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Which Wallet is the Tesla of the Wallet World?

Tesla is a pretty high-value brand and is renowned for producing some of the most innovative cars in the world. We often get asked if Tesla was to produce a wallet – what would it be like? And that got me thinking, and wondering what is the Tesla of the Wallet world, which brand fits the bill, and how much they cost. This article is nothing more than a little fun, but I’m going to do my best to recommend a few wallets that I think even Elon Musk himself would carry with him. 

The first thing I’m going to do is outline what sort of features a Tesla Wallet would have. Without a doubt, it would have to be attractive in design and style. Tesla Vehicles usually go against the mold of contemporary design – you only have to take a look at the Cybertruck to see this. Another big factor would have to be innovation. Tesla revolutionized the way we think about cars and is changing the game in eclectic vehicles. Because of this, I’d like any Tesla-inspired wallet to have something innovative about it or something about the wallet features that set it aside from the competition. With these two criteria set, let’s now jump into some wallet brands that I think fit the bill. 

It’s innovations like Telsa’s ‘Dog Mode’ that helped them make a name for themselves in the EV world.

Tesla Wallet: My Top Picks for 2023

1. The Ridge Wallet

Ridge is a wallet brand that shouldn’t need an introduction. If Telsa is the brand of the electric car world, Ridge is the brand for wallets. Back in 2013, Ridge changed the trajectory of men’s wallets forever by designing a wallet that went against the grain of what most people knew about wallets. Up until this point, the wallet world was dominated by bulky large sixed leather bifolds. You probably either currently own one or at least your dad still does. Ridge took a different approach to this and developed an attractive, minimalist-sized wallet that ditched the bulk for both form and size.

Originally being a Kickstarter campaign, Ridge’s success has gone on to change the industry with many copycat brands, and lookalike wallets flooding the market. It’s Ridge’s innovation in their industry, similar to Tesla, that I include this impressive wallet on this list. If you’re considering the Ridge then definitely check out our full Ridge Wallet Review. You can also find more information on their official website here


2. SprkCharger Wallet

The SprkCharger is a wallet that isn’t known to many coming from a brand new and small team. The guys at SprkCharger clearly took a long time to develop what is now one of the most unique and innovative wallets on the market with no expense spared in development. The SprkCharger Wallet itself exists to solve the problem of charging devices on the go. It’s essentially a tiny portable power bank that includes all the necessary cables to charge devices like your smartphone or laptop when you may not have access to an outlet.

Combining a wallet, something you always carry with you daily, and a power bank is an ingenious idea and the reason why this technically infused wallet deserves a place on our Tesla Wallet list. The SprkCharger is currently available for a price of $109.95 and boasts a sleek all-metal design and minimalist size. You can view our full review here, or visit their official website using the link here


3. Ekster Wallet

The Ekster range of wallets is another one of those rags-to-riches stories. With just an idea, the small team set out to change the way we view wallets and with a simple yet successful Kickstarter campaign – very much succeeded. The main reason for Ekster’s success is mainly down to the innovation of the pop-up or push button mechanism. This is a creative way to store and access your credit/debit cards with ease. With a simple push or pull of a lever, your cards a pushed out of the metal wallet perfectly staggering or cascading them for easy access. 

Although this wasn’t invented by Ekster (that crown goes to the equally fantastic Secrid range of wallets) they helped promote this style of wallet to the masses and brought it into the limelight – very similar to what Tesla did for EVs. Ekster is also a highly respectable brand and clearly puts aspects of ethics and sustainability at the forefront of its business practices and considerations. They are a proud member of B-Corp which measures any one company’s entire social and environmental impact. It’s no easy feat to gain a certification from B-Crop but is a beautiful example of what a business can achieve in helping mitigate the real threat of the climate crisis. 

Ekster has a whole range of different wallets to choose from all of which have been reviewed on our site. The likes of the Ekster Parliment Wallet are a personal favorite of ours, but the more stripped-back cardholder is also worth considering. For more information on Ekster, why not visit their official website and browse their full range using the link here? 


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