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The rise of digital business cards has led to a huge surge in companies trying to create new and innovative business cards that fit in with modern daily life. We have written extensively on the range of NFC Business Cards available on the market and one of the latest to hit the market is the Dot Card. Before we go into what the Dot Card can offer you we first must understand how these cards with and what they can offer compared to traditional paper business cards.

NFC Standards for Near field communication is a wireless protocol that nearly every modern smartphone comes with. NFC is a bit like Bluetooth although it has some advantages as it instantly transfers information without the need to search and connect to other devices. Today we’re going to look into what a digital business card could offer you and why the Dot Card especially might be the right choice for you.

Advantages of Dot Card

Below are just a few reasons why you should consider a Dot Card or any NFC Business Card for that matter. The time to change your way of networking or doing business is here. 

  • Only one person needs the dot card. From here, every person can connect.
  • The Card Card forgoes the need to carry hundreds of business cards with you and guarantees a more efficient and accrue way to network that’s to The Dot’s analytics platform. 
  • NFC isn’t a new type of technology. Because of this, every modern smartphone from around 2014 comes with the technology as standard. This means it works with both iphone and android, and unless your phone is over 10 years old, compatibility should be an issue. 
  • No apps are required for the Dot Card to use. The card can be set up and used with just a modern browser and internet connection. 
  • Customization is effortless. If you need to update the information you can do so on the Dot profile. This is unlike traditional business cards where you would need to get new business cards printed every time something changes. 

How the Dot Card Works

The Dot Card is very easy to set up and can be done so in 3 simple steps outlined on The Dot’s official website: 

  • Step 1: Once you receive your dot card, the setup couldn’t be easier. Simply login into the Dot Profile (your account) and here you can personalize the look of your digital business card. Add all of your contact information, social links, website, and email address. Click save, and it will automatically update the information in real-time. 
  • Step 2: The next step is to activate your card and make sure it’s worthing as intended. This involved testing the NFC capabilities of your dot against your own card to make sure it can be detected. 
  • Step 3: From here, you’re good to go. It’s recommended that you test the Dot Card again against another device (maybe a friend, family member, or colleague) to make sure it works against multiple different devices. Remember if you ever come across a smartphone that doesn’t have NFC you can use your unique QR Code that’s situated on the backside of every Dot Card. 

Customizing the Dot Card

The Dot Card has a few options when it comes to customizing your card. The first is the cheapest option and only allows you to choose from one of eight colors including red, green, and black. The second option you have is the inclusion of a logo in the center middle of your card. Again, this is a nice addition to any card especially if you own a business but does come in at the increased price of $55.00, compared to the standard $20.00

The biggest question is how good are the customization options compared to other brands on the market. Well, not very good to be honest. Most other NFC business card brands allow for full customization options such as adding text to the card, positioning the logo, and custom colors to march your brand (if you’re a business). Unfortunately,

The Dot Card doesn’t offer this which is a shame and something that they’ll need to address if they’re to stay relevant in a rising competitive industry. Another issue is customs cards can take 30-45 days to produce which is a far larger turnaround time than other brands. 

Final Verdict

Overall, I have mixed feelings about the Dot Card. The customization options lack compared to other NFC Business Cards and the pricing isn’t adjusted for this. Along with this, the Dot Card doesn’t come with any proper analytics or platform to track who is visiting or viewing your profile page. When I say analytics in relation to a business card I mean being able to track information such as profile views and see who viewed your business card profile/information – shortsighted indeed. 

Don’t get me wrong. The Dot Card is very good and does well, but it’s more the lack of features, compared to other NFC Business Card companies, that really turns me off the Dot Card. Compared to the likes of V1CE or Linq, the Dot Card just doesn’t provide a well-versed or rounded experience something people need if they’re considering going from traditional cards to digital ones. We recommend you check out our article on the Best NFC Business Cards for our top picks or visit the Dot Card’s official website for more information. 


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