is it’s the most commonly carried item in any wallet and I doubt there are many people reading this who don’t already have credit or debit cards inside their wallet. That being said, credit/debit cards are a staple of any man’s wallet. On thing I will say is I wouldn’t recommend carrying every bank card inside your wallet. Store one inside a backpack, or maybe your card, incase your accidentally lose your wallet or its stolen. It pays to be prepared. 


3. Driver’s License

If you’re old enough to drive we strongly recommend you carry your Driver’s License wherever you go. This is not only an effective way to prove you’re old enough to drink, but it may come in handy in other situations. Although it’s not illegal to forget your driver’s license, the police are entitled to ask to see it if you’re pulled over. Within the UK, if you fail to provide it, you’ll have to produce it at a police station within 7 days. Who can be bothered by that?


4. ID, Employee & Student Card

For those who can’t drive it might be a good idea to always carry a form of identification with you. Need an employee card to get into your place of work. Store it in your wallet and you’ll never forget it. If you’re a student then many places offer discounts to those in higher education. Finally, depending on how many you have you’ll want an effective way to carry and store any store cards with you. 


5. Emergency Contact Information

This is something that’s nice to have and your family may thank you for it in the future. Having a piece of paper with important people’s contact details is fantastic if you happen to be in an accident. It provides the Police or Ambulance service with details on how to get hold of the people dearest to you when in a situation where you can’t yourself. You can also include medical information which brings us to the next.


6. Medical Information

If you suffer from an illness then you might need to inform strangers as to your condition in the case of an emergency. Many people who suffer from conditions such as Diabetes, and Epilepsy carry Medical Cards with them that include detailed instructions on what to do in the event of a medical emergency and you’re unable to do it yourself. This could be how to use an EpiPen correctly, or what to do in the event of a seizure. This can also be combined with emergency contact information as explained above.


7. Multi-Tool

This is probably my personal most essential wallet item aside from your typical cash and cards. A Wallet Multi-Tool is a small credit card-shaped device that has a whole host of different features. These tools include anything from various types of screwdrivers to a pair of scissors. They really do come in handy and I find myself using my Ninja Multi-Tool almost daily. Alternatives examples include the Swiss Card Lite, The Ekster Tool Card & The Dango MT02.


8. Portable Battery

A 21st-century problem requires a modern solution. With the sheer amount of tech gadgets most people own today, it pays to have something that can charge them to get. Innovative battery wallets like the SprkCharger & Atomic Charge Wallet do exist but the most cost-effective way to charge on the go is with a portable power bank. Such examples like the Auskang are tiny in size and shaped like a credit card allowing for easy storage inside a wallet. 


9. Bottle Opener

Another optional item that may be useful to carry with you. Depending on how often you need one carrying a Bottle Opener is a useful tool, or at the very least, you’ll be the most popular guy at the party when the drinks start flowing. You may be thinking a bottle opener isn’t a very efficient thing to carry in a wallet – You may be right. But many companies have developed credit card-shaped bottle openers that can easily fit inside any wallet with ease.


10. Stamps

Maybe this last one is a little dated, but stamps are a perfect fit for any traditional wallet. Although it might not happen frequently always having stamps on you means you can quickly send a letter or parcel at a moment’s notice without the need to walk into a post office. Stamps can be stored within any normal card slot or stuck in the back with your banknotes. The best thing of all is it basically adds no additional size or weight!


11. NFC Business Card

If there’s one problem with traditional ‘paper’ business cards it’s the fact you need to carry many tens of them with you every day. A modern-day example of a business card utilizes NFC (Near Field Communication) which enables you to transfer your information directly to another person’s phone by just tapping it. This enables people to get your information easily without the need to fumble around with a paper card that might just get thrown out. We have a guide on the Best NFC Business cards check out the Dot or V1CE Card for our full reviews.


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