The Swiss Card Lite Review

[Buyers Guide 2022]

Wallet accessories can in all shapes and sizes but the best in our opinion are those that take the shape of a typical credit/debit card. Why? Simply put, this allows for any sort of multi-tool accessory to easily be stored within a typical wallet’s card slot regardless of which wallet you own. Today we’re going to be taking a look at the Swiss Card Lite by Victorinox, a handy little multi-purpose tool that packs a punch in an affordable little accessory. 

Out of every wallet multi-tool, we’ve ever reviewed the Swiss Card Lite is by far the best we’ve tested in terms of size, organization of tools, and ease of use. This is mainly down to the previously mentioned size coming in at 4.5 mm (H) by 82 mm (L). This tiny form factor makes the wallet highly versatile being able to be stored in nearly any wallet without increasing the size or bulking out the wallet. 

The Swiss Card Tools

In total the wallet has 13 different tools or functions which can be used. Below is a quick overview of each tool and how it faired when being used out and about on a daily basis:


Tiny scissors but shark enough to cut through small-sized rope. Although don’t think you’ll be doing any major cutting with these. They will blunt easier and more for light work including paper for small items.

Screwdriver 3mm

Does what it says on the tin. Strong and easy to use. 

Pressurized Ballpoint Pen

A little small and a little fiddly to use. That being said, it is useful for a range of needs and cuts the need to carry a large bulky pen with you on a daily basis. Very good.


Small but does the trick. The straight edge of the multi-tool is used, but so could a typical credit or debit card. I wouldn’t really call this a feature, as it’s more of a result of the Swiss Card’s design.

LED Flashlight

A small but powerful light. Comparable to that of a modern-day smartphone. Great for emergencies but I’d definitely still prefer to use my smartphone. 

Magnifying Glass

Great for use when reading, but we didn’t find much need for this in our opinion. 


Typical Tweezers you’d find in any medial kit. Made from strong and durable stainless steel. 

Pin, Stainless Steel

 We actually used this as a SIM Removal tool. 


A Small knife that’s legal to carry in our part of the world (United Kindom). We didn’t find it that sharp and it’s recommended more as a letter opener. That being said, we did shapen it ourselves for a more shaper blade. But as standard, it can’t be used for much.


Final Verdict

Overall I love the powerful capacities the Swiss Card Lite enables in such a compact item. I had no trouble storing it in all of the 25 different wallets I tried it in. It lends itself to be stored more in a typical leather bi-fold style but can be stored in a more modern metal style cardholder wallet as well. Coming in at around $40.00, the tool isn’t too expensive in our opinion and is well-built and quality for a long-lasting multi-tool. For more information on the Swiss Card Lite by Victorinox visit their official website using the link below. 


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